Mission Statement of the EAA-Working Group


Working group PM deals with different aspects of Particulate Matter, specifically the policy relevant fractions of PM10 and PM2.5, but also PM1 and “PM0.1”.
Our interest is focused on exposure/health relevant situations which are typical for cities. Specific topics are:


sampling (sampling strategies, selection of sites, sampling artifacts, development and improvement of sampling techniques)
physico-chemical analysis (mass, chemical-analysis of inorganic and organic components, artifacts arising from analysis)
interpretation of results (source apportionment, relation to meteorological parameters)
legislation and policy (limit values, methodologies connected to demonstration of natural contribution to PM burden – e.g. sea salt, dust episodes, natural organic emissions).

Issues considered within our working group overlap with topics of working group Atmospheric Aerosols, section urban aerosol, and to a certain degree with those in Aerosol Chemistry, Modelling and Instrumentation. The meeting of the Working Group at the EAC is mostly in the form of a workshop focused on a special policy relevant subject. This has 50-70 attendees.


Minutes of the annual meetings: