Conference on Aerosol Technology 2014, 16 - 18 June 2014, Karlsruhe, Germany

Conference Topics


Group 1

Material synthesis & structuring via aerosol/gas phase processes:
#Flames; #plasmas, spark discharges; #CVD; #CNTs; #particle-surface coatings;


Fundamentals of particle formation, dynamics, sintering

picto Charging & electrical charge based manipulation of aerosols
Group 2 picto Workplace aerosols: Particle release mechanisms and exposure assessment

Aerosol transport & deposition in large spaces and its simulation

picto Dispersion & re-suspension of dry particles
picto Spray technologies for industrial and consumer products
picto Pharmaceutical aerosols: formulation, pulmonary delivery and delivery systems
picto Aerosol generation & delivery systems for exposure and in-vitro toxicological studies
picto Electrosprays: basics & applications
picto Combustion aerosols: Particle formation & characterization
picto Filtration & personal protection devices: design, performance & testing

Group 3

picto Aerosol measurement techniques & particle characterization
#(On-line) environmental aerosol characterization; #(On-line) workplace aerosol characterization; #Electrical mobility based & hybrid techniques; #Aerosol surface area: definition & measurement; # (On-line) structural & functional analysis of nanoparticles [Agglomerate structure, surface roughness, small angle scattering, coating, impact fragmentation, ...]; # (On-line) bio-aerosol sampling and characterization;
picto Instrument development and intercomparisons
picto Fibrous aerosol particles: Laboratory generation & on-line characterization