Poster Session Part II

Aerosol-based Nanotechnology
Aerosol modelling
Atmosperic Aerosols - aerosol processes and properties
Electrical Effects
Special Session 3: Aerosol Sampling and Aerosol Analytics
Special Session 4: Atmospheric Aerosol in the Polar Regions. Origin, Properties and Impact on Regional and Global Climate
Special Session 7: Test Materials in Toxicological and Health Effect Studies
Special Session 8: - Artifacts in Measuring PM


Thursday 10 September 2009 13:45 - 15:45
Poster Hall
Poster Session Part II

Aerosol-based Nanotechnology
Comparison of agglomerate stability of different nanopowders
B. Stahlmecke, S. Wagener, C. Asbach, H. Kaminski, H. Fissan, and T.A.J. Kuhlbusch
Predominance of soot-mode ultrafine particles in Santiago de Chile: Possible sources
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
E. Gramsch, L. Gidhagen, P. Wahlin, P. Oyola, and F. Moreno
Physico- and electro-chemical characterizations of microwave-assisted polyol preparation of Pt/CNTs
Y.-C. Chiang, F.-P. Tsao, and C.-C. Lee
Nanoparticles emitted in the process of Nanofil®5 blending
E. Jankowska and W. Zatorski
Nanoparticle film formation by means of an electrostatic precipitator
M. Rouenhoff and F.E. Kruis
Penetration of monodisperse, singly-charged nanoparticles through fibrous filters. I - Experimental assessment
A. Maißer, W.W. Szymanski, A. Podgórski, A. Jackiewicz, L. Gradon, and G. Allmaier
Penetration of monodisperse, singly-charged nanoparticles through fibrous filters. II – Model validation
A. Podgórski, A. Jackiewicz, L. Gradon, W.W. Szymanski, and A. Meisser


Charge distribution of incipient nanoparticles in laboratory flames
L.A. Sgro, A. D’Anna, and P. Minutolo
Biological effects in human lung cells exposed to platinum nanoparticle aerosol
S. Diabaté, C. Weiss, S. Mülhopt, H.-R. Paur, V. Niedetzky, and M. Seipenbusch
Generation of airborne nanoparticles for in vitro health studies
A. Comouth, S. Mülhopt, H. Saathoff, W. Baumann, H.-R. Paur, H. Seifert, and T. Leisnera
Aerosol-derived graphene/copper nanoparticles as an air-stable alternative to metal ink-jet printing for electronics
N.A. Luechinger, E.K. Athanassiou, R.N. Grass, and W.J. Stark
Novel nanostructures for solid state alcohol breath analyzers
A. Tricoli, M. Righettoni, and S.E. Pratsinis
Anti-fogging coatings by flame synthesis and deposition
A. Tricoli, M. Righettoni, and S.E. Pratsinis
Pt-based alloy/carbon nanotubes electrocatalysts for unitized regenerative polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Y.-C. Chian, C.-H. Chang, J.-P. Hung, and C.-C. Lee
Rapid aerosol deposition of super-hydrophilic coatings
A. Tricoli, M. Righettoni, and S.E. Pratsinis
Application of magnetic cobalt nanoparticles to enhance permeability of metal-polymer composite substrates
P. Koskela, U. Tapper, A. Auvinen, J. Jokiniemi, A. Alastalo, H. Seppä, M. Aronniemi, M. Teirikangas, J. Juuti, and H. Jantunen
Design of in-situ coating of aerosols: Efficiency, thickness & texture
B. Buesser and S.E. Pratsinis
CO2 CW laser-driven reactions in pure acetylene flow for generation of nanoparticles
P.V. Pikhitsa, D. Kim, and M. Choi
Synthesis of silica nanoparticles in a hybrid microwave-plasma hot-wall reactor under well-controlled conditions
A. Abdali, B. Moritz, A. Gupta, H. Wiggers, and C. Schulz
Experiments concerning gasdynamically induced nanoparticle synthesis
A. Grzona, A. Weiß, H. Olivier, T. Gawehn, and A. Gülhan
In-situ carbon coating of flame made LiMn2O4 nano-particles for batteries
O. Waser, R. Büchel, F. Krumeich, and S.E. Pratsinis
Reactive 3-D simulations of continuous shock induced particle synthesis
N.S. Al-Hasan, M. Giglmaier, and G.H. Schnerr
Size analysis of composite nanoparticles by mixing of Ag and C60 in the gas phase
F. Maeda, N. Hashimoto, H. Murayama, and H. Tanaka
Novel nanocolloids production using diameter-selected Ag nanoparticles formed in the gas phase
N. Hashimoto, H. Murayama, and H. Tanaka
Investigation of structure and chemical composition analysis of ionic-liquid coated Ag nanoparticles
Y. Sekiguchi, M. Shigeyasu, H. Murayama,and H. Tanaka
The effect of flame spray configuration on synthesis of inhomogeneous nanoparticles
T. Rudin and S.E. Pratsinis
Generation characteristics of nanoparticles by evaporation/condensation
W.Y. Lin, K.H. Chang, Y.Y. Chang, C.Y. Wu, and Y.C. Lee
Synthesis of nano-sized Iron Oxide particles in low-pressure hydrogen flames
O.O. Nalcaci, E. Ruzin, and H. Bockhorn
Novel arc plasma system for the aerosol synthesis of metal nanoparticles
H. Förster, D. Kilian, H.-J. Schmid, and W. Peukert
Synthesis of monodisperse gadolinium oxide nanoparticles having single monoclinic phase using spark discharge generation
I. Aruna, R. Theissmann, and F.E. Kruis
SiO2 coating of aerosolized nanoparticles by photoinduced chemical vapor deposition
A.M. Boies, J.T. Roberts, and S.L. Girshick
Synthesis and functionalisation of copper and titanium nanoparticles in a spark discharge generator
H. Förster, C. Funk, and W. Peukert
Synthesis of aerosol nanoparticles by spark generation and their applications
R.H. Lee, J.H. Byeon, J.H. Park, and J. Hwang
Decomposition and formation of Si nanoparticles in the chemical vapour synthesis process
A. Lähde, K. Vuorikari, U. Tapper, and J.J. Jokiniemi
Nucleation of ibuprofen nanoparticles from supersaturated vapor
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
A. A. Onischuk, A. V. Samodurov, E. E. Elantseva, V. V. Karasev, and A.M. Baklanov
Composite CuOx-SiO2 nanoparticle synthesis by MOCVD
