Poster Session Part I

Aerosol Chemistry Indoor Aerosols
Aerosol Instrumentation Lung-Particle-Interaction
Aerosol Modeling Medical Aerosols
Aerosol Standards Nanoparticles
Atmospheric Aerosols - Nucleation PM10 / PM2.5
Atmospheric Aerosols - Urban Aerosols Special Sesion: UT/LS Aerosols and Clouds - Measurements and Modeling
Electrical Effects Aerosol Filtration#2



Tuesday 11 September 2007 13:45 - 15:45
Poster Area
Poster Session Part I

Aerosol Chemistry
The effect of Saharan dust outbreaks on particulate sulfate and nitrate levels in southeast Spain
E. Yubero, N. Galindo, J. Nicolás, S. Caballero, C. Pastor, and J. Crespo
Size-segregated analysis of PM10 at a tandem rural-urban site combination
J. Gietl, T. Tritscher, and O. Klemm
Secondary organic aerosol formation from plant emissions: Overview of the Jülich Plant chamber experiments
A. Kiendler-Scharr, T. Hohaus, E. Kleist, M. Miebach, R. Tillmann, R. Uerlings, R. Fisseha, P. Griffiths, Y. Rudich, E. Dinar, J. Wildt, and T. Mentel
Distributions and health risks of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in atmospheric aerosols of the city of Chania (Greece)
A. Pafitis, N. Pasadakis, I. Kopanakis, and E. Katsivela
Airborne copper, nickel and lead in northern Finland – Effects of the Kola metallurgical industry
U. Makkonen, J. Paatero, K. Pyy, and M. Kulmala
TSP and heavy metals measurements in the roadside environment of the coastal city of Chania (Greece)
V. Voudouri, N. Lydakis-Simantiris, D. Pentari, and E. Katsivela
Modelling of the formation of metal oxide aerosols
I. Alxneit and H.R. Tschudi
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and size distributions in Tehran, Iran

F. Halek, M. Hashtroudi, and A. Kavousi

SPACCIM model studies of the multiphase chemistry processing of tropospheric aerosols
A. Tilgner, R. Wolke, and H. Herrmann
Metal distribution from gasoline-fueled engine
Y.F. Wang, H.R. Chao, L.C. Wang, H.H. Yang, and L.T. Hsieh
Characterisation, diel variation and mass size distributions of a-pinene oxidation products in ambient aerosol from K-puszta, Hungary
I. Kourtchev, M. Claeys, R. Szmigielski, P. Van der Veken, R. Vermeylen, W. Maenhaut, M. Jaoui, T.E. Kleindienst, M. Lewandowski, J.H. Offenberg, and E.O. Edney
Aerosol formation from isoprene
B. Verheggen, A. Metzger, J. Duplissy, J. Dommen, E. Weingartner, A.S.H. Prevot, and U. Baltensperger
Identification of secondary inorganic and organic aerosol components in urban particulate matter samples
A. Piazzalunga, P. Fermo, C. Rigamonti, R. Vecchi, G. Valli, and V. Bernardoni
Examples of SOA analysis by mass spectrometry from the PSI smog chamber
J. Dommen, A. Metzger, A. Gascho, K.Gaeggeler, M.R. Alfarra, A.S.H. Prevot, U. Baltensperger, M. Kalberer, D. Gross, and A. Brunner
Raman characterization of double salt formation from crystallization of mixed ammonium sulfate and ammonium nitrate particles
T.Y. Ling and C.K. Chan
Effects of the wildfires in August 2006 on the air quality in south-eastern Finland
U. Makkonen, P.Anttila, H.Hellén, and M. Ferm
Evaporation of multicomponent droplets
I.K. Koponen, I. Riipinen, M. Kulmala, G. Frank, and M. Bilde
Ion composition in submicron arosols in Helsinki area
K. Teinilä, M. Aurela, H. Timonen, S. Kuokka, S. Saarikoski, K. Saarnio, O. Tolonen-Kivimäki, and R. Hillamo
Source contribution to high PM10 episodes in a residential area in the vicinity of two cement plants
A. Carratala, E. Yubero, M. Santacatalina, J.F.Nicolas, and J. Crespo
Air concentrations of dioxins, PAHs and metals near two cement plants
J. Conesa, A. Gálvez, M. Santacatalina, and A. Carratalá
