Poster Session Part II

Aerosol Chemical Composition, Tracers and Trends
Airborne Pathogens and Microbes and Their Viability
Biomass Burning
Electrical Effects: from Fundamental Study to Application

Exposures and Health Impacts of Aerosols

Fundamentals I
Measurement Techniques for Combustion Aerosols
Mobile Sources of Combustion Aerosol
New Instrumentation
New Particle Formation II
Optical Properties of Atmospheric Aerosols
Properties and Dynamics of Atmospheric Aerosols I
Secondary Organic Aerosol
Source apportionment studies II
Special Session #5: Electrohydrodynamic Atomization (EHDA) Technologies: from Fundamentals to Application



Tuesday 29 August 2017 13:30 - 15:15
Poster Area
Poster Session Part II

Aerosol Chemical Composition, Tracers and Trends
Exposure trends of PM2.5 and Black Carbon sources in Gothenburg 1990-2011
P. Molnár, D. Segersson, L, Stockfelt, and G. Sallsten
Biogenic secondary organic aerosol relation to temperature depending tree stress emissions
K. Plau¹kaite, J. Pauraite, S. Byèenkiene, A. Augustaitis, V. Marozas, and V. Ulevièius
Levels and Spatial Distribution of Metals in a Heavily Industrialized Region (Dilovasi, Kocaeli) of Turkey
M. Keles, B. Cetin, S. Yurdakul, and F. Ozturk
Source apportionment of particulate matter in a coal fired power plant area in Turkey
E.Can, A. Ari, G. Tuncel, and E.O. Gaga
Spatial Variability of PM2.5 in New Delhi, India
P. Pant, S. Guttikunda, M. Kumar, J.L. Matawle, S. Kushwaha, S. Pervez, and R.E. Peltier
Spatial and temporal variation of haze in the Yangtze River Delta region from 1961 to 2015
R. Han, S. Wang, and J. Wang
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Airborne Pathogens and Microbes and Their Viability
Efficiency of Non-conductive Ultrasonic Transducers (NCUT) for Inactivation of Airborne Virus
M. Versoza, W. Jung, Y. Lee, M.L. Barabad, J. Hwang, and D. Park
Automatic pollen monitoring: towards an operational system
B. Crouzy, B. Clot, T. Konzelmann, and B. Calpini
Characteristics of Aerosol Suspension in a Rotating Drum
W.R. Ke, C.W. Lin, S.H. Huang, W.C. Lee, Y.M. Kou, and C.C. Chen
Generation of a fungal consortium: impact of analytic tools on biodiversity analysis
J. Degois, X. Simon, C. Bontemps, P. Leblond, and P. Duquenne
Inactivation of Bacterial Activity in the Circulation Water of Wet Electrostatic Precipitator as Home Air Purifier
C.G. Woo, B. Han, H.-J. Kim, and Y.-J. Kim
Aerobiological study in Southeast Spain: Olea vs Ole e1
M. Varea, S. Martinez-Perez, E. Flores, V. Soriano, J. Fernández, J. Gil-Moltó, N. Galindo, E. Yubero, J.F. Nicolás, S. Caballero, R. Castaner, C. Pastor, and J. Crespo
Commuters exposure to airborne microorganisms in the Barcelona subway system
T. Moreno, X. Triadó-Margarit, M. Veillette, C. Duchaine, M. Talbot, M. C. Minguillón, V. Martins, F. Amato, E. de Miguel, and E.O. Casamayor
Pollen calendar: Airborne pollen in Southeastern Spain (Alicante)
D. Liu, R. Mariman, M.E. Gerlofs-Nijland, G. Folkerts, J.F. Boere, J.J.E. Reijnders, F.R. Cassee, and E. Pinelli
Ambient air BioPMs originated from different sources and their effects on innate immune responses
D. Liu, R. Mariman, M.E. Gerlofs-Nijland, G. Folkerts, J.F. Boere, J.J.E. Reijnders, F.R. Cassee, and E. Pinelli
A novel co-culture model of alveolar macrophage and epithelial cells to investigate immune responses to bioaerosol components
S. Khera, V. Sharma, S.F. Tyrrel, Z.A. Nasir, T.L. Gladding, C.A. Rolph, E.T. Hayes, B. Williams, A. Bennett, G. Fejer, and S.K. Jackson