P. Moravec, J. Smolík, V.V. Levdansky, and M. Klementová
Production and characterization of Silicon nanoparticles via spark discharge
A. Evirgen, V.A. Vons, D. Munao, U. Lafont, L.C.P.M. de Smet, E. M. Kelder, and A. Schmidt-Ott
Production of metallic magnesium using spark discharge
V.A. Vons, H. Leegwater, W. Legerstee, S. Eijt, and A. Schmidt-Ott
Gas-phase synthesis of highly-specific nanoparticles on the pilot-plant scale
T.P. Hülser, S.M. Schnurre, H. Wiggers, and C. Schulz
Structural stabilization of metal nanoparticles
M. Seipenbusch, A. Binder, and H. Shi
Coated highly porous metal hydride nanoparticle layers for hydrogen storage
V.A. Vons, H. Leegwater, W. Legerstee, S. Eijt, and A. Schmidt-Ott
Nanoscale particulate emissions from car-brakes
H. Bresch, S. Seeger, I. Dörfel, C. Prietzel, and W. Österle
Nanoinventory: a representative survey of nanoparticle usage in Suisse industry
K. Schmid, B. Danuser,and M. Riediker
Modelling of accidental nanoparticle release into a workplace
C. Asbach, U. Rating, T. van der Zwaag, H. Fissan, T.A.J. Kuhlbusch
Grid-based kinetic Monte-Carlo technique for modelling high-temperature particle formation
F.E. Kruis, J. Wei, T. van der Zwaag, S. Haep, and H. Zhao
Modelling Agglomeration and Coalescence of SiO2 particles in an industrially scaled turbulent flame
S. Horender and M. Sommerfeld
Implementation of sampling and characterization methods for nanoparticles
C. Dion, A. Noël, J. Boucher, Y. Cloutier, and G. Truchon
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Aerosol modelling
Role of the charged particles in atmospheric nucleation
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
V.A. Zagaynov, A.A. Lushnikov, Yu.G. Biryukov, T.V. Khodzher, and Yu.S. Lyubovtseva
Homogeneous water nucleation in a laminar flow diffusion chamber
A. Manka, D. Brus, A.-P. Hyvärinen, H. Lihavainen, J. Wölk, and R. Strey
Molecular mechanisms behind nocturnal new particle formation
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
I.K. Ortega, T. Suni, M. Boy, T. Grönholm, M. Kulmala, H. Junninen, M. Ehn, D. Worsnop, H. Maninnen, H. Vehkamäki, H. Hakola, H. Hellén, T. Valmari, and H. Arvela
Quantum chemical studies on hydration of HSO5 and participation of H2S2O8 in nucleation
M. Toivola, T. Kurtén, T. Berndt, I.K. Ortega, V. Loukonen, H. Vehkamäki, and M. Kulmala
User influence on indoor aerosol model simulation results
B. Mølgaard and T. Hussein
Mathematical modelling of clusters and nanoparticles transport in narrow tubes
L.A. Uvarova, T.V. Kazarova, and K.V. Vnukova
Mathematical modelling of heat and mass transfer in disperse systems with drops and agglomerates at different external conditions
L.A. Uvarova, O.V. Nikitina, and T.V. Kazarova
A methodology to use the flow field from Ansys CFX® software in an in-house sectional aerosol dynamics code
E. Makris, V. Gkanis, and C. Housiadas
Thermophoretic deposition of aerosol particles in the plane – parallel channel with considerable transversal temperature drops
E.R.Shchukin, Z.L.Shoulimanova, T.N. Bryansteva, and N.V.Malay
Simulation of transport processes of aerosol impurity in a ground boundary layer of above industrial centers
K.G. Shvarts and A.V. Shatrov
Scavenging of gaseous pollutants by falling liquid droplets in inhomogeneous atmosphere
T. Elperin, B. Krasovitov, and A. Fominykh
Determination of the contribution of different groups of emission sources on the concentration of PM10, PM2.5, and NO2 in North Rhine-Westphalia – a whodunnit
H. Hebbinghaus, S. Wurzler , M. Memmesheimer, G. Piekorz, E. Friese, H. J. Jakobs, C. Kessler, A. Ebel, and P. Bruckmann
Photophoretic motion of absorbing aerosols: updated and advanced model for stratospheric applications
S.A. Beresnev, L.B. Kochneva, and V.I. Gryazin
Intercomparison of aerosol microphysics modules in the framework of the ECHAM5 climate model
R. Hommel, H. Kokkola, J. Kazil, U. Niemeier, A.-I. Partanen, J. Feichter, and C. Timmreck
The middle atmosphere aerosol-climate model MAECHAM5-SAM2
R. Hommel, C. Timmreck, and H.-F. Graf
Model calculations of free tropospheric aerosol and cloud condensation nuclei formation in an SO2 rich pollution plume
L. Pirjola, V. Fiedler, F. Arnold, and H. Schlager
Parameterisation of the aerosol washout process using a moment model
R. Rinke, H.Vogel, and B. Vogel
Surface momentum flux in NWP modelling sensitivity studies relevant for dust emission estimation
A.C. Carvalho, J. Ferreira, J. Sousa, A. Rocha, and J. Castanheira
Production of water from the environment through simulation of atmospheric water cycle
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
M.K. Bologa, F.P. Grosu, A.A. Policarpov, and O.V. Motorin
Particulate matter from wildfires and its local/regional impacts over Portugal
M. Tomé, E. Nunes, C.A. Alves, and J.M. Alonso
Emission contributions of PM10 at an industrial park in southern Taiwan
Ch.-L. Chen and Y.I. Tsai
Structure and evolution of the atmospheric boundary layer in Buenos Aires and its relationship with Air Quality
A.G. Ulke, M. Arkouli, W. Endlicher, G. Baumbach, E. Schultz, U. Vogt, M. Müller, L. Dawidowski, and A. Faggi
Modelling the sea salt aerosol direct radiative forcing on the regional scale
K. Lundgren, H.Vogel, and B. Vogel
Numeric experiment and mesoscale structure of the atmospheric aerosol
O.G. Khutorova, D.P. Zinin, and G.M. Teptin
Field measurements of particle number emission factors for freeways
C. Nickel, H. Kaminski, U. Quass, A. John, and T.A.J. Kuhlbusch
The interannual variability of the stratospheric aerosol layer as seen in MAECHAM5-SAM2