Seasonal dependence of polar and non-polar organic compounds in aerosols in the atmosphere of a coruna city (NW Spain)
D. García-Gacio, M. Piñeiro-Iglesias, E. Concha-Graña, P. López-Mahía, S. Muniategui-Lorenzo, and D. Prada-Rodríguez
Aerosol chemistry, chemical mass closure, and aerosol sources at two sites in Tanzania
S. Mkoma, W. Wang, X. Chi, N. Raes, and W. Maenhaut
NMR Functional group analysis extended to carboxylic acids and ketones providing an insight into chemical ageing of SOA
F. Moretti, E. Tagliavini, S. Decesari, M.C. Facchini, and S. Fuzzi
Phase changes during hygroscopic cycles in polyethylene glycol 400/ammonium sulfate system
G. Ciobanu, C. Marcolli, U.K. Krieger, U. Weers, and T. Peter
Investigating the role of ammonia in atmospheric nucleation using quantum chemistry
T. Kurtén, L. Torpo, H. Vehkamäki, M.R. Sundberg, K. Laasonen, V.-M. Kerminen, M. Noppel, M. Salonen, and M. Kulmala
On the beneficial effect of near-waterfall environment
T.-E. Parts and A. Luts
Arsenic species levels of PM10 and PM2.5 in urban monitoring station (Huelva, SW Spain)
A.M. Sánchez de la Campa, J.D. de la Rosa, D. Sánchez Rodas, V. Oliveira, A. Alastuey, and X. Quero
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon in suspended particulate matter in southeastern Spain
J. Gil-Moltó, M. Varea, N. Galindo, S. Caballero, R. Esclapez, C. Pastor, and J. Crespo
Dynamics of secondary organic aerosol from the ozonolysis of terpenes and isoprene: Results from aerosol chamber experiments and model analysis
H. Saathoff, K.-H. Naumann, O. Möhler, A. Kiendler-Scharr, T. Mentel, R. Tillmann, Å. M. Jonsson, M. Hallquist, and U. Schurath
Aerosol catalysis: Size effects and metal support interactions on Pd nanoparticles
F. Bacle, M. Seipenbusch, and G. Kasper
Influence of different sample preparations on the determined concentrations of selected trace metals in atmospheric particles
H. Radic, J. Turšic, M. Kovacevic, and M. Veber
Effects of potassium nitrate on the polymorphic transformations of ammonium nitrate particles
H.B. Wu, M.N. Chan, and C.K. Chan
Characterization of residual lignin polymers in particulate matter by LC-MS
E. Bolzacchini, L. Ferrero, B. Ferrini, Z. Lazzati, M. Orlandi, C. Lo Porto, G. Perrone, G. Sangiorgi, S. Petraccone, and L. Zoia
Determination of oxygenated, nitrated and native polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in aerosols using different, liquid chromatographic based methods
J. Lintelmann, K. Fischer, M. Heil-Franca, and G. Matuschek
Optimization of high-resolution ICP-MS methods for determination of the “soluble” fraction of trace-metals in aerosol samples
F. Rugi, S. Becagli, E. Castellano, M. Chiari, F. Lucarelli, F. Marino, S. Nava, M. Severi, R. Traversi, and R. Udisti
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Aerosol Instrumentation
An experimental study on relation of heterogeneous and homogeneous condensations in condensation aerosol generation
Z. Zhang, L. Chen, and F. Jiang
Improving the detection efficiency of a condensation particle counter by means of pulse height analysis technique
M. Sipilä, P.P. Aalto, and M. Kulmala
Configuration of air filters based on the constructal theory
A.F. Miguel, A.H. Reis, and A. Bejan
Characterization of specific vertical aerosol fluxes by turbulent flux measurement and single particle mass spectrometry for micro-meteorological analysis
E. Gelhausen, K.-P. Hinz, B. Spengler, A. Schmidt, and O. Klemm
Application of the method of Laser Doppler anemometry for aspiration measurement characteristics of the process of aerosol aspiration
G.N. Lipatov and M.A. Yugov