The effect of passive air sampling parameters on determining the aerosol microbial composition and abundance
N. Grydaki, C. Whitby, and I. Colbeck
Investigation of Bioaerosol Characterization on a Global Scale using Automobile Air Conditioning Filter
J. Li and M.S. Yao
Neutralization of Aerosolized Spores by Combustion Products of Powdered Materials: Effect of Exposure Time
S.A. Grinshpun, W. Nakpan, M. Yermakov, R. Indugula, T. Reponen, E. L. Dreizin, and M. Schoenitz
Water Disinfection by Antimicrobial Fiborous Material Produced by Aerosol Filtration
M. Bhamidipati, S. Adam, M. Valenti, P. Kooyman, and A. Schmidt-Ott
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Biomass Burning
Extreme fire event over Siberia in summer 2012: radiative characteristics of aerosol
T. B. Zhuravleva, D. M. Kabanov, I. M. Nasrtdinov, T. V. Russkova, S. M. Sakerin, A. Smirnov, and B.N. Holben
Development of compound-specific carbon isotopic analysis for levoglucosan and its isomers, biomarkers of biomass burning
W. Wang and D.W. Han
Evaluation of a residential wood heating emissions abatement policy at local scale in a complex area, the Arve valley, France
J. Allard, F. Chevrier, I. Je¾ek, G. Moènik, J.L. Besombes, G. Brulfert, J.P. Laurent, and J.L. Jaffrezo
Analysis of brown carbon organic species in primary and aged biomass-burning emissions under controlled conditions
V. Samburova, D. Sengupta, C. Bhattarai, R.K. Chakrabarty, A.Watts, J. Connolly, A. Khlystov, and H. Moosmüller
Near-field changes to the optical and chemical properties of biomass burning particles
T. B. Onasch, J. Wormhoudt, A. Sedlacek, L. Kleinman, E. Fortner, J. Shilling, M. Pekour, D. Chand, S. Collier, Q. Zhang, R. Yokelson, K. Adachi, P. Buseck, L. Williams, and A. Freedman
Influence of biomass burning from residential and district heating on local air quality assessed by mobile air pollutant measurements
F. Fachinger, F. Drewnick, and S. Borrmann
Particle pollution from wood burning in mainland UK: a six-year national assessment
A. Font, D. Green, D. Butterfield, and G.W. Fuller
Emissions and short time scale processing of biomass burning examined at the FIREX lab intensive campaign
E. Fortner, T. Onasch, L. Williams, M. Canagaratna, W. Xu, P. Croteau, S. Herndon, R. Roscioli, T. Yacovitch, C. Daube, B. Werden, E. Wood, B. Knighton, J. Shantanu, L. Lewane, A. Galang, S. Tarun, A. Sedlacek, J. Jayne, and D. Worsnop
The contributions of coal, peat and wood burning to ambient PM2.5
J. Arndt, .P.C. Buckley, I.P. O’Connor, E.J. McGillicuddy, P.C. Buckley, S. Hellebust, J.R. Sodeau, and J.C. Wenger
Chemical composition of emissions originating from biomass and municipal solid waste burning in a masonry heater
M. Bloss, F. Mylläri, M. Aurela, M. Maasikmets, H-L, Kupri, K. Vainumäe, P. Simonen, L. Salo, V. Niemelä, T. Rönkkö, and H. Timonen
Influence of the renewal of residential wood stoves on the PM biomass burning contribution in a French Alps valley
A. Sylvestre, B. Golly, J.C. Francony,C. Piot, J.L. Jaffrezo, A. Provent, R. Vidaud, H. Chanut, G. Brulfert, and J.L. Besombes
Biomass burning fingerprint in Spain using ACSM
M.C. Minguillón, A. Ripoll, X. Querol, and A. Alastuey
Water-soluble dicarboxylic acids, oxocarboxylic acids and alpha-dicarbonyls in atmospheric aerosols during summer in central Alaska: an influence of biomass burning and biogenic sources
D.K. Deshmukh, K. Kawamura, M.M. Haque, and Y. Kim
Impact of residential wood combustion on benzo(a)pyrene and black carbon concentrations in the Helsinki metropolitan area, Finland
