Poster Session Part I

Aerosol /Cloud/Climate Interaction
Aerosol Transport and Transformation
Electrical Measurement Techniques, Including Electrical Mobility Analysis
Instrumentation for Ambient Aerosols

New Particle Formation I

Numerical and Experimental Methods in Particle-Lung Interaction
Optical Measurement Techniques
Stationary Sources and Industrial Combustion Aerosol
Source Apportionment Studies I
Toxicological Characterization of Ambient and Engineered Particles
Urban Aerosols
Special Session #4: Targeted Generation and Delivery of Aerosolized Medicines
Special session #6: Emissions from Aircraft and Ships



Monday 28 August 2017 13:45 - 15:30
Poster Area
Poster Session Part I

Aerosol /Cloud/Climate Interaction
Self-match sampling of Geophysica exhaust in ice saturated conditions: jet fuel combustion aerosol and the microphysics of emission induced, freshly formed ice particles
R. Weigel, C. Mahnke, M. Port, M. Krämer, C. Rolf, A. Afchine, J.-U. Grooss, and S. Borrmann
Ice Nucleating Particles in the Yucatan Peninsula: Concentration, Composition, and Variability
L.A. Ladino, G.B. Raga, H. Alvarez, M. Andino, I. Rosas, L. Martinez, B. Figueroa, A. Garcia, C. Chou, and A. Bertram
The effect of aerosol on cloud properties and precipitation in KIAPS integrated model with simplified chemistry module
S. Y. Bae, J.-Y. Kang, and R. Park
The Lille Ice Nucleation Chamber (LINC). Reproducing in laboratory conditions the heterogeneous nucleation of ice on aircraft soot
J. Wu, A. Faccinetto, S. Batut, D. Petitprez, and P. Desgroux
Formation of methane under aerobic conditions
A.C Saydam and A.H.A. Ghandi
Observational evidence for aerosols increasing upper tropospheric humidity
L. Riuttanen, M. Bister, V.-M. Kerminen, V. O. John, A.-M. Sundström, M. Dal Maso, J. Räisänen, V. A. Sinclair, R. Makkonen, F. Xausa, G. de Leeuw, and M. Kulmala
Pre-activation of aerosol particles by ice preserved in pores
C. Marcolli
The effect of aerosol-cloud interactions on shallow marine clouds
T. Raatikainen, J. Ahola, J. Tonttila, S. Romakkaniemi, A. Laaksonen, and H. Korhonen
Microphysical cloud properties in sub-arctic environment during three Cloud Pallas Experiments
K.M. Doulgeris and D. Brus
Aerosol PSD and occurrence frequencies of clouds for temperate areas
I. Marsli, M. Diouri, H. Steli, and A. Ben-Tayeb
Pollen Cytoplasmic Granules Induce Heterogeneous Nucleation of Water Droplets at Low Supersaturation
S. Grimonprez, N. Visez, M. Choël, and D. Petitprez
Sampling Arctic Clouds with a New Automated Ground-based Cloud Sampling System
R. Krejci, P. Zieger, J. Ström, H.C. Hansson, P. Tunved, C. Ritter, R. Neuber, Y.J. Yoon, M. Ramstrom, and F.J. Brechtel
Occurrence frequencies of clouds and aerosol PSD in the equatorial area
H. Steli, M. Diouri, I. Marsli, and A. El khabbouti
Results of laboratory studies of immersion mode heterogeneous ice nucleation by kaolin and quartz aerosols
V.V. Chukin, A.F. Sadykova, and V.N. Nikulin
Role of Cloud Parameterization Scheme on Pollutants Concentration over Indian Domain
N. Srivastava and N. Blond
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Aerosol Transport and Transformation
Multivariate Analysis of Upwind SO2 Emission Influences on Air Pollution in Rochester, NY
F. Emami, M. Masiol, and P.K. Hopke
Long-term trends and spatio-temporal changes in atmospheric aerosols at Zugspitze
J. Sun, M. Herrmann, L. Ries, W. Birmili, and A. Wiedensohler
Aerosol particle dry deposition velocities above environmental substrates according to the diameter and the micrometeorological parameters : for the first time the "V" curve between 1.5 nm and 1 µm
G. Pellerin, D. Maro, E. Gehin, D.Boulaud, P. Laguionie, D. Hébert, O. Connan, and L. Solier