R. Hommel, C. Timmreck, M. Giorgetta, and H.-F. Graf
Simulation of the indirect effect of Austrian background aerosol:Description of the model
D. Neubauer, A. Vrtala, H. Puxbaum, and R. Hitzenberger
Seasonal variations of characteristics of atmospheric aerosol optical depth and aerosol radiative forcing in Siberia
T.B. Zhuravleva, D.M.Kabanov, and S.M.Sakerin
New particle formation in past, present and future conditions
R. Makkonen, A. Asmi, V.-M. Kerminen, A. Arneth, P. Hari, and M. Kulmala
Fugitive PM10/PM2.5 emission factors for coal fired power plants
A. Hugo, M. Beyer, T.A.J. Kuhlbusch, C.J. Richter, F. Braun, and A. Wiegele
Developing per smoker emission rates from Environmental Tobacco Smoke
V. Agranovski and D. Wainwright
Deposition of pollens in the human respiratory system
Z. Sárkány, I. Balásházy, A. Horváth, Á. Farkas, E. Dobos, A. Czitrovszky, W. Hofmann, G. Kudela, and P. Magyar
Comparing lung deposition of ultrafine particles caused by fireworks and traffic
F. Kwasny, P. Madl, and W. Hofmann
Increased aerosol cooling from high sea spray emissions in changing climate
H. Korhonen, K. S. Carslaw, H.Kokkola, and S. Mikkonen
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Atmosperic Aerosols - aerosol processes and properties
Integrated measurements for aerosol properties detection in a rural site in South-Italy
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
M. Calvello, F. Esposito, and G. Pavese
New particle formation in elevated heights above continental Europe
B. Wehner, F. Ditas, A. Wiedensohler, A. Apituley, R.A. Shaw, and H. Siebert
Factors influencing ion-induced nucleation in a Finnish boreal forest
S. Gagné, T. Kurtén, T. Nieminen, M. Boy, T. Petäjä, L. Laakso, and M. Kulmala
Why does high relative humidity suppress continental nucleation events?
A. Hamed, H. Korhonen, S. L. Sihto, J. Joutsensaari, H. Järvinen, K.E.J. Lehtinen, M. Kulmala, and A. Laaksonen
Ultrafine aerosol and the first observed nucleation burst in Budapest
T. Borsós, I. Salma, T. Weidinger, P.A. Aalto, T. Hussein, and M. Kulmala
What are the key players in SOA formation over rural areas?
M. Boy, A. Sogachev, S. Smolander, J. Lauros, H. Vuollekoski, S.-L. Sihto, T. Suni, L. Laakso, A. Guenther, and M. Kulmala
Cluster Spectrometers in intensive field measurements within the EUCAARI Project
H.E. Manninen, S. Gagné, E. Asmi, M. Sipilä, I. Riipinen, L. Laakso, M. Vana, A. Mirme, S. Mirme, U. Hõrrak, C. Plass-Dülmer, G. Stange, G. Kiss, A. Hoffer, M. Moerman, M. Brinkenberg, G.N. Kouvarakis, A. Bougiatioti, C. O’Dowd, D. Ceburnis, B. Svenningsson, L. Tarozzi, S. Decesari, W. Birmili, J. Heseman, A. Wiedensohler, K. Sellegri, V.-M. Kerminen,and M. Kulmala
Sulfuric acid in a deciduous forest during NIFTy Project
T. Petäjä, R.L. Mauldin, J. McGrath, E. Kosciuch, J.N. Smith, and S.C. Pryor
Parameterization of new particle formation starting from OH + SO2
T. Berndt, F. Stratmann, M. Sipilä, T. Petäjä, R. Lee Mauldin III, M. Kulmala, J. Curtius, and J. Heintzenberg
Classification of intermediate air ion formation events at urban area
K. Komsaare, U. Hõrrak, and H. Tammet
Below cloud snow scavenging: a parameterization for low-intensity snowfalls
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
E.-M. Kyrö, T. Grönholm, H. Vuollekoski, A. Virkkula, M. Kulmala, and L. Laakso
Possible markers of aqueous aerosol of Lake Baikal in the region’s atmospheric aerosol
A.N. Sergeev, A.S. Safatov, A.P. Agafonov, I.S. Andreeva, M.Yu. Arshinov, B.D. Belan, G.A. Buryak, V.M. Generalov, Yu.R. Zakharova, N.A. Lapteva, S.E. Olkin, M.V. Panchenko, V.V. Parfeneva, I.K. Reznikova, V.B. Simonenkov, T.B. Teplyakova, and V.A. Ternovoi
Comprehensive aerosol size distribution measurements at the Meteorological Observatory Hohenpeissenberg
M. Pesch, L. Keck, H. Grimm, A. Wollny, U. Pöschl, and H. Flentje
Transport of stratospheric aerosols in the field of averaged vertical wind
V.I. Gryazin and S.A. Beresnev
Planetary boundary layer influence at the Jungfraujoch depending on synoptic weather types
M. Collaud Coen, E. Weingartner, and U. Baltensperger
Origin of the high fine aerosol particle concentration event in the boundary layer over Lithuania
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
J. Kilpys, V. Ulevicius, D. Jasineviciene, and S. Bycenkiene
Chemical characteristics of aerosols during foggy and clear days: Case study from northern India
K. Ram, A.K. Sudheer, and M.M. Sarin
Nucleation mode particles in the Karlsruhe city plume, the COPS / TRACKS - Lagrange experiment
W. Junkermann, R. Hagemann, and B. Vogel
An episode of Saharan dust north of the Alps
W. Straub, S. Wurzler, and P. Bruckmann
Contribution of traffic-emitted pollutants at a busy Danish highway compared to a major street in central Copenhagen
A. Massling, F. Wang, M. Ketzel, T. Ellermann, S.S. Jensen, and P. Wåhlin
Comparison of particle number concentrations between different environmentsl
L. Morawska, X. Ling, and R. Jayaratne
Influence of vehicular traffic on airborne particle surface composition in Zabrze, Poland
J.S. Pastuszka, E.Talik, and W. Rogula-Kozlowska
Description of the mesoscale atmospheric aerosol: observation and model
C. Engler, W. Birmili, R. Wolke, and A. Wiedensohler
Size distribution of carbonaceous compounds and inorganic ion concentrations in background aerosol, Hungary
D. Benko, Á. Molnár, K. Imre, G. Kiss, and A. Hoffer
Oxidative potential of a panel of Carbonaceous and Metallic Nanoparticles