J.V. Niemi, H. Hellén, L. Kangas, A. Kousa, M. Vestenius, K. Teinilä, A. Karppinen, J. Kukkonen, H. Timonen, T. Rönkkö, and L. Pirjola
Sugar patterns in biomass burning emission samples – a link between burned and living biomass
M. Kistler and A. Kasper-Giebl
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Electrical Effects: from Fundamental Study to Application
A study of a needle-plate corona charger to reduce agglomeration during synthesis of aerosol nanoparticles by spark discharge
A.A. Efimov, P.V. Arsenov, and V.V. Ivanov
Improving inactivation effect for microorganisms in an electrostatic precipitator operated under low ozone concentration by humidification
A. Zukeran, I. Kobayashi, W. Risei, and J. Sawai
The effect of Na2CO3 on inactivation of Zygosaccharomyces rouxii in seawater using pulsed electric field
Y. Nakada, Y. Komatsu, A. Zukeran R. Wada, J. Sawai, and T. Inui
Investigation of inactivation process in an electrostatic precipitator by estimating protein quantitation
S. Toguchi, R. Oi, M. Shiraishi, A. Zukeran, R. Wada, and J. Sawai
Continuous Separation of similar size distribution of atomized bacteria and PSL particles using corona discharge mechanisms
A.M. Nasrabadi, J. Han, M.M. Farid, S.-G. Lee, and J. Hwang
Impact of surface roughness, dielectric constant and resistivity of wall on the deposition of submicron particles driven by the negative air ionizer
K.P. Yu, W.M. Lee, and C.J. Peng
Performance Evaluation of a Charged Micro-size Particle Generator
Y.-H. Joe, J. Shim, and H.-S. Park
udy of Collection Mechanism on Hole-type Electrostatic Precipitator by Particle Behaviour and Fluid Flow
H. Miyashita, S. Ibaraki , Y. Ehara, T. Inui, and T. Sawada
Simulation analysis of particle behavior in hole type Electrostatic precipitator
M. Shimoda, Y. Ehara, T. Inui, and T. Sawada
Improved collection efficiency of fine particles by ESP combined with electrospray
M.-J. Oh and M.-H. Lee
Analysis of different liquid-liquid combinations and conditions for the formation of a stable cone-jet mode in electrospray emulsification processes
A.W. Kamau, M.J. Gatari, J.C.M. Marijnissen, and L.L.F. Agostinho
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Exposures and Health Impacts of Aerosols
Evaluation of bioaccessible trace metal fractions in urban PM10 samples collected near a ferroalloy plant
A. Hernández-Pellón, S. Lanza, C. Lasa, and I. Fernández-Olmo
Development of an Integrated Exposure – Dose Management Tool for Reduction of Particulate Matter in Air: Overview of the LIFE Index-Air Project
S.M. Almeida, M.Almeida-Silva, N. Canha, T. Faria, K. Eleftheriadis, E. Diapouli, V. Galifianakis, A. Miranda, J. Ferreira, O. Hänninen, and M. Lazaridis
Development of a multilevel regression model to analyze the association between eye diseases and air pollutants (PM10, PM2.5, NO2, SO2, O3)
S.-J. Park, S. Han, J.-S. Youn, J. Seo, and K.-J. Jeon
Important sources and chemical species of ambient fine particles related to adverse health effects
J. Heo and S.-M. Yi
Multi-model assessment of health impacts of air pollution in Europe in frame of the AQMEII model intercomparison project
U. Im, J. Brandt, C. Geels, K.M. Hansen, J.H. Christensen, M.S. Andersen, E. Solazzo, U. Alyuz, A. Balzarini, R. Baro, R. Bellasio, R. Bianconi, J. Bieser, A. Colette, G. Curci, A. Farrow, J. Flemming, A. Fraser, P.Jimenez-Guerrero, N. Kitwiroon, G. Pirovano, L. Pozolli, M. Prank, R. Rose, R. Sokhi, P. Tuccella, A. Unal, M.G. Vivanco, G. Yardwood, C. Hogrefe, and S. Galmarini
Winter smog in Poland, is it a real hazard to health?
