Mission Statement of the EAA-Working Group


The electrical effects, especially electrostatic phenomena, charged aerosol generation, control, measurement and application open wide perspectives in improving of existing and development of new technologies.
This EAA-Working group covers all scientific and engineering topics of Electrical Effect (EE) such as:


Fundamentals of electrostatics
Electrostatic discharges, non-thermal plasma and related phenomena
Charged aerosol generation and application
EHD effects and application
Measuring techniques
Electrostatic hazards and safety
Bio-electrostatic engineering
Electrostatic processes

The EE-Group is a professional forum for in-depth discussion of R&D-results and exchange of experience in all of the matters in which the emphasis relates to the electrostatic fundamentals, electrical discharges, charged aerosols and electrostatic processes. The contributions and discussions from diverse fields relates to electrostatic phenomena are well come. We co-operate with other EAA-Working groups, to discuss overlapping issues such as charged particles generation, measurement, application, safety and health effects.