Comprehensive analysis of HYSPLIT model sensitivity to different meteorological input data
M. Reizer, J.A.G. Orza, and K. Juda-Rezler
Changes of 7Be concentrations in air observed during dust episodes, 2009-2015
J. Kusmierczyk-Michulec
Long-term monitoring of atmospheric radioactive aerosols in Prague, Czech Republic
M. Hýľa, P. Rulík, H. Malá, V.Bečková, Z. Hölgye, and E. Schlesingerová
Rapid nitrate-induced atmospheric ageing of diesel soot in wintertime urban plumes
A.C. Eriksson, C. Wittbom, P. Roldin, M. Sporre, E. Öström, P. Nilsson, J. Martinsson, J. Rissler, E.Z. Nordin, B. Svenningsson, J. H. Pagels, and E. Swietlicki
Tracking and tracing of aerosols using encapsulated DNA nanoparticles
R.N. Grass, J. Koch, C. Mora, and W.J. Stark
Size resolved aerosols by the different regional influences in the West coastal Korea during KORUS-AQ campaign
M.S. Bae, Z.H. Shon, S.H. Oh, T.H. Lee, S.S. Park, and G.T. Park
DChanges in sub-micron number size distributions at Czech rural and urban background stations in the last ten years
N. Zíková, J. Ondráček, Z. Wagner, and V. ®dímal
Seasonal variation of organic compounds in PM2.5 measured at Anmyeon Island, a background site in South Korea and major factors affecting their levels
J.S. Lee, E.S. Kim, Y.P. Kim, C.H. Jung, J.Y. Lee
Potential impacts of electric vehicles on air quality in Taiwan
N. Li, J.-P. Chen, and I.-C. Tsai
Atmospheric evolution of primary and secondary organic aerosols: an explicit modeling of organic compound sources and sinks
M. Camredon, G. Siour, R. Valorso, V. Lannuque, and B. Aumont
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Electrical Measurement Techniques, Including Electrical Mobility Analysis
Development and Characterization of a 3D Printed Precipitator for Aerosol Nanoparticle Segregation
A.A. Floutsi, S. Bezantakos, N. Surawski, and G. Biskos
Approaching the resolving power of SEADM´s DMA P5 to its theoretical limit
M. Amo-Gonzalez and J. Fernandez de la Mora
Measurement of Atmospheric Charged Particle during a Lightning Event by AEMSAp
H.-K. Lee and K.-H. Ahn
Expanded size range of high-resolution nanoDMAs by improving the sample flow injection at the aerosol inlet slit
J. Fernandez de la Mora
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Instrumentation for Ambient Aerosols
Quantification of Black Carbon on filters of different Station types in Austria via transmissiometer measurements
M. Greilinger, L. Drinovec, G. Močnik, G. Schauer, and A. Kasper-Giebl
Evaluation of semi-continuous OCEC analyzer performance with the EUSAAR2 protocol
A. Karanasiou, P. Panteliadis, M.C. Minguillón, M. Pandolfi, N. Perez, G. Titos, and A. Alastuey
Field comparison of instruments for measurement of air pollutants
F. Borghi, A. Spinazze, G. Fanti, L. Del Buono, D. Campagnolo, S. Rovelli, A. Cattaneo, and D.M. Cavallo
A miniature particle counter (LOAC) under meteorological balloons for the study of the temporal and spatial variability of stratospheric aerosols
D.Vignelles, J.-B.Renard, G.Berthet, F.Dulac, F. Jégou, L. Rieger, A. Bourassa, J.-P. Vernier, G. Taha, S. Khaykin, T. Lurton, B. Couté, and V. Duverger
Performance evaluation of the sizing capabilities of a new diffusion charging based particle sensor
L. Salo, J. Gao, S. Saari, E. Saukko, K. Janka, T. Rönkkö, and J. Keskinen
Development of Carbonaceous Particulate Matter Analyser
Y.D. Kim, J.H. Kang, M.E. Kim, J.Y. Lee, J.S. Jung, and S. Lee
Real-time measurement of PM2.5 size distribution using a Lab-made 11-stage Electrical Low Pressure Impactor
J. Han, J. Seo, J. Hyun, and J. Hwang
How to measure volatile substances in various size classes of UFP
H. Plachá, M. Bitter, P. Goll, and J. Kufel
Setup of an interface for operation of IAGOS (In-service Aircraft Global Observing System) CORE instruments onboard the IAGOS CARIBIC platform