M. Sánchez Sandoval Hohl, J.J. Sauvain, K. Donaldson, and M. Riediker
Crystallization of micro droplets observed with Raman spectroscopy
Chr. Wender, R. Müller, and Th. Leisner
Chemical and morphological characterization of dustfall (dry deposition) in Vitória-ES Brazil
M.M. Conti, L.R. Menegussi, N.C. Reis Jr., J.M. Santos, F.J. Silva, and C. Scandian
Chemical and physical properties of oxalic acid and oxalate aerosol particles
A. A. Mensah, A. Buchholz, A. Kiendler-Scharr, and Th. F. Mentel
Hygroscopic growth and activation of uncoated and coated soot particles and their relation to ice nucleation
M. Ziese, S. Henning, K. Mildenberger, F. Stratmann, O. Möhler, S. Benz, A. Buchholz, Th. Mentel, and the AIDA/LACIS-mobile-team
Luni-solar interaction in precipitation over Europe
L. Hejkrlik
Hygroscopic aerosol properties at Cape Verde Islands during the SAMUM-2 field campaign in 2008
A.Schladitz, T. Müller, A.Nowak, A.Massling, N.Kaaden, K.Kandler, K.Lieke, A.Wiedensohler
Laboratory investigations of contact and immersion freezing of mineral dust using an acoustic levitator
L. Schütz, S.K. Mitra, K. Diehl, F. Berkes, H. Schmithüsen, H. Bingemer, M. Ebert, and S. Weinbruch
Closure between hygroscopic growth and CCN activation of photochemical aged secondary organic aerosols
K. Mildenberger, A. Buchholz, T. Clauss, S. Henning, A. Kiselev, Th.F. Mentel, E. Schlosser, F. Stratmann, and R. Tillmann
Ice nuclei and cloud condensation nuclei measurements in a rural area
G.Santachiara, L. Di Matteo, F.Prodi, and F. Belosi
Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN) at an urban location
J. Burkart, G. Steiner, G. Reischl, and R. Hitzenberger
Cloud condensation nuclei in polluted air and biomass burning smoke: Size-resolved measurements and implications for the modeling of aerosol particle hygroscopicity and CCN activity
D. Rose, A. Nowak, P. Achtert, A. Wiedensohler, M. Hu, M. Shao, Y. Zhang, M. O. Andreae, and U. Pöschl
Ice residue characterization by aerosol mass spectrometry at the AIDA chamber
S.J. Gallavardin, D.J. Cziczo, O. Möhler, and U. Lohmann
Cloud condensation nuclei in pristine tropical rainforest air of Amazonia: measurements and modeling of atmospheric aerosol composition and CCN activity
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
S. S. Gunthe, S. M. King, D. Rose, Q. Chen, P. Roldin, D. K. Farmer, J. L. Jimenez, P. Artaxo, M. O. Andreae, S. T. Martin, and U. Pöschl
Hygroscopicity and activation properties of ambient aerosol particles in the Beijing area
S. Henning, A. Nowak, K. Mildenberger, E. Sommerhage, E. Hallbauer, D. van Pinxteren, H. Herrmann, D. Zhaoze, L. Pengfei, C. Zhao, A. Wiedensohler, and F. Stratmann
Studies of the relation between cloud droplet size and dry residual particle size with the Droplet Aerosol Analyser
M. Berghof, G.P. Frank, S. Sjogren, and B.G. Martinssonr
Nitrate and the regional Indirect Aerosol Effect
H.M. ten Brink, R. Otjes, and P. Jongejan
Quantitative study of the water content and phase transition behaviors of aerosol particles deposited on a hydrophobic substrate using micro-Raman spectroscopy
M.C. Yeung and C.K. Chan
Aerosol radiative forcing over an urban Indian city
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
A.S. Panicker and G. Pandithurai
Determination of the aerosol shortwave radiative forcing in the Mediterranenan from ground based and satellite observations
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
C. Di Biagio, A. G. di Sarra, and D. Meloni
Observations of aerosol-cloud interactions at Puijo semi-urban measurement station
H.J. Portin, M. Komppula, A.P. Leskinen, S. Romakkaniemi, A. Laaksonen, and K.E.J. Lehtinen
Weighting aerosol with MERIS
A.A. Kokhanovsky, A.S. Prikhach, I.L. Katsev, E.P. Zege, and A.P. Ivanov
Estimating PM2.5 over southern Sweden using satellite measurements
P. Glantz, A. Kokhanovsky, W. von Hoyningen-Huene, and C. Johansson
One-year measurements of aerosol vertical profiles in Gual Pahari, India
M. Komppula, T. Mielonen, H. Lihavainen, A.-P. Hyvärinen, V.-M. Kerminen, H. Baars, R. Engelmann, B. Heese, D. Althausen, T.S. Panwar, R.K. Hooda, V.P. Sharma, and Y. Viisanen
Aerosol products from GOME-2 on the Metop-A satellite: first impression
L.G. Tilstra, O.N.E. Tuinder, O.P. Hasekamp, M. de Graaf, and P. Stammes
Retrieval of biomass burning aerosols over Amazonas using AATSR with AERONET aerosol models
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
P. Kolmonen, A.-M. Sundström, L. Sogacheva, and G. de Leeuw
Systematizing MODIS, TOMS and MISR satellite datasets with HYSPLIT model for monitoring regional pattern of aerosol and its seasonal variability in Pakistan
K. Alam and S. Qureshi
Specific features of angular characteristics of diffuse solar radiation in little-cloud atmosphere
T.B. Zhuravleva, T.V.Bedareva, D.M. Kabanov, I.M. Nasrtdinov, and S.M. Sakerin
Analyses of MODIS aerosol products over the Iberian Peninsula
M.J. Granados and L. Alados-Arboledas
How satellite retrievals of NO2 vertical columns can be improved using aerosol measurements
J. Leitao, A. Richter, A. Kokhanovsky, and J.P. Burrows
Calibrated CCD imager for aerosol optical and physical properties estimation
A. Cazorla, F.J. Olmo, L. Alados-Arboledas, R. Wagener, and J.E.Shields
EARLINET for long term observations of aerosol over Europe
G.Pappalardo, U. Wandinger, H. Linnè, A. Amodeo, L. Mona, A. Apituley, L. Alados Arboledas, D. Balis, A. Chaikovsky, A. Comeron, V. Freudenthaler, I. Grigorov, O. Gustafsson, S. Kinne, D. Nicolae, I. Mattis, V. Mitev, A. Papayannis, M.R. Perrone, A. Pietruczuk, M.Pujadas, J.P. Putaud, F. Ravetta, V. Rizi, V. Simeonov, N. Spinelli, K. Stebel T. Trickl, and M. Wiegner
