Mission Statement of the EAA-Working Group


This EAA Working Group was intended to cover topics in fundamental aerosol physics which apply to several different areas of Aerosol Science. However, in practice, it has also dealt with some topics which are partly applied such as Aerosol Filtration. The list of topics below is separated into major topics and sub-topics:


Aerosol Formation: Homogeneous Nucleation, Heterogeneous Nucleation, Growth, Coagulation, Aggregation, Sintering, Fragmentation
Heat and Mass Transfer: Condensation, Evaporation, Vapour Scavenging, Heat Transfer Enhance by Particles
Physical Properties: Shape, Structure, Fractals
Aerosol Dynamics: Aerosol Motion, Particles in Flow Fields, Drag, Inertia, Diffusion, Phoresis Mechanisms, Particles in Turbulent Flows
Aerosol Interaction with Surfaces : Deposition, Resuspension, Granular Deposits, Pressure Drop
Optics: Light Scattering and Absorption
Aerosol Filtration: Particle Capture Mechanisms, Filtration Efficiency, Selective Filtration
Aerosols in Astrophysics
Mixing and Fluctuations.

Working Group subjects are:
• Theoretical models of aerosol behaviour
• Experimental results on fundamental aspects of the WG topics.

1. Optics should cover basic properties and not applications to instrument design or atmospheric measurement.
2. Aerosol Filtration is included because it is not included elsewhere, and a substantial amount of work in the area involves basic physics.
3. Aerosols in Astrophysics has not previously been included in lists of topics for European Conferences. However, the Working Group has had members from the European Space Agency in the past, and behaviour of particles in space and in situations of zero gravity is an active research topic.
4. Mixing and Fluctuations is included because we believe it is a neglected research topic which is applicable and relevant to many areas of Aerosol Science.