M. Kowalska and J.E. Zejda
Association between reactive oxygen species formation with environmental persistent free radicals and transition metals in PM2.5 in Beijing
F. Liu, F. Shen, M. Yao, X. Zhang, J. Li, T. Zhang, K. Lucas, M. Shiraiwa, U. Pöschl, and H. Tong
Combined source and health risk apportionment approach to develop an emission reduction plan for PM2.5 in the Sha-Lu area, Taiwan
H.T. Hsu, L.H. Young, B.F. Hwang, M.Y. Lin, C.N. Chen, Y.C. Chen, and P.J. Tsai
Wood-smoke Inhalation Exposures from Traditional Hunting Practices in a First Nations Community
P. Pant, R. J. Moriarity, M. Wilton, E.N. Liberda, L.J. Tsuji, and R.E. Peltier
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Fundamentals I
Using Dynamic Meshes to Evaluate Transparent Electrode Performance
A.M. Nasrabadi, J. Han, and J. Hwang
Multilayer particle resuspension in a turbulent boundary layer
S.E. Chatoutsidou, Y. Drossinos, and M. Lazaridis
Sedimentation Effect of Finely Dispersed Aerosol in Tubes in Shock-Wave and Shock-Free Modes
D.A. Gubaidullin, R.G. Zaripov, and L.A. Tkachenko
Features of reflection of acoustic waves from the boundary or layer of aerosol
D.A. Gubaidullin, D.D. Gubaidullina, and Yu.V. Fedorov
Acoustic waves in multifractional aerosols with heat and mass transfer
D.A. Gubaidullin and E.A. Teregulova
Temporally resolved measurements of heavy, rigid fibre translation and rotation in nearly homogeneous isotropic turbulence
L. Sabban, A. Cohen, and R. van Hout
The liquid phase aerosol particle evaporation under the dry gas blow
M.P. Anisimov, V.I. Terekhov, P.K. Hopke, and N.E. Shishkin
Semiempirical design of the nucleation rate surfaces
M.P. Anisimov and O.O. Petrova-Bogdanova
Collection of polyamide nanofibers on PTFE foam coated filter
H.-B. Kim, K.B. Lee, S.-J. Cho, and M.-H. Lee
Simultaneous removal of soot and NOx from biomass boiler fumes over catalytic sintered filter
G. Tesquet, A. Villot, A. Guyon, F. Tresse, and L. Le Coq
Stokes-Brinkman model of fluid flow through porous body of arbitrary shape
R.F. Mardanov, S.K. Zaripov, V.F.Sharafutdinov, and S.J.Dunnett
Study on the penetration of silver nanowires passing through polyester filters
S. Lim, H. Lee, H. Park, and W.G. Shin
Nanodroplets oil separation in fibrous filters modified by aerogel
£. Werner, A. Jackiewicz, J. Gac, B. Nowak, and M. Bojarska
Cleaning efficiency and aging of electret filters in mobile air purifiers
S. Schumacher, D. Spiegelhoff, U. Schneiderwind, H. Finger, and C. Asbach
Efficiency of air filters for general ventilation and gas turbines in humid environments
F. Schmidt, T. Engelke, C. König, E. Däuber, C. Asbach, and S. Haep
Filtration performance of particle filters for general ventilation aged in real life or loaded with ASHRAE or A2 test dust in the lab
F. Schmidt, T. Engelke, A. Breidenbach, and C. Asbach
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Measurement Techniques for Combustion Aerosols
Influence of Dilution Stage on Measurements of Particle Emissions of a Small Scale Biomass Boiler
I.V Dyakov, B. Bergmans, F. Idczak, and H. Breulet
Characterizations of Black Carbon Produced from a MiniCAST Soot Generator over a Wide Range of Setpoints
F. Liu, M. Saffaripour, K.A. Thomson, and G.J. Smallwood
Measurements of Size Distribution and Mass Concentration of Fine Particles from a Stack of a Coal-Fired Power Plant in Korea
B. Han, H.-J. Kim, C.G. Woo, Y.-J. Kim, and S.-N. Chun
Raman microspectroscopic analysis of soot samples from wood combustion: Influences of aging
A.C. Wiesheu, A. Hartikainen, O. Sippula, M. Ihalainen, H. Lamberg, J. Jokiniemi, R. Niessner, and N.P. Ivleva
Ambient pressure particle mass spectrometry for inline detection of nanoparticle growth in flame reactors
S. Suleiman, S. Kluge, Ch. Schulz, and H. Wiggers
Laser-based techniques applicability for soot particles detection and analyses: soot particles nucleation into laboratory flames
C. Irimiea, A. Faccinetto, Y. Carpentier, I.K. Ortega, E. Therssen, and C. Focsa
