Mission Statement of the EAA-Working Group


Our mission is to promote and facilitate knowledge and experience exchange to address issues related to exposure to aerosols in indoor and workplace environments. In developed countries we spend 90% of our time indoors, whereas in workplace environments the highest concentrations of aerosols occur. Therefore, it is of outmost importance to understand exposures to aerosols in these environments, to develop control strategies to prevent/or minimise the exposure and to ensure efficient ways of monitoring.

We focus on:

Sources of aerosols in indoor and workplace environments, their characteristics and emission factors
Fate of aerosols in indoor and workplace environments: emissions, transport, deposition and penetration
Indoor/outdoor relationship
Personal exposure assessment in indoor and workplace environments: strategy, field studies, use of passive and direct reading instruments
Personal exposure assessment – contribution of various microenvironments
Cocktail effects in indoor and workplace environments
Health related aerosol fractions relevant to indoor and workplaces environment

We invite all of you with interest in indoor and workplace environments to participate in our working group meetings. We welcome and appreciate your ideas and suggestions of topics to be covered within the scope of the working group. We hope for increased cooperation, knowledge exchange and exciting projects together!

There are several overlapping topics where dialogue and cooperation with other working groups are also planned, among them: Inhalation, Exposures and Health, PMx and Instrumentation.