Vertical characterization of Saharan dust intrusions over Tenerife by ground-based lidar and airborne measurements
C. Cordoba-Jabonero, J. Andrey, M. Gil, and E. Cuevas
Differences of the aerosol load between an urban and suburban site using remote sensing measurements and model estimates
D. Balis, E. Giannakaki, E. Katragkou, M. Wiegner, K. Markakis, T. Giannaros, and V. Amiridis
Microphysical and optical properties of aerosols at Thessaloniki, Greece: Comparison of two different inversion algorithms
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
E. Giannakaki, M. Detlef, and D. Balis
Aerosol characterization in the North-Center (Castilla y Léon) of Spain
R. Rodrigo, V. Cachorro, A. Berjón, B. Torres, C. Toledano, and A. de Frutos
Infrared optical constants of highly diluted sulfuric acid solution droplets at cirrus temperatures
R. Wagner, S. Benz, H. Bunz, V. Ebert, O. Möhler, H. Saathoff, M. Schnaiter, and T. Leisner
Optical properties of different-shaped synthetic hematite particles: A laboratory study
M. Vragel, C. Linke, M. Schnaiter, G. Beuchle, and T. Leisner
Effects of complex shapes on radiative properties of mineral dust aerosol: Implications on sun photometry
J. Gasteiger, M. Wiegner, C. Toledano, and P. Koepke
Climate relevant aerosol properties measured at Évora, Portugal, from 2002 to 2008
S.N. Pereira, F. Wagner, and A.M. Silva
Aerosol light scattering at high relative humidity at a high alpine site (Jungfraujoch)
R. Schmidhauser, P. Zieger, E. Weingartner, M. Gysel, P.F. DeCarlo, and U. Baltensperger
Comparison of near-surface and columnar aerosol optical and microphysical properties
M.A. Sviridenkov and A.A. Isakov
Influence of relative humidity on the Angström coefficient values of atmospheric aerosols
J. Kusmierczyk-Michulec
Comparison between MODIS and GADS aerosols asymmetry factor on a planetary scale
C.D. Papadimas, N. Hatzianastassiou, C. Matsoukas, and I. Vardavas
Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy Measurements of Extinction by Aerosol Particles
T.J.A. Butler, D. Mellon, J. Kim, J. Litman, and A.J. Orr-Ewing
Impacts of dust storms on dioxins and furans in a basin area, Taiwan
T.Y. Wu, Y.M. Chen, Y.C. Lin, G.P. Chang-Chien, and C.H. Hung
Experimental data interpretation by means of computational fluid dynamics results: Dynamic growth of Sea-Salt particles
J. Voigtländer, D. Niedermeier, and F. Stratmann
Highly time-resolved observation of a particle growth event
O. Klemm, L.D. Ziemba, B.C. Sive, R.J. Griffin, and R.W. Talbot
Seasonal variation of aliphatic amines at the Cape Verde Islands
C. Müller, Y. Iinuma, K. Müller, S. Lehmann, and H. Herrmann
The effect of aerosol characteristics on optical properties in Hong Kong
E.Q.J. Bian, R. Zhang, Z.B. Yuan, A.K.H. Lau, and J.Z. Yu
Absorption properties of atmospheric aerosols from a high-altitude site in northern India
K. Ram, M.M. Sarin, and P. Hegde
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Electrical Effects
Observation of formation of secondary plasma spheres in water aerosol-plasma clouds by electric discharge spraying
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
M.V. Jouravlev and A.V. Tovmash
Atmospheric pressure production of Carbon nano-particles by Dielectric Barrier Discharges
A. Elcik, N. Jidenko, A.P. Weber, and J-P. Borra
Conversion of methanol vapour in a microwave discharge reactor
C.-H. Tsai, Y.-R. Chen, Y.-W. Wang, and Y.-F. Wang
Nano carbon powders produced by microwave plasma methane steam reforming
Y.-M. Kuo, C.-H. Tsai, K.-T. Chen, and Y.-C. Lin
Electrostatic removal of submicron particles under CO2-rich atmosphere
Y.J. Kim, H.J. Kim, B. Han, D.K. Song, S.H. Jung, W.S. Hong, and W.HShin
Dispersion of corona ions downwind from a high-voltage power line
X. Ling, R. Jayaratne, and L. Morawska
Energy electroaerosol generation through simulation of atmospheric water cycle
M.K. Bologa, T.P.Grosu, A.A. Policarpov, and O.V. Motorin
Droplet size distribution of Electro-hydrodynamic Atomization (EHDA): Parametric dependencies
S. Singh, A. Khan, B.K. Sapra, and Y.S. Mayya
Bipolar Diffusion Charging of Aerosol Particles in the Transition Regime
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
K. Barbounis, S. Vratolis, K. Eleftheriadis, and G. Biskos
Multiple electrospray unit with circular symmetry
Y. Arnanthigo, C.U. Yurteri, J.M. Marijnissen, and A. Schmidt-Ott
Electrospraying method to prepare ultra-low Pt loading cathodes for PEM fuel cells
S. Martin, P.L. Garcia-Ybarra, and J.L. Castillo
Determination of EHD generated droplet size: Review of models and experimental tools
M. Sausse Lhernould, M. Pierobon, P. Mathys, and P. Lambert
Electrostatic diagnostics of charged aerosol particles in gasdynamic devices
A.Vatazhin, D.Golentsov, and V. Likhter
Method for the estimation of mass concentration in automotive exhaust
L. Hillemann, N. Senftleben, and M. Stintz
Prevention of aerosol particle deposition on wafers by means of gas ionization
P. Gefter, J. Menear, S. Gehlke, J. Salm, and E. Tamm
Scavenging efficiencies and contact freezing of supercooled cloud droplets for charged aerosol particles: Laboratory experiments
D. Rzesanke and T. Leisner
Aerosol charging room: a simple model
J. Salm
Corona-Quenching by submicrometer particles in turbulent tube-wire electrostatic precipitators
C. Luebbert and U. Riebel