Diffusion of charged particles in a DMA with inclined electric field
J. Salm and U. Hõrrak
A digital in-line holographic microscope (DIHM) for ice crystals
P. Amsler, O. Stetzer, and U. Lohmann
Development of a thermal desorption chemical ionization ion trap mass spectrometer for the chemical characterization of ultrafine aerosol
A. Held, J. Rathbone, and J. Smith
Numerical and experimental study on particle collection efficiency of polyurethane foam impators
C.-H. Huang
Design and performance evaluation of a three-stage impactor for rapid bioaerosol detection by ATP bioluminescence
K.Y. Yoon, D. Park, J.H. Byeon, J. Hwang, J.H. Ji, and G.N. Bae
Formation of thick silver lines on a PET (polyethylene terephthalate) film patterned by a combined process of electrohydrodynamic printing and electroless deposition
S.Y. Kim, J.H. Byeon, and J. Hwang
Photophoretic migration of monodispers aerosols
C. Kykal, C. Haisch, and R. Niessner
Pressure controlled gas-to-gas humidification of HTDMAs
E. Nilsson, E. Swietlicki, and D. Collins
Instrument characterization and first field test of the portable ice nucleation chamber PINC
B. Sierau, O. Stetzer, and U. Lohmann
Analysis and calibration of a small cyclone at high flow rates
J.M. Fernández-Díaz, I.A. SanJuan, M.A. Rodríguez-Braña, and M. Domat
Quality factors for the optimisation of electrical mobility based particle sizers
J.M. Fernández-Díaz, M. Domat, M.A. Rodríguez-Braña, and I.A. SanJuan
Study of PM morphology using scanning electron microscopy
R. Licbinsky, V. Adamec, J. Huzlik, and M. Schwarzova
Theory of optical differential mobility analyzer
S.B.Kim, D.K. Song, and S.S. Kim
Calibration of a differential mobility spectrometer
J.P.R. Symonds and K.St.J. Reavell
Generation of standard aerosols by electrical separation in a wide size range
J. Uin, A. Mirme, S. Mirme, and E. Tamm
Design and performance evaluation of a new non-collective electrical aerosol sensor
K. Janka, V. Niemelä, E. Lamminen, J. Keskinen, A. Rostedt, and M. Lemmetty
A method for measuring surface area concentration of ultrafine particles
J. Wie, E. Kruis, and H. Fissan
Design and experimental evaluation of the dual wavelength optical particle spectrometer
P. Gál, A. Nagy, A. Czitrovszky, and W. Szymanski
Design and evaluation of the KS-220 and KS-222 cascade impactors developed for PM10A/10B--> PM2.5A/2.5B--> PM1A/1B sampling
A. Nagy, I. Kálmán, and C. Kálmán
Modelling Ag-particle activation and growth in TSI CPC 3785
F. Stratmann, T. Petäjä, and M. Kulmala
A new conception for environmental measurement of ultrafine particles
A. Zschoppe, A. Rudolph, R. Caldow, B. Wehner, and L. Hillemann
The construction of an optical particle counter with sub- and super-micron counting capability
R.J. Greaney, O. Ryan, C.D. O’Dowd, and S.G. Jennings
Design of the Ice Optical Detector (IODE) for the Zurich Ice Nucleation Chamber (ZINC)
M. Nicolet, O. Stetzer, and U. Lohmann
An experiment on performance evaluation of particle collection and gas removal of an air washer system for semiconductor manufacturing clean rooms
S.-T. Park, K.-H. Yoo, K.-E. Tae, and S.-W. Son
Distortion of the SMPS size dirtribution associated with the diffusion broadening of the DMA transfer function
A. Mamakos, L. Ntziachristos, and Z. Samaras
Improved inversion method for the scanning mobility particle sizer
A. Mamakos, L. Ntziachristos, and Z. Samaras
Counting particle measurement within the size range from soot to pollen
M. Schmidt, S. Schütz, and L. Mölter
The new UFP 330: Comparison with a DMPS for ambient aerosols
B. Wehner, T. Tuch, A. Wiedensohler, A. Zschoppe, L. Hillemann, and H. Gerwig