U. Bundke, M. Berg, H. Franke, A. Zahn, H.Boenisch, J. Perim de Faria, F. Berkes, and A. Petzold
Identification and quantification of ambient cigarette-related aerosol using online aerosol mass spectrometry
C. Struckmeier, P. Faber, F. Fachinger, F. Drewnick, and S. Borrmann
Determining the connection between hygroscopicity and semi-volatile composition
J. Alroe, Z. Ristovski, B. Miljevic, L. Cravigan, and G. Johnson
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New Particle Formation I
Catalytic reaction of reproducible oxide-free copper nanoparticles with gaseous oxides
H. Tanaka, M. Miyagawa, and J. Hirokawa
One-year air ion observation at Dome C, Antarctica
X. Chen, A. Virkkula, V.-M. Kerminen, H.E. Manninen, M. Busetto, C. Lanconelli, A. Lupi, V. Vitale, M. Del Guasta, R. Väänänen, E.-M. Duplissy, and M. Kulmala
Features of new particle formation in Central European background air
Á. Molnár, K. Imre, and P. Aalto
New particle formation studied by PSM at rural background site Koąetice
A. Holubová ©mejkalová, N. Zíková, and V. ®dímal
Automated method for identifying NPF types using characteristic nucleation-mode particles and air ions
L. Dada, R. Chellapermal, S. Buenrostro Mazon, J. Sulo, H. Junninen, V.M. Kerminen P. Paasonen, and M. Kulmala
Ultrafine particle events during anticyclonic and advection conditions in Madrid
N. Perez, A. Alastuey, C. Reche, M. Ealo, G. Titos, A. Ripoll, M.C. Minguillon, F. J. Gómez-Moreno, E. Alonso-Blanco, E. Coz, E. Diaz, B. Artinano, Saúl García dos Santos, R. Fernández-Patier, A. Saiz-Lopez, F. Serranía, M. Anguas-Ballesteros, B. Temime-Roussel, N. Marchand, D.C.S. Beddows, R.M. Harrison, and X. Querol
The effect of NO on the formation of condensable vapours in the oxidation of ?-pinene/p
O. Peräkylä, O. Garmash, M. Riva, L. Heikkinen, L. Quéléver, M. Äijälä, L. Fischer, E. Canaval, A. Hansel, T. Petäjä, and M. Ehn
Anthropogenic nanoparticle formation in the Vienna industrial region
S. Brilke, A. Kropf, and P.M. Winkler
Secondary aerosol formation in a traffic influenced coastal desert environment
B.Alfoldy and M. Kotob
A Monte Carlo approach to nucleation
C. Köhn, M.B. Enghoff, and H. Svensmark
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Numerical and Experimental Methods in Particle-Lung Interaction
Nitro-monoaromatic compounds in urban aerosols of central and southeastern Europe: mass size distribution and solubility in simulated lung fluids
Z. Kitanovski, G. Lammel, R. Prokeą, C. Samara, P. Shahpoury, and A. Voliotis
Aerosol trapping, optimization and characterization for comparative in-vitro assessment of combustible and heat-non burn platforms
D. Goedertier, I. Gonzalez Suarez, G. Vuillaume, J. Hoeng, and M.C. Peitsch
Aerosol-made E-nose for selective formaldehyde detection in breath screening of lung cancer and air quality monitoring
A.T. Guentner, V. Koren, K. Chikkadi, M. Righettoni, and S.E. Pratsinis
Rapid disease screening and monitoring from exhaled breath with portable sensor arrays
N.J Pineau, A.T. Güntner, and S.E. Pratsinis
Investigation of Electrostatic Behaviour of Dry Powder Inhaled Formulations
M. Jetzer and B. Morrical
In vitro dosimetry and bioimaging with aerosol-made YVO4:Eu3+,Bi3+ nanophosphors
A. Spyrogianni, P.G. Tiefenboeck, F. Krumeich, J.-C. Leroux, S.E. Pratsinis, G.A. Sotiriou
Development of eye exposure characteristic chamber for the identification of environmental disease caused by fine particles
S.Yoon, S. Han, K.-J. Jeon, and S. Kwon
Estimation of pulmonary toxicity of nanomaterials following subacute inhalation
Y. Morimoto, H. Izumi, Y. Yoshiura, Y. Fujisawa, T. Tomonaga, T. Oyabu, T. Okada, T. Myojo, M. Shimada, and M. Kubo