Chemical characterisation of particulate matter from different emission sources with thermal and laser desorption atmospheric pressure photo ionisation ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry
C.P. Rüger, A. Neumann, M. Sklorz, and R. Zimmermann
FATCAT: a new characterization method for particulate emissions from wood burning appliances
A. Keller, D. Egli, P. Steigmeier, and H. Burtscher
Variation of nanostructure of laboratory generated soot aerosols with particle size
R. Dastanpour, S. Rogak, K. Thomson, and J. Olfert
Assessment of a propane diffusion flame generator (CAST) as a reference aerosol generator in the sub-23 nm range
E. Daskalos, A.D. Melas, P. Baltzopoulou, A.G. Konstandopoulos
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Mobile Sources of Combustion Aerosol
Regulated and unregulated emissions of three way catalyst Euro 6 G-DI gasoline vehicle over chassis dynamometer
A. Martinez Valiente , C. Louis, B. R’Mili, P.Tassel, P.Perret, M.André, Y.Liu, and B. D’Anna
Chemical composition discrimination of soot particles emitted by a heavy-duty engine: impact of operating regime and fuel biodiesel content
Y. Carpentier, C. Irimiea, O. Popovicheva, E. Kireeva, I.K. Ortega, J. Schwarz, M. Vojtisek, and C. Focsa
Chasing measurements for real-world emissions of city buses
A. Järvinen, P. Karjalainen, M. Bloss, O. Potila, P. Simonen, H. Kuuluvainen, H. Timonen, S. Saarikoski, J.V. Niemi, J. Keskinen, and T. Rönkkö
Chemical characterisation of the particulate matter emitted by automobile motors: the PEMs4Nano project
J. A. Noble, Y. Carpentier, M. Vojkovic, B. Chazallon, C. Pirim, M. Ziskind, and C. Focsa
High-efficiency simultaneous removal of trace HM and organic pollutants from an Iron Ore Sintering Plant
J. Gonzalez, B. Gonzalez, I. Ibarra, K. Datta, I. Gomez, V. García, F. J. Gonzalez, and C. Gutierrez-Canas
Engine out PM emissions from RME biodiesel and conventional diesel combustion with exhaust gas recirculation
V.B. Malmborg, M. Novakovic, S. Shamun, M. Shen, K. Kling, A. Eriksson, M. Tuner, and J. Pagels
The impact of different blending ratios of waste cooking oil-based biodiesel on the emissions of PAHs, PCDD/Fs and PCBs from diesel engine
C.Y. Chen, W.J. Lee, L.C. Wang,and C.H. Tsai
DownToTen: Key Particle Properties, Emission and Measurement Conditions, Instruments and Sampling Setup
M. Bainschab, A. Bergmann, P. Karjalainen, J. Keskinen, J. Anderson, B. Giechaskiel, C. Haisch, A. Gerini, L. Ntziachristos, and Z. Samaras
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New Instrumentation
Surface Normalised Aerosol Photo Emission Sensor
J. Röhrbein and A.P. Weber
Improved Understanding of HGPMS Collection of Airborne Particles
M.-D. Cheng, P. Cable-Dunlap, and S.L. Allman
Estimation of the ratio of aerosol to molecular backscattering by two closely disposed wavelengths using CuBr LIDAR sounding (510.6nm, 578.2nm)
I. V. Grigorov, D. V. Stoyanov, and G. V. Kolarov
The Effect of Sheath Flow Rate on the Particle Trajectory Inside an Optical Cavity with Direct Flow Configuration
H. Lee, Y.-S. Jeong, K. Choi and W. G. Shin
Generation of Monodisperse Particles Using Inkjet Aerosol Generator
W.J. Shin, H. Lee, Y.-S. Jeong, K. Choi, and W.G. Shin
Coupling of an electrodynamic balance with mass spectrometry as a platform for atmospheric chemistry research
A.W. Birdsall, U.K. Krieger, and F.N. Keutsch
Extending the use of 1nm-Growth Enhancers to a wider range of CPCs
A.F. Zerrath, J.H.T. Scheckman, J. Spielvogel, and A.J. Tiwari
The Effect of Temperature and Humidity on the Performance of Low-Cost PM Sensors
X. Liu, A. Mabon, A.B. Asumadusakyi, M. Mazaheri, R. Jayaratne, M. Dunbabin, and L. Morawska
A state of the art device for continuous unattended measurements of ultrafine particles
M. Pesch, V. Ziegler, F. Tettich, and W. Frenzel
New Developments in Single Particle Measurements of Black Carbon and Bioaerosols
A.R. Attwood, H Schulz, G. Granger, M. Zanatta, A.B. Herber, M. Mahin, D. Baker, G.L. Kok, and R. Gerdes
Offline Validation of the New ‘Total Carbon Analyzer’