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Mass transfer to a chemically active particle in the transition regime
A.A. Lushnikov
Statistical analysis of different proxy values for sulphuric acid concentration
S. Mikkonen, J. Joutsensaari, S. Romakkaniemi, T. Petäjä, T. Nieminen, R.L. Mauldin III, M. Kulmala, and A. Laaksonen
Critical size of charged aerosol particles in the presence of adsorbable foreign gas
V.V. Levdansky, J. Smolik, and P. Moravec
The role of optical radiation in the homogeneous nucleation
V.G. Chernyak and E.S. Evgrafova
Particle formation close to supersaturated droplets
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
B. Svenningsson and M. Bilde
Temperature dependence of the contact angle for n-propanol on silver and on sodium chloride substrate
T. Pinterich, S. Schobesberger, A. Vrtala, P. M. Winkler, and P. E. Wagner
Evaporation and particle shape factor of succinic acid particles: Combined analysis of experimental data and computational fluid dynamics results
J. Voigtländer and F. Stratmann
Discontinuous hygroscopic growth of an aqueous surfactant/salt aerosol particle levitated in an electrodynamic balance
V. Soonsin, U.K. Krieger and Th. Peter
Deposition probability of nanoparticles on inverse surfaces at low pressure
C. Asbach, H. Fissan, T.A.J. Kuhlbusch, D.Y.H. Pui, and J. Wang
Reanalyzed n-nonane nucleation experiments conducted in an expansion chamber
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
D. Ghosh and R. Strey
Surface tension of small Lennard-Jones clusters by simulation and theory
A. Lauri, J. Julin, I. Napari, J. Merikanto, and H. Vehkamäki
Aerosol Clustering Patterns in Oscillating Flows
D. Katoshevski
Droplet bouncing effects in salt water electrospray
E.C. Fuchs, L.L.F. Aghostinho, C.U. Yurteri, and J.C.M Marijnissen
Experimental study of dew condensation influence on dust deposition rate
S.A. Biryukov and L.I. Yarmolinsky
Effects of the non-measured Mid-IR spectral range of the imaginary refractive index on the derivation of the real refractive index using the Kramers-Kronig transformation
M. Segal-Rosenheimer and R. Linker
Scattering data base for nonspherical particle
J. Wauer, T. Rother, and K. Schmidt
Polar scattering from fractal like soot agglomerates
K.-H. Naumann, M. Gangl, M. Schnaiter, and H. Horvath
Aerosol optical depth and its connection with macrometeorological features
A. Ponczkowska, T. Zielinski, T. Petelski, J. Piskozub, G. Chourdakis, S. Malinowski, T. Stacewicz, K. Markowicz, A.K. Jagodnicka, M. Posyniak, A. Kardas, I. Stachlewska, M. Gausa, S. Blindheim, A. Smirnov, and B. Holben
Effective dielectric permeability of fractal cluster
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
V.V. Maksimenko
Measurements of aerosol optical properties at urban sites to determine aerosol direct radiative effect
S. Stefan, R. Barladeanu, and L. Mihai
Effect of a hydrocyclone and a centrifugal separator in purifying rolling lubricant
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
Y. Seo and S.-J. Lee
Dust concentrators for cost effective gas cleaning
V. Galperin, O. Elport, and M. Shapiro
A model for steady-state oil transport and saturation in a mist
D. Kampa, J. Meyer, B. Mullins, and G. Kasper
Experimental results and modelling of the clogging of pleated fibrous filters in presence of humidity
A. Joubert, J.C. Laborde, L. Bouilloux, D. Thomas, S. Callé-Chazelet
Inactivation of airborne viruses by tea tree oil
O.V. Pyankov, O. Pyankova, B. Mullins, R. Huang, and I.E. Agranovski
Nanoparticle filtration through capillaries by Langevin dynamics
T.D. Elmøe, A. Tricoli, and S.E. Pratsinis
Applied the filter pretreated with berberine for removal of bioaerosols
S.H. Yang, Y.C. Huang, C.H. Luo, and C.Y. Chuang
Deposition of aerosol particles in dense array of spheres
W. Holländer and T. Zaripov
Factors Affecting CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) Measurement
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
S.H. Huang, K.N. Chang, K.T. Hou, C.W. Chen, C.P. Chang, and C.C. Chen
Characteristics of commercial antimicrobial filter media for removal of bioaerosols
KY. Yoon, Y.S. Kim, J.H. Park, and J. Hwang
Collection of submicron aerosol particles and inactivation of bioaerosols by simultaneously using carbon fiber type unipolar charger and fibrous medium filter
J.H. Park, K.Y. Yoon, Y.S. Kim, J.H. Byeon, and J. Hwang
Filtration of oil mists in multilayer filter fabrics composed from PES and PP fibres
T. Jankowski and W. Gador
Filtration of aerosol particles in structurally inhomogeneous fibrous filters. I – Model formulation
A. Podgórski and A. Jackiewicz
Filtration of aerosol particles in structurally inhomogeneous fibrous filters.III – Effect of gas velocity on segregation intensity
A. Jackiewicz and A. Podgórski
Analysis of the influence of a fibrous filter structure used for filtration of nanoaggregates on its quality factor
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
A. Podgórski and M. Goszczynska
Application of the Steam Jet Aerosol Collector (SJAC) for the semi volatile organic compounds gas / particle portioning measurements
D. Antkowiak, J. Schnelle-Kreis, W.G. Kreyling, and G. Matuschek
Aerosol based functionalization of porous substrates for diesel particulate emission control applications within the ATLANTIS project
A. Asimakopoulou, S. Lorentzou, E. Papaioannou, C. Agrafiotis, and A.G. Konstandopoulos
Mixing state of bi-component mixtures under coagulation from scaling solutions
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