Development of eye exposure characteristic chamber for the identification of environmental disease caused by fine particles
S. Han, J.-S. Yi, J.-S. Youn, H.-S. Lee, J. Seo, and K.-J. Jeon
Lung deposition model of airborne multi-walled carbon nanotubes for inhalation exposure assessment
Y.K. Bahk, P. Sachinidou, E. Gitsis, and J. Wang
Method for processing cascade impactor data to estimate activity of radioactive aerosol particles deposited in different regions of human respiratory tract
A.E. Karev, A.G. Tsovyanov, and S.M. Shinkarev
Pulmonary effects of silver nanowires with different length in instillation study
T. Oyabu, Y. Morimoto, Y. Yoshiura, and T. Myojo
Particle deposition efficiency in respiratory tract cast models
D.J. Hsu, H.Y. Lin, and Y.M. Sun
Aerosol emission and human health effects from cleaning spray use studied in an exposure chamber
K. Lovén, C. Isaxon, J. Nielsen, E. Assarsson, P. Tallving, and A. Gudmundsson
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Optical Measurement Techniques
Enhanced particle size analysis using polarization scattering method
Q. Xie, N. Zeng, S. Chen, and H. Ma
Mapping Aerosol Concentrations in the Port of Newcastle with a scanning lidar
Y. Zheng, J. Fisher, and H. Bridgman
Measurements of vapour pressure using the Union College Electrodynamic Balance
P. Kotowitz, U.K. Krieger, U. Weers, A.T. Novak, C. Porat, and A.J. Huisman
A sensor for reliable in-situ detection of volcanic ash in the presence of cloud particles
E. Weingartner, Z. Jurányi, D. Egli, B. Neininger, and H. Burtscher
Revival of an old method with new techniques: In-situ measurement of aerosol light absorption using photothermal interferometry
B. Visser, A. Meier, S. Sjogren, D. Egli, P. Steigmeier, H. Burtscher and E. Weingartner
Study of the wavelength dependence of the optical depth for estimation the aerosol contamination of the atmosphere
A. Nagy, A. Czitrovszky, A. Kerekes, Sz. Kugler
Measurement of physical and optical properties of aerosol particles in urban environment
A. Nagy, A. Czitrovszky, A. Kerekes, and W.W. Szymanski
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Stationary Sources and Industrial Combustion Aerosol
Characterization of oil shale combustion emissions by SP-AMS and CI-APi-TOF-MS
M. Aurela, F. Mylläri, M. Bloss, P. Simonen, A. Konist, D. Neshumayev, M. Maasikmets, L. Salo, S. Saarikoski, H. Timonen, M. Sipilä, M. Dal Maso, J. Keskinen, and T. Rönkkö
Particle sampling under extreme conditions: An analysis of the corrosion-relevant aerosol in boilers of waste incineration plants
S. Schumacher, J. Lindermann, B. Stahlmecke, D. Jarzyna, A. Khot, T. van der Zwaag, H. Nordsieck, J. Harpeng, R. Warnecke, and C. Asbach
Characterization of nanoparticles and polymer nanocomposites in flames for subsequent studies on health effects
N. Teuscher, W. Baumann, M. Hauser, S. Mülhopt, M. Hufnagel, A. Hartwig, M. Garcia-Käufer, R. Gminski, M. Berger, T. Krebs, H.-R. Paur, and D. Stapf
Numerical simulation of cyclone separator comparison between CFD-DEM and DDPM
I. Hwang, S. Kim, J. Lee D. Kim, and J. Hwang
Particle characteristics from wood pellet-coal-mixture combustion in a large combined heat and power plant
F. Mylläri, L. Pirjola, H. Lihavainen, E. Asmi, E. Saukko, V. Vakkari, E. O’Connor, J. Rautiainen, A. Häyrinen, V. Niemelä, J. Maunula, R. Hillamo, J. Keskinen, and T. Rönkkö
Novel electrical charging condensing heat exchanger for particle emission reduction in small boilers
O. Sippula, J. Grigonyte, H. Suhonen, A. Laitinen, M. Kortelainen, J. Tissari, P. Tiitta, A. Lähde, J. Keskinen, and J. Jokiniemi
Determination of indoor pollutants from coal combustion in a controlled setting
M.L.M. Barabad, M.E. Versoza, W.S. Junf, and D.S. Park
Influence of wood quality on reduction of particle emissions from biomass combustion boiler