M. Rigler, L. Drinovec, A. Vlachou, A. S. H. Prévôt, C. Hüglin, A. D. A. Hansen, J.-L. Jaffrezo, and G. Moènik
Formation of the new approaches for detection and radiation control of technogenic aerosols in conditions of improvement of cleaning technologies of a radioactive gas-aerosol emissions
A.G. Tsovianov, A.E. Karev, D.E. Fertman, N.V. Tsoy, and C.B. Chebushov
Development of a dual-wavelength Thermo-Optical Transmittance Analyser: characterization and first results
D. Massabo, A. Altomari, V. Bernardoni, G. Valli, R. Vecchi, and P. Prati
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New Particle Formation II
Relative Formation Times of Charged and Neutral Particles in an Urban Environment
R. Jayaratne, B. Pushpawela, and L. Morawska
Study of new particle formation events in Southern Italy
A. Dinoi, K. Weinhold, W. Birmili, A. Wiedensohler, A. Donateo, and D. Contini
Long term study of new particle formation and shrinkage events in a coastal environment: Meteorology, gas phase and solar radiation implications
A. del Águila, M. Sorribas, J.A. Adame, J.M. Vilaplana, J.A. Bogeat, C. Córdoba-Jabonero, and M. Yela
Development of a near-explicit model of HOMs formation from a-pinene ozonolysis
U. Molteni, U. Baltensperger, J. Curtius, M. Heinritzi, C.R. Hoyle, M. Simon, C. Yan, J. Dommen, and the CLOUD collaboration
Long-term declining trend in new particle formation observed at San Pietro Capofiume, Italy
T. Nieminen, J. Joutsensaari, A. Laaksonen, A. Virtanen, S. Decesari, L. Tarozzi, and M.C. Facchini
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Optical Properties of Atmospheric Aerosols
Light absorption characteristics of brown carbon in PM2.5 at an urban site during KORUS-AQ campaign
G.-H. Yu, J.-M. Yu, and S. Park
Black carbon vertical profiles measured by a micro-aethalometer in North China Plain
L. Ran, Z.Z. Deng, X.B. Xu, P. Yan, W.L. Lin, Y. Wang, P. Tian, P.C. Wang, W.L. Pan, and D.R. Lu
Study on Polarization Characterization for Aerosol Morphology
S. Chen, N. Zeng, Y. Chen, and H. Ma
Approximated expression of the mass extinction efficiency as a function of particle size for polydispersed accumulation mode aerosols
C.H. Jung, J. Um, J. Lee, and Y.P. Kim
Aerosol optical properties and carbon isotope analysis during Gosan Pollution Experiment (GoPoEx) 2014
S.-W. Kim, C. Cho, P. Sheridan, Ö. Gustafsson, A. Andersson, W. Fang, R. J. Park, and M. Lee
Estimating contribution of brown carbon from multi-wavelength absorption measurements during summer and winter at an urban site
J.-M. Yu, Y. Zhang, and S.S. Park
Measurements of aerosol optical properties at a suburban site in Belgium
V. De Bock, A. Mangold, A. Delcloo, C. Hermans, and H. De Backer
Long term studies of aerosol optical properties and scavenging into clouds: Puijo semi-urban site
A. Ruuskanen, S. Romakkaniemi, A. Arola, A. Virtanen, K. E. J. Lehtinen, M. Komppula, and A. Leskinenr
Morphology and Optical Properties of Nascent and Mature Soot
G.A. Kelesidis and S.E. Pratsinis
Optical properties and PM concentration in air masses arriving at a high altitudelocation in the Mediterranean coast
R. Castaner, J.F. Nicolás, M. Pandolfi, M. Ealo, S. Caballero, N. Galindo, J. Gil-Moltó, C. Pastor, M. Varea, E. Yubero, A. Alastuey, and J. Crespo
The first multi-year observation-based study of aerosol direct radiative forcing, its sensitivities and uncertainties in the southeast US
J.P. Sherman, N. Hall, and C. Holt
11-years continuous monitoring of the in-situ aerosol optical properties at El Arenosillo Observatory: emphasis on an extreme Saharan dust event in February 2016
M. Sorribas, E. Andrews, J.A. Adame, A. del Águila, M. Yela, P. Sheridan, and J.A. Ogren
Attenuation of solar radiation by aerosols near Ouarzazate solar farm
A. Ben-Tayeb, M. Diouro, and I. Marsli
Optical properties of aerosols observed in desert area
A. Tahiri and M. Diouri
Cirrus clouds observations at the Atmospheric Observatory ‘El Arenosillo’ (SW Iberian Peninsula) and their effects on the surface solar radiation