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Aerosol Modeling
Simulation of aerosol dynamics in forest fires
A.E. Aloyan and V.O. Arutyunyan
Influence of car induced turbulence on PM dispersion along urban traffic paths
J. Pospisil and M. Jicha
An improved model for heterogeneous nucleation
A.Määttänen, H. Vehkamäki, A. Lauri, I. Napari, P.E. Wagner, and M. Kulmala
Two-component heterogeneous nucleation in the Martian atmosphere
A.Määttänen, H. Vehkamäki, A. Lauri, I. Napari, and M. Kulmala
Evaporation and condensation of succinic acid and water: Model intercomparison
J. Voigtländer, I. Riipinen, M. Kulmala, and F. Stratmann
A numerical study of calm air sampling
S.J. Dunnett and X. Wen
Mass accommodation coefficient of water: Combined analysis of experimental data and computational fluid dynamics results
J. Voigtländer, F. Stratmann, D. Niedermeier, and H. Wex
Aerosol model development for calculation of aerosol extinction in the coastal atmosphere surface layer
G.A. Kaloshin
Estimating cloud droplet number concentration with particle number-to-volume concentration ratio
N. Kivekäs, V.-M. Kerminen, T. Anttila, H. Korhonen, M. Komppula, and H. Lihavainen
Deposition of submicron aerosol on spruce needles; wind tunnel measurements
K. Lamprechtová and J. Hovorka
Mathematical modelling of heat transport in aerosol systems with particles of complex geometry
L.A. Uvarova
Experimental characterization and modelling of soot primary particles emitted by a CFM56 commercial aircraft engine
D. Delhaye, D. Ferry, F. Moulin, S. Picaud, E. Ruiz, B. Demirdjian, P.N.M. Hoang, and J. Suzanne
An expression of particle dry deposition velocity for polydispersed particle using the moment method
S.Y. Bae, C.H. Jung, and Y.P. Kim
Modeling and calculation of fractional efficiency of tangential flow cyclones
Y. Ben-Shmuel and M. Shapiro
Source apportionment of submicron organic aerosol at an urban background site by positive matrix factorization (PMF) applied to aerosol mass spectra
V.A. Lanz, M.R. Alfarra, U. Baltensperger, B. Buchmann, C. Hüglin, and A.S.H. Prévôt
OIO nucleation simulations
H. Vuollekoski, M. Kulmala, V.-M. Kerminen, S.-L. Sihto, I. Riipinen, H. Korhonen
High PM1 and ozone levels in the Cadiz Gulf during the Galicia fires of summer 2006
J.D. de la Rosa, A.F. Stein, Y. González-Castanedo, A. Alastuey, E. Mantilla, J. Contreras, X. Querol, and A. Sánchez de la Campa
Modeling and measurements of high arsenic levels in Southwestern Spain
A.F. Stein, J.D. de la Rosa, A.M Sánchez de la Campa, X. Querol, and A. Alastuey
Modelling study on the connection of sulphuric acid and new particle formation
S.-L. Sihto, H. Vuollekoski, J. Leppä, I. Riipinen, V.-M. Kerminen, H. Korhonen, K.E.J. Lehtinen, and M. Kulmala
A combined method for data processing in an elastic backscatter Lidar
D. Nicolae, C. Talianu, A. Nemuc, E. Carstea, L. Belegante, and C. Radu
Modeling of atmospheric aerosol processing with consideration of non-ideal solutions and complex multiphase chemistry
R. Wolke, J. Zoboki, A. Tilgner, and H. Herrmann
Evaluation of Brownian motion calculation using Discrete Phase Model of FLUENT
D.K. Song and S. Dhaniyala
Numerical study of dynamics of growing droplets in Kelvin spectrometer
S.K. Zaripov, R.S. Galeev, and W. Holländer
How reduction policies on emission scenarios can affect air quality in the Tuscany region
C. Grassi and S. Verrilli
PBMR safety analysis: Aerosol modelling for Generation IV Nuclear Plants
L. Naicker and A. Ramlakan
Sensitivity of urban and rural ammonium-nitrate particulate matter to precursor emissions in Southern Germany