A.Bologa, W.Aich, M.Ecker, U.Frei, K.Woletz, H.-P.Rheinheimer, and H.-R.Paur
Emission reducion of PCDD/Fs from a diesel generator fueled with water-containing butanol and waste cooking oil-based biodiesel blends
J.-H. Tsai, S.-J. Chen, K.-L. Huang, G.-P. Chang-Chien, W.-Y. Lin, B.-C. Jheng, and Y.-C. Hsieh
Emissions of PAHs and particulate metals from a diesel engine generator fueled with blends of waste cooking oil-based biodiesel and fossil diesel
J.-H. Tsai, S.-J. Chen, K.-L. Huang, C.-C. Lin, W.-Y. Lin, H.-T. Huang, and J.-T. Lee
On-line, size-resolved elemental analysis of ZnO nanoparticles during wood combustion processes
D. Foppiano, M. Tarik , E. Müller, and C. Ludwig
Trace metal and PAH enrichment within the penetration window of an ESP
I. Ibarra, I. Gomez, J. Gonzalez, D. Sanz, E. Rojas, J. J. Rodríguez-Maroto, R. Ramos, E. Borjabad, R. Escalada, I. Celades, S. Gomar, V. Sanfelix, and C. Gutierrez-Canas
Atmospheric Hg-g and Hg-p concentrations in the surroundings of a clinker plant
A. Carratalá, F.A. Santos, E. Yubero, and M. Santacatalina
On-Field Measurement of PM2.5 and Carbonaceous Aerosol Emissions from Biomass Fuel Combustion in Traditional Indian Cookstoves
G. Habib, A. Padhi, and I. Husain
Emissions from wood and catalytic tar removal combustion in household stoves
H-L. Kupri, M. Maasikmets, R. Rebane, K. Vainumäe, R. Titova, E. Teinemaa, and V. Voronova
V2O5 / TiO2 catalysts for VOC removal analysis
J.-T. Lee and H.-C. Chen
Very low emissions of airborne particulate pollutants measured from two municipal solid waste incineration plants in Switzerland
A. Setyan, M. Patrick, and J. Wang
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Source apportionment studies I
Source apportionment of water-soluble organic aerosols measured at an urban site
G.-H. Yu and S. Park
Estimation of source apportionment for semi-continuous PM2.5 data using the EPA-PMF at various air pollution monitoring Supersites in Korea
I. Hwang, T.-J. Lee, H.-J. Lim, and S.-M. Yi
Seasonal aerosol characteristics and sources at a rural site south in Beijing, China
Y. Hua, S. Wang, J. Jiang, F. Canonaco, A.S.H. Prévôt, W. Zhou, Q. Xu, X. Li, and B. Liu
Organic Aerosol in Urban Air of China: Chemical Composition, Sources and Atmospheric Processes
R.-J. Huang, Y.C. Wang, Y. He, R. Fröhliche, F. Canonaco, M. Elser, K.R. Daellenbach, I. El Haddad, J. Slowik, M.R. Canagaratna, D.R. Worsnop, A.S.H. Prévôt, and J.J. Cao
DeLong-term measurements of the chemistry and sources of submicron aerosols at SIRTA in Paris area, France
Y. Zhang, O. Favez, A. Albinet, F. Canonaco, F. Truong, T. Amodeo, A. Prevot, J. Sciare, and V. Gros
Stable carbon isotope composition, sources and chemical processing of aerosol particles
A. Masalaite, R. Holzinger, A. Garbaras, V. Remeikis, T. Röckmann, and U. Dusek
Source apportionment of the organic fraction in the forest area
S. Byčenkiene, L. Krikąčikas, G. Mordas, V. Dudoitis, and V. Ulevicius
Source apportionment of atmospheric particulate matter (PM10) using a constrained US-EPA-PMF5.0 model on different urban environments in France
D. Salameh, O. Favez, B. Golly, J.L. Besombes, L. Alleman, A. Albinet, and J.L. Jaffrezo
Composition, sources and long range contribution for PM2.5 in Po valley urban background
A. Bigi, A. Piazzalunga, L. Pontoni, G. Calzolai, M. Giannoni, F. Pirozzi, G. Ghermandi, and S. Teggi
PM10 chemical composition and sources in the Central Mediterranean
G. Calzolai, S. Becagli, S. Nava, F. Lucarelli, M. Chiari, M. Giannoni, R. Traversi, M. Severi, M. Marconi, R. Udisti, A. di Sarra, G. Pace, D. Meloni, C. Bommarito, F. Monteleone, F. Anello, and D. Sferlazzo
Source apportionment of Arctic aerosol collected at Ny Alesund – Svalbard Islands: Results from the 2015 campaign