J.M. Fernández-Díaz, G. Gómez-García, M.A. Rodríguez-Braña, M. Domat, and I.A. SanJuan
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Seasonal PM variation in Cosenza, South Italy
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
M. Filice and P. De Luca
Emission of submicron aerosol particles during the operation of a laser beam printer
J.H. Byeon, S.Y. Kim, Y. Kim, D.Y. Lee, and J. Hwang
Wind direction versus sampling point: a real case study
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
M. Filice and P. De Luca
Biodiesel (soy-bean FAME) effect on particulate and gaseous pollutants from a passenger car
G. Fontaras, T. Tzamkiozis, L. Ntziachristos, and Z. Samaras
Background concentrations of PAH:s in precipitation and air in Finland
M. Vestenius, H. Hellen, and H. Hakola
Indoor versus outdoor air quality measurements: number, mass concentrations and chemical composition of PM at the University of Perugia, Italy
S. Ortu, L. Barcherini, D. Cappelletti, F. Marmottini, F. Scardazza, B. Moroni, and B. Sebastiani
Characterization of fine aerosol particle (PM1) and trace element concentrations: assessment of the contribution of local sources and long-range transport
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
R. Caggiano, M. Macchiato, S. Sabia, G.A. Scardaccione, and S. Trippetta
Influence of a Saharan dust outbreak on PM2.5 observations at a Mediterranean sampling site
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
S. Trippetta, R. Caggiano, and M. Macchiato
Assessing the contribution of steel works to PM10 at nearby monitoring station using magnetic particles as tracers
E. Petrovský, A. Kapicka, B. Kotlík, R. Zboril, J. Novák, and H. Fialová
Evaluation of the contribution of ship traffic to PM2.5, PM0 concentration in the Venice harbour area
D. Contini, A. Gambaro, A. Donateo, F. Belosi, G. Santachiara, D. Cesari, S. De Pieri, and F. Prodi
Integrated approach in the monitoring of particulate matter: relevant parameters for high pollution events
M. Amodio, E. Andriani, M. Caselli, B.E. Daresta, G. de Gennaro, A. Di Gilio, P. Ielpo, C.M. Placentino, and M. Tutino
Seasonal variation in trace elemental concentrations in PM2.5 particles in Nairobi, Kenya
J. Boman, M.J. Gatari, S.M. Gaita, X. Zhang, B. Xue, and A. Wagner
Diurnal variations in the particle size distribution in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
J. Boman, B. Xue, X. Zhang, and S. Thorsson
Emissions of PM1 from silent surface road cover in Gothenburg, Sweden
J. Boman, S. Janhäll, and E. Björkman
A summertime study of PM10 and PM2.5 mass concentrations in urban and industrialized cities in Turkey
E.O. Gaga, A. Ari, J. Argante, K. Meliefste, O.D. Yay, G. Demirel, S. Örnektekin, T. Dögeroglu, W. van Doorn
As, Cd, Cr, Cu, Ni and Pb in PM2.5 in Gothenburg, Sweden
A. Wagner, J. Boman, and M.J. Gatari
Use of several receptor models - CMB, APCS and PMF - as a tool to interpret air quality data
M. Amodio, E. Andriani, M. Caselli, B.E. Daresta, G. de Gennaro, A. Di Gilio, P. Ielpo, C.M. Placentino, M. Tutino, and L. Trizio
Evaluation of the characteristics of PM10 time series in relation to the type of air monitoring station
M.A. Barrero, M. Cabello, J.A.G. Orza, and L. Cantón
Measurements of hydroxy and nitro PAHs in atmospheric urban aerosols
A.I. Barrado Olmedo, S. García Alonso, R. Pérez Pastor, and O. Pindado Jiménez
The use of air quality indices to evaluate atmospheric pollution in urban areas
A. Di Menno di Bucchianico, G. Cattani, R. Aceto, S. Bartoletti, A. Gaeta, and A.M. Caricchia
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Special Session 3: Aerosol Sampling and Aerosol Analytics
Evaporative loss of accumulated semi-volatile liquid aerosol from fibrous filter
B. Sutter, J.C. Appert-Collin, D. Bémer, and D. Thomas
Role of nitrogen-containing organics in secondary aerosol formation – identification of methylamine in ambient 31 nm – particles by ion trap TDCIMS
A. Held, G.J. Rathbone, and J.N Smith
Comparison of 4 temperature protocols for differentiating between OC and EC in thermal-optical transmission analysis of aerosol samples collected on quartz fibre filters
W. Maenhaut, X. Chi, and S. Dunphy
Energy saving and pollution reduction of industrial boiler by using methanol- and isopropanol-contained wastewater emulsified heavy fuel-oil
S.-L. Lin and W.-J. Lee
Monitoring of particles PM10 and PM2.5 in the Mitrovica urban atmosphere
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
A. Syla, A. Veliu, M. Musa, and B. Kafexholli
“Particle Loss Calculator” – A new software tool for the assessment of sampling and transport efficiencies of aerosol inlet systems
S.-L. von der Weiden, F. Drewnick, and S. Borrmann
Stable carbon isotopic composition of PM2.5 in Taiwan
A. Kiendler-Scharr, G. Engling, R. Fisseha, W. Laumer, I. Gensch, Y. C. Wu, and Y. T. Chen
AMS aerosols characterization at Seiffen (Germany)
L. Poulain, Y. Iinuma, and H. Herrmann
Studies of PM2.5 elemental composition in Venice Lagoon area
A.M. Stortinia, A. Freda, D. Cesaric, S. De Pieri, W. Cairnsa, D. Continic, and A. Gambaro
Calculating particle concentration fields for steady and unsteady aerosol sampling
A.K. Gilfanov, D.V. Maklakov, and S.K. Zaripov
Numerical study of thin-walled sampler performance for aerosols in low windspeed environments
S.K. Zaripov, A.K. Gilfanov, and D.V. Maklakov
Analysis of oligomeric glyoxal using HPLC-ESI-MS – Challenges and possibilities
C.J. Kampf and T. Hoffmann
Artifacts in size distributions from low time-resolution mobility sizers in varying particle concentrations
