Mission Statement of the EAA-Working Group


The Working Group INSTRUMENTATION has its regular yearly session at the European Aerosol Conference (EAC) or International Aerosol Conference (IAC). At the sessions usually the main novelties of the year in the field of instrumentation are discussed. The WG is reviewing the abstracts applied for the presentation at the upcoming EAC or IAC in the following fields:


Development of new measurement methods and techniques for study of aerosols
Development of new optical, aerodynamic, gravimetric and other type of instruments for measurement of the parameters of aerosols
Innovative implementation of the existing measurement methods and instruments for study of newly discovered phenomena in the field of aerosol science
Comparison of different measurement methods for determination of the same parameters of aerosols, analysis of the coincidences or discrepancy of the obtained results
Application of the new instrumentation for study of new processes and phenomena in the field of aerosol science.

The WG helps to the organisers of the aerosol conference to compose the oral and poster session on Instrumentation and recommend the responsible chairs and co-chairs of the session. In co-operation with the organisers the WG will try to avoid the overlapping of the similar topics at different sessions.