Special sessions:

During the EAC 2017 the following special sessions will be organised. If you wish to give a contribution to one of these special sessions, please follow the same instructions as for the other abstracts (see the button "Submitting Abstracts"). In the abstract classification form tick the box for the selected special session.

The deadline for submitting abstracts has passed, but if you submit your abstract before
28 February 2017
it can be included into the on-going review process for the EAC 2017 programme.





Special session #1

Education, Careers, and Outreach in Aerosol Science

For more information
please contact:
Antti Lauri (chair)
Julia Schmale



Welcome to submit abstracts to the special session "Education, careers, and outreach in aerosol science"!
This session will cover cross-thematic topics related to education and education development in aerosol science and related fields, training of transferable skills, career studies of aerosol science graduates, and scientific outreach in the field of aerosol science. Contributions regarding the need of and experience in science-policy interactions in the field of aerosol science are highly welcome.





Special session #2

Aerosols in Earth System Models

For more information
please contact:
Annica Ekman (chair)
Risto Makkonen
Ulas Im



Earth System models (ESMs) are global climate models, explicitly representing biogeochemical processes that interact with the physical climate, altering the climate response to a forcing from e.g. natural and anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases and aerosols. Aerosols reflect and absorb incoming solar radiation (direct effects) and alter cloud properties (indirect effects), ultimately affecting the Earths radiative balance and climate. Therefore they are key players in chemistry-climate interactions and feedbacks. ESMs provide valuable insight not only into natural climate variability and change, but also into the role of human activities and possible future climate mitigation actions. This session welcomes abstracts on any topic related to aerosol particles and Earth System Models, including model development and evaluation, model intercomparison studies and model studies of aerosol direct and indirect effects.





Special session #3

Electronic Cigarettes - Scientific Evidence

For more information
please contact:
Arkadiusz Kuczaj (chair)
Caner Yurteri
Giorgio Buonanno
Werner Hofmann
John McAughey



This session addresses topics at the interface of electronic cigarettes functioning, chemical and physical aerosol characterization, and related measurements of exposure and health effects. Aerosols produced by electronic cigarettes are commonly generated from PG/VG mixtures whose properties are sensitive to power, construction and operating properties. Their reliable chemical and physical characterization is a scientific challenge and connects directly to the measured health effects through different mechanisms of absorption and deposition. Contributions supporting scientific evidence related to aerosols generated by electronic cigarettes ranging from aerosol measurements, health impact to regulatory view are welcome.





Special session #4

Targeted Generation and Delivery of Aerosolized Medicines

For more information
please contact:
Bernard J. Geurts (chair)
Stavos Kassinos
Arkadiusz Kuczaj
Martin Sommerfeld



This session addresses the topic of precise generation and pulmonary delivery of aerosolized medicines for treatment of topical and systemic diseases in humans. Four main issues toward medical aerosols need to be understood and controlled extremely well, i.e., (i) generation of well-defined aerosols by inhalation devices, (ii) the size distribution and composition of the aerosol, (iii) the transport of the aerosol inside the lungs and (iv) the inclusion of patient-specific lung geometries and diseased areas. The key challenge is to create and deposit a clinically relevant dosage of the aerosolized drugs at preferred disease-dependent locations in the airways.





Special session #5

Electrohydrodynamic Atomization (EHDA) Technologies: from Fundamentals to Application

For more information
please contact:
Caner Yurteri (chair)
Andrei Bologa
Joan Rosell Llompart
Luewton Agostinho



This session highlights recent developments of EHDA in a wide range of scientific and technological aspects. The discussions will emphasize phenomena related to generation of charged droplets, their evolution, trajectory control and spray cloud dynamics. Abstracts regarding the deposition patterns and growth, electrospray engineering, multiplexing, system stability and control, high speed imaging, charge measurement devices applied to EHDA will also be considered. Presentations describing EHDA applications such gas odorization, medical industry, water technology, etc., which take advantage of the unique properties of this technology, are welcome.





Special session #6

Emissions from Aircraft, Ships and other Non-road Engines

For more information
please contact:
Lukas Durdina (chair)
Michal Vojtisek-Lom
Francois Xavier Ouf
Zoran Ristovski



This session will focus on emissions from aircraft (commercial or other), ships and from other non-road engines (rail vehicles, mobile machinery). These should be the main theme throughout the session, which is expected to reach across several "traditional" disciplines. Papers are invited on a variety of topics, including but not limited to characterization and quantification of primary emissions, measurement techniques, secondary aerosols and effects on air quality/environment/health, and evaluation of the effects of new technologies, fuels and emissions reduction measures.