G. Calzolai, S. Nava, M. Chiari, F. Lucarelli, M. Giannoni, S. Becagli, R. Traversi, L. Caiazzo, F. Giardi, M. Severi, M. Mazzola, and R. Udisti
Review on Source Apportionment of Fine Aerosol using Carbonaceous Constituents and Organic Molecular Markers: Case studies from India and South East Asia
L. Gupta, G. Habib, and R.S. Raman
Quantifying the sources of air pollution in the Danube macro-region to support the development of abatement strategies
C.A. Belis, E. Pisoni, and P. Thunis
A new approach for classifying airborne particles: A case study on the quantification of PM10 from railway and road traffic in the Reuss valley (Canton of Uri, Switzerland)
J. Rausch, T. Zünd, D. Jaramillo Vogel, R. Locher, M. Meier, and K. Kammer
Source apportionment of ambient organic aerosol by online extractive electrospray ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (EESI-TOF)
G. Stefenelli, F. D. Lopez-Hilfiker, V. Pospisilova, A. Vogel, C. Hüglin, U. Baltensperger, A. S. H. Prévôt, and J. G. Slowik
Extensive full-year source apportionment data analysis of organic aerosols
A. Tobler, Y. Sosedova, F. Canonaco, R. Fröhlich, K. Dällenbach, A. Vlachou, A. Prévôt, and U. Baltensperger
Sources of PM10 at an urban air monitoring site in New South Wales, Australia
K. Larcombe, R. Jayaratne, and G. A. Ayoko
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Toxicological Characterization of Ambient and Engineered Particles
On-line measurements of particle-bound reactive oxygen species (ROS) in Beijing
S.S. Steimer, F.P.H. Wragg, and M. Kalberer
Ecotoxicological assessment of guaiacol and its nitrated derivates
A. Kroflič, M. Pflieger, M. Debeljak, and K. Vogel-Mikuą
In vitro dosimetric and cytotoxic assessment of a commercially available tobacco heating product (THP) versus a reference cigarette
J. Adamson, T. Jaunky, S. Santopietro, A. Terry, D. Thorne, D. Breheny, and M. Gaça
Particle mass monitoring by Quartz Crystal Microbalance using electrostatic deposition enhancement
S. Mülhopt, C. Schlager, T. Krebs, M. Berger, and H.-R. Paur
Efficiency, variability and control of aerosol sampling and deposition in the Vitrocell® 24/48 trumpet unit
A.K. Kuczaj and F. Lucci
A temperature and humidity controlled air-liquid interface for cell culture exposition based on high-efficiency electrostatic deposition
H. Wiegand, K. Fetsch, J. Meyer, and G. Kasper
Oxidative potential of water-soluble fractions of PM2.5 and PM10 in South-eastern Italy during advection of African dust
D. Chirizzi, D. Cesari, M.R. Guascito, A. Dinoi, L. Giotta, A. Donateo, and D. Contini
The oxidative potential of subway PM2.5
T. Moreno, F. Kelly, C. Dunster, A. Oliete, V. Martins, C. Reche, M.C. Minguillón, F. Amato, M. Capdevila, E. de Miguel, and X. Querol
Toxicity of wood smoke particles in human lung epithelial cells: the role of PAHs, soot and zinc
M. Dilger, J. Orasche, C. Schlager, S. Mülhopt, R. Zimmermann, H.-R. Paur, S. Diabaté, and C. Weiss
Investigation of Spatial and Temporal and Genotoxicity and Cytotoxicity of Atmospheric Particles Collected from Kutahya
G. Cakmak Demircigil, E. Emerce, P. Erturk, A. Ari, R. Schins, S. Burgaz, and E.O. Gaga
Nanoparticle stability and size as important factors in nano-TiO2 toxicity in macrophage-like cells
J. Sikorova, T. Brzicova, A. Milcova, K. Vrbova, J. Klema, P. Pikal, J. Topinka, and P. Rossner
Characterization of the air-liquid interface cell exposure (ALICE-CLOUD) system for in-vitro toxicological studies of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs)
Y.o Ding, P. Weindl, C. Wimmer, P. Mayer, T. Krebs, and O. Schmid
Generation of copper and copper oxide nanoparticles for exposure studies by MOCVD
P. Moravec, J. Schwarz, P. Vodička, J. Kupčík, and J. ©vehla
