Mission Statement of the EAA-Working Group


The production of nanoparticles by aerosol-based technologies is the key to sustainable development of nanotechnology. ABN is an enabling technology for energy conversion and storage, health care and environmental protection.
This EAA-Working group covers all scientific and engineering topics of Aerosol-based Nanotechnology (ABN) such as:


Fundamentals and measurement of nanoparticles
Charged nanoparticles and deposition
Gasphase synthesis of nanoparticles
Process monitoring in nanoparticle technology
Application of engineered nanoparticles
Structuring of engineered nanoparticles
Health effects and environmental impact of engineered nanoparticles
Worker protection in nanoparticle production.
Engineered nanoparticle release from nanostructured materials into the air

The ABN-Group is a professional forum for in-depth discussion of R&D-results and exchange of experience on ABN. ABN is a highly interdisciplinary subject based on physics, chemistry, chemical and mechanical engineering and biology. We co-operate with other EAA-Working groups, to discuss cross-cutting issues such as the interaction of nanoparticles with biological matter and modelling of nanoparticle formation.