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Welcome to the website of the European Aerosol Assembly (EAA).
Aerosol science deals with solid or liquid particles suspended in a gas. The study of aerosols physical-chemical properties, formation and transformation processes, emission sources and effects on human health and the environment claims for a collaborative interdisciplinary approach. Indeed, topics of interest are related to atmospheric aerosol studies, aerosol technology, aerosol measurement techniques, aerosol and health effects, and basic aerosol processes.

The European Aerosol Assembly is composed of representatives from twelve Aerosol Societies aiming at:
- providing a forum for co-operation between National Aerosol Societies
- establishing a common policy on the running of the European Aerosol Conference
- coordinating the timetable of national meetings
- acting as the point of contact for non-European organisations
- facilitating the flow of information between the European societies
- encouraging the development of education in the field of aerosol science
- assisting the formation of specialist working groups
- acting as a focus in lobbying the E.U. and other funding bodies to encourage the growth of research in the field of aerosol science and technology.

Eleven working groups are currently active inside EAA, covering a wide range of research interests: atmospheric aerosol processes, aerosol-based nanotechnology, combustion aerosol, electrical effects, instrumentation, PMx, indoor and working place aerosol, fundamentals, aerosol chemistry, aerosol modelling, and inhalation, exposures and health.

EAA holds an annual European Aerosol Conference (EAC) with the participation of research groups from all over the world. Every four years EAC is discontinued due to the coincidence with the International Aerosol Conference (IAC) organized by the International Aerosol Research Assembly (IARA). IAC switches between Asia, US and Europe.

Next EAC&IAC meetings will be:
- IAC 2018, St. Louis (MO, USA), September 2-
7, 2018
- EAC 2019, Gothenburg (Sweden), August 25
-30, 2019
- EAC 2020, Aachen (Germany), August 30-
September 4, 2020
- EAC 2021, Birmingham(UK), September 5-10, 2021
- IAC 2022, Athens (Greece), September 4-9, 2022

In addition, EAA has approved to auspice the organization of a specific meeting on Aerosol Technology (AT 2018) in Bilbao (Spain), June 18-20, 2018.

Moreover, EAA Member Societies organize also their own national/international meetings. Please check their webpages for further information..

Researchers, agencies and companies interested in aerosol related topics are welcome to join the National Member Societies.

Roberta Vecchi
University of Milan
Milan, Italy
President EAA
Daniele Contini
Italian National Research Council (ISAC-CNR)
Lecce, Italy
General Secretary, EAA

September 2016

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