M. D. Wright and D. L. Henshaw
Source apportionment and partitioning of persistent organic pollutans in rural site of Turkey
S. Yenisoy-Karakas, M. Öz, E.O. Gaga, and A. Ari
Airborne fungi concentrations in trains
Y.F. Wang, L.C. Wang, C. H. Tsai, and H.H. Yang
Atmospheric pollution and particulate matter concentration at petrol station in semi-urban site
A. Akachat
Particulate matter deposition monitoring in the surroundings of the port of Koper
G. Jereb, B. Poljšak, B. Marzi, F. Cepak, G. Dražic, N. Ogrinc, M. Bizjak, and S.A. Katz
Investigation of a Denuder-Filter Sampling Technique for the determination of carbonyl compounds from monoterpene oxidation
A. Kahnt, Y. Iinuma, O. Böge, and H. Herrmann
Indoor and outdoor carbon composition of PM2.5 aerosol in Mumbai, India
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
A. Elizabeth Joseph, S. Unnikrishnan, and R. Kumar
Molecular characterisation of biogenic secondary organic aerosols using ion mobility spectrometry - quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry
Y. Iinuma and H. Herrmann
Tuning of Sunset EC/OC field instruments to obtain more than comparable data
J. Schwarz and P. Vodicka
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Special Session 4: Atmospheric Aerosol in the Polar Regions. Origin, Properties and Impact on Regional and Global Climate
Surface-atmosphere exchange of aerosol particles in the high Arctic - Results from ASCOS
A. Held, D. Orsini, and C. Leck
Impact of marine aerosol on Arctic Haze
T. Petelski, A. Rozwadowska, T. Zielinski, M. Stock, R. Neuber, and R. Treffeisen
Impact of air mass history on aerosol optical thickness at Hornsund station, Spitsbergen
A.Rozwadowska, T.Petelski, P.Sobolewski, and T. Zielinski
Geochemical characterization of mineral aerosol at Dome Concordia East Antarctic Plateau (Station Concordia project)
F. Marino, E. Castellano, S. Nava, M. Chiari, G. Calzolai, S. Becagli, F. Rugi, M. Severi, R. Traversi, F. Lucarelli, R. Udisti, D. Gaiero, and S. Gassò
Investigation of aerosol microphysical and chemical composition over White and Kara Seas
S.A.Terpugova, V.V. Polkin, M.V. Panchenko, L.P. Golobokova, T.V. Khodzher, U.G. Filippova, V.S. Kozlov, V.P. Shmargunov, V.P. Shevchenko, and A.P. Lisitzin
Central Arctic atmosphere pollution by smelter generated SO2: Airborne detection and implications for Arctic Haze and clouds
F. Arnold, R. Nau, T. Jurkat, H. Schlager, A. Minikin, A. Dörnbrack, L. Pirjola, and A. Stohl
Physicochemical characteristics of marine aerosols of Western Arctic
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
A.V. Syroeshkin and M.A. Chichaeva
Analyses of laboratory-grown frost flowers, brine and the resultant sea-salt aerosol
A.V. Jackson, S.J. Walker, J.J.N. Lingard, B.J. Brooks, R. Obbard, H. Roscoe, and M. H. Smith
Absorption properties of atmospheric aerosols in the ALOMAR station (summer 2008)
E. Montilla-Rosero, S. Mogo, J. F López, V. E. Cachorro, R. Rodrigo, and A. De Frutos
Aerosol type comparison among three sub-arctic sites: ALOMAR-Andenes, Abisko and Sodankylä in late spring and summer 2007
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
E. Rodríguez, C. Toledano, V. Cachorro, A. De Frutos, A. Berjón, B. Torres, M. Gausa, and G. de Leeuw
Possible role of internally mixed crustal materials in the enrichments in sulphur of supermicrometric Antarctic coastal aerosol particles
Poster was not presented at the EAC2009
P. Mittner, D. Biancato, D. Ceccato, and F. Chiminello
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Special Session 7: Test Materials in Toxicological and Health Effect Studies
Synthesis and characterization of titanium dioxide particles for toxicity tests
A.J. Koivisto, H. Alenius, J. Joutsensaari, H. Norppa, M. Miettinen, P. Pasanen, L. Pylkkänen, E. Rossi, T. Tuomi, M. Vippola, J. Jokiniemi, and K. Hämeri
Characterization of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin/dibenzofuran emissions from joss paper burned in a furnace
M.T. Hu, S.J. Chen, K.L. Huang, Y.C. Lin, G.P. Chang-Chien, and J.H. Tsai
Human type B synoviocytes, as a cellular model for a better knowledge of the pro-inflammatory effects of environmental PM
F. Cetta, F. Laghi Pasini, E. Selvi, A. Dhamo, M. Natale, R. Zangari, P. Laviano, L. Cantarini, E. Bolzacchini, M. Camatini, and M. Galeazzi
Redox balance of Thiols in the exhaled breath condensate (BEC) in 2 populations with different exposure to traffic related pollutants
F. Cetta, R. Accinni, G. Schiraldi, M. Sala, R. Zangari, P. Laviano, M. Guinea Montalvo, G. Giussani, C. Dellanoce, F. Minardi, and L.Allegra
The possible impact of “sequential co-exposure” on ozone associated adverse health effects. Preliminary data from cumulative cross sectional and prospective studies in Milan
F. Cetta, M. Sala, G. Schiraldi, E. Bolzacchini, A. Dhamo, L. Moltoni, G. Gerosa, A. Ballarin-Denti, and L. Allegra
Trace element analyses of spark discharge particles
E. Karg, B. Lentner, W.G. Kreyling, and O. Schmid
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Special Sesion 8: - Artifacts in Measuring PM
Determination of vertical distribution of air pollution over Budapest by aircraft based measurements
B. Alföldy, V. Groma, E. Börcsök, A. Nagy, A. Czitrovszky, and S. Török
Organic carbon in Whatman-QMA field-blanks
H.M. ten Brink and F. van Arkel
Level of uncertainty on PM2.5 mass concentrations introduced by inorganic sampling artifacts
L. Rondo and K. Eleftheriadis
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