Mission Statement of the EAA-Working Group


Combustion and high-temperature aerosols are both an important and timely subject. A broad range of topics is associated with these intentionally or unintentionally produced aerosols. The WG aims to discuss these topics in an interrelated fashion:


The members of the WG represent an interdisciplinary group of researchers and experts with an established track record in combustion and high-temperature aerosol processing related areas. They take and active role in planning and supporting the European Aerosol Conference and other events held by the EAA and cooperate with other EAA-Working groups, whose main interest is focused on overlapping issues.

To mission of this WG is to exchange information, promote and disseminate research in the various disciplines which constitute the field of high-T and combustion aerosols, as well as to increase the visibility of this cross-disciplinary research area and to enhance the public awareness and knowledge, regarding this scientific field and its diverse applications to important societal issues involving among others those related with environment, health, energy, and material synthesis.