About the European Aerosol Assemly

The aims and objectives of the EAA are:

  1. To provide a forum for co-operation between National Aerosol Societies based in European countries.
  2. To establish a common policy on the running of the European Aerosol Conference.
  3. To co-ordinate the timetable of national meetings.
  4. To establish the position of the Journal of Aerosol Science as the Journal of all European societies.
  5. To act as the point of contact for non-European organizations where the IARA route is inappropriate.
  6. To facilitate the flow of information between the European societies.
  7. To encourage and facilitate the development of education in the field of aerosol science within the E. U.
  8. To facilitate the formation of specialist working groups, where these are requested by member organizations.
  9. To act as a focus for lobbying the E.U. and other funding organizations to encourage the growth of research in the field of aerosol science and technology.

The Journal of Aerosol Science should be adopted as the Journal of all the member societies.
The Council should, as appropriate, negotiate with the owners of the Journal the terms and conditions for the sale of the Journal to individual members of the participating societies.