A. del Águila, L. Gómez, J.M. Vilaplana, J.A. Adame, M. Sorribas, and C. Córdoba-Jabonero
Aerosol microphysical properties at different relative BC content in Beijing region
M.A. Sviridenkov, A.S. Emilenko, V.M. Kopeikin, and W. Gengchen
UV-Vis Absorption Properties of Water Soluble HULIS in Ambient Aerosols: A study for IGP
V. Kumar and A. Goel
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Properties and Dynamics of Atmospheric Aerosols I
Multistep phase transition in single optically-trapped aqueous aerosol particles
K. Esat, G. David, T. Poulkas, M. Shein, and R. Signorell
Seasonal variations of mass size distribution of carbon in atmospheric HULIS and WSOC for an urban background environment of Ljubljana, Slovenia
S. Frka, I. Grgiæ, J. Tur¹iè, M.I. Gini, and K. Eleftheriadis
Black Carbon and particle number concentrations from a large and uncontrolled combustion of a tire landfill
F. J. Gómez-Moreno, B. Artínano, E. Díaz, E. Alonso-Blanco, E. Coz, M. Becerril-Valle, and B. L. van Drooge
One year of on-line chemistry measurements of the non-refractory submicron aerosol at the Puy de Dome with an emphasis on air mass transport, free troposphere / boundary layer conditions, and organic aerosol sources
A. Farah, E. Freney, J. Nicolas, M. Abboud, W. Farah, and K. Sellegri
Light extinction estimates using the IMPROVE algorithm: The relevance of site-specific coefficients
S. Valentini, V. Bernardoni, D. Massabo, P. Prati, G. Valli, and R. Vecchi
Combined Measurements of the Physicochemical, Optical and Dynamic Properties of Single Secondary Organic Aerosol (SOA) Particles
J. P. Reid, G. Rovelli, Y. C. Song, K.L. Pereira, J.F. Hamilton, and D.O. Topping
Characterising Semivolatile Evaporation and Condensation to Understand the Partitioning of Secondary Organic Matter
S. Ingram, Y. Chul-Song, D.R. Glowacki, D.O. Topping, and J.P. Reid
Long-term observations of aerosol and cloud condensation nuclei concentrations in the Amazon rain forest and at a continental site with urban and rural influences
O. Lauer, M.L. Pöhlker, C. Pöhlker, F. Ditas, T. Klimach, I. Hrabe de Angelis, A. Araújo, H.G. Bingemer, J. Brito, S. Carbone, Y. Cheng, R. Ditz, S.S. Gunthe, J. Kesselmeier, T. Könemann, J.V. Lavriè, S.T. Martin, E. Mikhailov, D. Moran-Zuloaga, D. Rose, J. Saturno, C. Schulz, H. Su, D. Walter, J. Wang, S. Wolff, H.M.J. Barbosa, P. Artaxo, Jo. Curtius, M.O. Andreae, and U. Pöschl
Hygroscopic properties of different aerosol types at a suburban site (Madrid) in the Iberian Peninsula
E. Alonso-Blanco, F.J. Gómez-Moreno, M. Becerril-Valle, E. Coz, E. Díaz, and B. Artínano
Characterization of secondary aerosols by cryo-TSEM-EDS: methodological development
S. Guilbaud, K. Deboudt, P. Flament, and M. Fourmentin
Atmospheric aerosol and CCN properties in Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica
A. Mangold, Q. Laffineur, H. De Backer, V. De Bock, A. Delcloo, C. Hermans, C. Gielen, P. Herenz, and H. Wex


Mass closure for particle size distribution measurements
H. Flentje and B. Briel
Probing structure and chemical properties of freestanding clusters with synchrotron radiation
N.L. Prisle, J. Malila, K. Jänkälä, M. Patanen, and M. Huttula
Measured saturation vapour pressures of phenolic and nitro-aromatic compounds
T.J. Bannan, M. Booth, B.T. Jones, S. O’Meara, M.H. Barley, I. Riipinen, C.J. Percival, and D. Topping
Relationship between Reactive Oxygen Species and Benzene Carboxylic Acids in the Coastal area during KORUS-AQ campaign
M.S. Bae, Z.H. Shon, T.H. Lee, J.H. Jeong, and J.J. Schauer
Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation from MD Simulations
M. Lbadapoui-Darvas and S. Takahama
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Secondary Organic Aerosol
Regional SOA modeling under consideration of HOMs
K. Gatzsche, Y. Iinuma, A. Tilgner, T. Berndt, L. Poulain, and R. Wolke
Characterization of Biogenic Secondary Organic Aerosols in Malaysia Affected by Indonesian Peatland Fires