Comparison of four acellular methods for measuring the Oxidative Potential of PM collected in five French cities
A. Calas, G. Uzu, A. Oliete, C. Dunster, F.J. Kelly, J.M.F. Martins, S. Houdier, C. Begorre, S. Weber, and J.-L. Jaffrezo
Effect of inhaled PbO nanoparticles on mice organs after long-term exposition
P. Mikuąka, Z. Večeřa, M. Buchtová, J. Dumková, B. Putnová, B. Dočekal, L. Čapka , P. Coufalík, K. Křůmal, P. Fictum, and A. Hampl
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Urban Aerosols
Air pollution by nanoparticles in 5D diagrams
L. Hejkrlík, H. Plachá, and D. Richterová
Calibration of Shortwave Radiometers in Brussels with an AOD rejection channel
S. Nevens, A. Chevalier, C. Conscience, and J. Amand
Bias caused by water adsorption in hourly PM measurements
K. Imre, Á. Molnár, and G. Kiss
Oxidative potential of atmospheric aerosols collected at high air pollution site related to chemical composition: Krakow case study
K. Styszko, M. Kistler, L. Samek, K. Szramowiat, K. Kubisty, A. Korzeniewska, R. Rakoczy, and A. Kasper-Giebl
Estimation of airborne PM to total tire wear fraction under constant speed driving condition using a tire simulator
S.H. Lee,·K.B. Kim, and·Y.R. Kim
Daytime and nighttime concentrations of PM10 and water-soluble ions at a traffic site in the western Mediterranean
N. Galindo, E. Yubero, J.F. Nicolás, M. Varea, R. Castaner, S. Caballero, J. Gil-Moltó, C. Pastor, and J. Crespo
Metal concentrations in aerosols at a traffic site in Elche, southeastern Spain
N. Galindo, E. Yubero, J.F. Nicolás, M. Varea, R. Castaner, S. Caballero, J. Gil-Moltó, C. Pastor, and J. Crespo
PM10 and black carbon exposure during bicycle commuting: the effect of route selection
T. Siponen, P. Tiittanen, P. Taimisto, A. Pulkkinen, P. Aarnio, A. Kousa, T. Yli-Tuomi, J. Niemi, and T. Lanki
Spatial distribution of particulate matter and its temporal evolution in a complex hot spot with influence in an urban park
F. J. Gómez-Moreno, B. Artínano, E. Díaz Ramiro, M. Barreiro, S. Vardoulakis, C. Dimitroulopoulou, C. Yagüe, G. Maqueda, C. Román-Cascón, M. Sastre, and R. Borge
One year of aerosol size and black carbon measurements in Nanjing, China
A. Leskinen, A. Ruuskanen, D. Fang, K. Kuuspalo, P. Jalava, Q. Wang, C. Gu, J. Jokiniemi, M.-R. Hirvonen, K.E.J. Lehtinen, S. Romakkaniemi, and M. Komppula
Seasonal and spatial differences of size-segregated trace elements in Turkey
P. Ertürk Ari, A. Ari, and E.O. Gaga
Determination of Carbonaceous Aerosol Levels at two Different Stations in the Capital of Turkey, Ankara
P. Faramarzi, S.Y. Aslanoglu, F. Ozturk, A.C. Saydam, and G. Gullu
Variability of traffic generated urban aerosols (PM10) in city street canyon: Riga (Latvia) case study
I. Steinberga, A. Kanisceva, L. Sustere, J. Bikąe Jr., and J. Kleperis
Concentrations and gradients of traffic-derived metals in PM10 and PM2.5 near a major road
T. Yli-Tuomi, P. Taimisto, A. Pulkkinen, J.V. Niemi, A. Kousa, and T. Lanki
Study of Particulate Matter (PM) levels in Sao José dos Campos using a Generalized Linear Model (GLM)
D.C. Nogarotto and S.A. Pozza
PM Emissions by Electric Cars
H. Horvath
Summer-autumn air pollution in León (Spain): changes in the aerosol size distribution and effects on the respiratory tract
F. Oduber, A. Castro, A.I. Calvo, C. Blanco-Alegre, E. Alonso-Blanco, P. Belmonte, E. Coz, A.S.H. Prévôt, G. Močnik, and R. Fraile
Aerosol concentration during a thermal inversion followed by rain in northwestern Iberia
C. Blanco-Alegre, A. Castro, A.I. Calvo, E.Alonso-Blanco, F. Oduber, E. Coz, A.S.H. Prévôt, G. Močnik, and R. Fraile
Aerosol PSD and Optical Depth of Mega-agglomerations
R. Meziane and M. Diouri
Seasonal variation of urban coarse particles in Amman – Jordan