Y. Fujii, S. Tohno, and M. Mahmud
Comparison of different methodologies used for the estimation of secondary organic carbon (SOC)
D. Srivastava, O. Favez, N. Bonnaire, E. Perraudin, V. Gros, J.-L. Jaffrezo, E. Villenave, and A. Albinet
Influence of NH3 on Secondary Organic Aerosols from the Ozonolysis and Photooxidation of a-Pinene in a Flow Reactor
Z.B. Babar, J.-H. Park, I.-J. Hwang, and H.-J. Lim
Secondary aerosol formation from shipping emissions
P. Simonen, E. Saukko, L. Ntziachristos, K. Lehtoranta, H. Timonen, F. Mylläri, T. Rönkkö, P. Karjalainen, J. Keskinen, and M. Dal Maso
Using factor analysis methods in the analysis of PTR-MS data from herbivore induced plant volatile measurements
S. Mikkonen, S. Isokääntä, E. Kari, A. Buchholz, L.Q. Hao, A. Virtanen, and C.L Faiola
Molecular Characterization of Biogenic SOA using online Extractive Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry: On the fate of condensed phase ELVOC
F. D. Lopez-Hilfiker, V. Pospisilova, M. Xiao, J. Dommen, A. Prevot, U. Baltensperger, and J. G. Slowik
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Source apportionment studies II
Source apportionment of PM2.5 observed at Daebu Island, Korea using air quality receptor models
S.H. Kim, T.Y. Kim, D.G. Park, S.M. Yi, and J.B. Heo
Chemical composition and source apportionment of PM2.5 in Pohang, Korea
M.K Kim
Source Apportionment of PM2.5 Mass and Optical Attenuation Over an Ecologically Sensitive Zone in Central India by Positive Matrix Factorization

J. Nirmalkar, R. Sunder Raman, and S. Kumar

Identification of main PM2.5 sources at a suburban site in Douai, Northern France
R. Roig, E. Perdrix, A. Chakraborty, L.Y. Alleman, B. Malet, B. Herbin, E. Tison, and V. Riffault
PM10 characterization and source apportionment in Mt. Aitana
E. Yubero, N. Galindo, J.F. Nicolás, M. Varea, J. Gil-Molto, R. Castaner, S. Caballero, C. Pastor, and J. Crespo
Aerosol chemical composition and spatial distribution in industrial areas using mobile aerosol mass spectrometry
M. Maasikmets, M. Elser, C. Bozzetti, H. Keernik, E.Teinemaa, I. El-Haddad, R. Richter, J.G. Slowik, U. Baltensperger, and A.S.H. Prévôt
Source apportionment analysis of rural background AMS data
O. Make¹, P. Vodièka, J. Schwarz, and V. ®dímal
Source apportionment of trace metals in a respirable size fraction of PM10, at an urban site of a South Asian Mega City
I. Shahid, M.U. Alvi, K. Alam, M.Z. Shahid, and F. Chishtie
Comprehensive source apportionment of long-term ACSM data
F. Canonaco, A. Tobler, K. Dällenbach, C. Bozzetti, J. G. Slowik, I. El Haddad, U. Baltensperger, and A.S.H. Prévôt
Air quality in a street canyon: particles and traffic composition
M. Almeida-Silva, P. Baptista, N. Canha, T. Faria, J. Lage, A.V. Faria, G. Duarte, C. Alves, and S.M. Almeida
Predicting indoor PM10 using artificial neural network at subway station, Seoul, Korea
S. Park, M. Kim, H.-G. Namgung, S.-J. Bae, and S.-B. Kwon
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Special Session #5: Electrohydrodynamic Atomization (EHDA) Technologies: from Fundamentals to Application
Effect of EHDA in the Simple-jet mode with whipping break-up on the Evaporation ratio in Thermal Desalination system
L.K. Kiriinya, N.Nyambane, M.J. Gatari, L.L.F. Agostinho, and J.C.M. Marijnissen
Nanoparticle synthesis using an Electrohydrodynamic Atomizer integrated Flame Spray Pyrolysis system
V.A. Ganesan, M. Gensch, and A.P. Weber
Modeling the effect of lateral forces in the trajectories of droplets electrosprayed in the simple-jet mode
O.M. Ondimu, V. A. Ganesan, M. J. Gatari, J.C.M. Marijnissen, and L.L.M. Agostinho
Long-term testing of catalytic layers deposited by electrospray for PEM fuel cell electrodes
S. Martin, J.L. Castillo, and P.L. Garcia-Ybarra
Experimental Investigation of the Liquid-to-Gas-Phase-Transfer of Macro-Ions
C. Lübbert and W. Peukert
Ion specific Effects in Electrospraying measured in an Electrochemistry free Setup
C. Lübbert and W. Peukert
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