T. Hussein, H. Juwhari, and M. Qaisi
Measurements of the vertical distribution of the pollution in Paris (France) by the light aerosol counter LOAC on-board the tethered touristic balloon “OAG”
J.-B. Renard, K. Léger, Amélie Fritz, J. Giacomoni, B. Couté, V. Duverger, and M. Jeannot
Climate effects of urban aerosols
M. Zoran, R. Savastru, D. Savastru, and A. Dida
Highly Resolved Spatiotemporal Variability of Fine Particle Concentrations in an Urban Neighborhood
Y. Etzion and D.M. Broday
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Special Session #4: Targeted Generation and Delivery of Aerosolized Medicines
Large Eddy simulations of laryngeal air flow in three-dimensional patient-specific geometry models
S. Voß, G. Janiga, C. Arens, S. Voigt-Zimmermann, and D. Thévenin
Aerodynamic deposition of amikacin dry powder for inhalation
L. Maąková, J. Kozáková, F. Buttini, and V. ®dímal
Modeling of aerosolized drugs targeting in the lung – Parametric study in a PRB
M. Pilou, A. Skiadopoulos, P. Neofytou, and C. Housiadas
Regional targeting of aerosolized drugs in murine lungs
O. Schmid, R. Winkler-Heil, G. Eder, W. Möller, and W. Hofmann
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Special session #6: Emissions from Aircraft and Ships
Contamination induced by the use of PTFE lines in aeronautic soot sampling
I.K. Ortega, C. Irimiea, D. Delhaye, and C. Focsa
Chemical, physical and optical properties of ship plumes catching by MEGA-chamber
X. Pei, R.K. Pathak, A.C. Eriksson, K. Salo, and M. Hallquist
Ship plume aerosol characterization and contribution to inland air quality
S. Ausmeel, K. Kling, E. Ahlberg, M. Spanne, A. Eriksson, and A. Kristensson
Mass and size resolved optical properties of black carbon particles in aircraft engine exhaust
M. Elser, B.T. Brem, L. Durdina, and J. Wang
Correlations of nonvolatile PM mass and number emissions with smoke number determined for commercial aircraft jet engines
L. Durdina, B.T. Brem, and J. Wang
Aircraft-based single particle measurements in the Baltic Sea marine boundary layer
F. Köllner, J. Schneider, H. Bozem, P. Hoor, M. Zanatta, H. Schulz, A. Herber, U. Bundke, J. de Faria, A. Petzold, R. Brauner, and S. Borrmann
Effects of the fuel chemical composition on volatile organic compounds emitted by aircraft engines
A. Setyan, Y.-Y. Kuo, B.T. Brem, L. Durdina, A.C. Gerecke, N.V. Heeb, R. Haag, and J. Wang
Brown carbon in ship-engine exhaust: imaginary refractive index and mass absorption cross-section retrieval
J. C. Corbin, A. A. Mensah, M. Zanatta, S. Pieber, G. Jakobi, J. Orasche, J. G. Slowik, N. Kumar, I. El Haddad, F. Klein, B. Stengel, R. Zimmermann, A. S. H. Prévôt, U. Baltensperger, and M. Gysel
An effect of fuel on composition specific volatility of marine engine exhaust particles
M. Isotalo, N. Kuittinen, P. Karjalainen, P. Aakko-Saksa, P. Simonen, F. Mylläri, H. Wihersaari, J. Keskinen, T. Rönkkö, and H. Timonen
Impact of alternative fuels on the non-volatile particulate matter mass and number emissions of an in-production aero gas turbine
B.T. Brem, L. Durdina, M. Elser, A. Setyan, D. Schönenberger, S. Wyss, K Zeyer, F. Siegerist, M. Munoz, R. Haag, D. Rentsch, J. Mohn, N.V. Heeb, and J. Wang
On-Board Measurements of Particle and Gaseous Emissions from a Large Cargo Vessel at different operating conditions
T. Chu Van, Z.D. Ristovski, and R. Brown
Black carbon from shipping over the Baltic Sea
M. Zanatta, H. Schulz, F. Köllner, J. Schneider, H. Bozem, P. Hoor, U. Bundke, J. de Faria, A. Petzold, R. Brauner and S. Borrmann, and A. Herber
A Study on the Geometry of Pre-treatment divice for Removal of Particulate Matter
B.H. Park, J.Y. Lee, H.G. Kim, and J.S. Choi
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