U. Uhrner, S. Drechsler, R. Wolke, P.J. Sturm, and A. Wiedensohler
Is the thermodynamic equilibrium an adequate approach for representing fine (PM1, PM2.5) inorganic aerosol behavior? ISORROPIA-II simulations under 2005 winter Mexico City conditions
M. Moya, C. Fountoukis, A. Nenes, and E. Matías
Modelling on H2SO4-H2O particle formation and growth in the diluting diesel exhaust
L. Pirjola, F. Arnold, T. Schuck, J. Keskinen, T. Rönkkö, T. Lähde, K. Hämeri, A. Sorokin , and D. Rothe
Application of mesoscale WRF-CHEM model for researching of vertical and horizontal inhomogeneous structure of pullutant concentration in the East Europe region
D.P. Zinin, G.M. Teptin, and O.G. Khoutorova
Modelling of workplace nanoparticle exposure
C. Asbach, H. Kaminski, U. Rating, H. Fissan, and T.A.J. Kuhlbusch
Particle deposition on a semiconductor wafer larger than 100 mm
K.-H. Lee, G.-S. Song, K.-H. Yoo, and S.-K. Chae
Mixed effects regression model in the analysis of 50nm particle number concentration
S. Mikkonen, K.E.J. Lehtinen, A. Hamed, J. Joutsensaari, and A. Laaksonen
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Aerosol Standards
Computational investigation of particle losses in random porous structures
A. Serrenho, A.F. Miguel, and A.H. Reis
Influence of the stains on the Millikan-type plate electrode in the absolute size measurement of particle size standards by the electro-gravitational aerosol balance
K. Takahata and K. Ehara
T. Rettenmoser, C. Gerhart, and H. Grimm
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Atmospheric Aerosols - Nucleation
Particle formation events observed at the King Sejong station, Antarctica
Y.J. Yoon, B.Y. Lee, T.J. Choi, T.G. Seo, and S.S. Yum
Formation of particles in aircraft plumes using a multitrajectory box model and LES
X. Vancassel, E. Maglaras, and E. Ruiz
Binary homogenous nucleation of sulfuric acid and water mixture: Experimental device and setup
D. Brus, A.-P. Hyvärinen, H. Lihavainen, Y. Viisanen, and M. Kulmala
Air Ion Spectrometer measurements of marine/coastal secondary particle formation
M. Ehn, T. Petäjä, H. Vuollekoski, P. Aalto, M. Vana, G. de Leeuw, D. Ceburnis, C. D. O´Dowd, and M. Kulmala
Observations of secondary particle formation above the North Atlantic
M. Ehn, T. Petäjä, P. Aalto, G. de Leeuw, C. D. O´Dowd, and M. Kulmala
New particle formation above a sub-arctic wetland-forest mosaic: analysis of high growth rates
B. Svenningsson, A. Arneth, S. Hayward, T. Holst, A. Massling, E. Swietlicki, A. Hirsikko, M. Vana, T. Bergman, I. Riipinen, M. Dal Maso, T. Hussein, and M. Kulmala
Aerosol particle and air ion number size distributions along the Trans-Siberian railroad
E. Vartiainen, M. Kulmala, M. Ehn, T. Petäjä, S. Kuokka, R. Hillamo, , A.I. Skorokhod, I.B. Belikov, N.F. Elansky, and V.-M. Kerminen
Aerosol particle and ion measurements in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica
E. Vartiainen, M. Ehn, P.P. Aalto, A. Frey, A. Virkkula, R. Hillamo, A. Arneth, and M. Kulmala
Presence of cluster ions in low ambient temperatures
A.-K. Viitanen, T. Mattila, and J.M. Mäkelä
A comparison of new particle formation events in Eastern Germany and in Northern East Italy based on a three-year-analysis
A.Hamed, B.Wehner, W.Birmili, A.Wiedensohler, F. Cavalli, M.C. Facchini, J. Joutsensaari, and A. Laaksonen
Nucleation events in Melpitz, Germany, as a source of cloud condensation nuclei
A. Hamed, B. Wehner, W. Birmili, T. Tuch, G. Spindler, A. Wiedensohler, J. Joutsensaari, and A. Laaksonen
Characterisation of air ions during a cruise over the Eastern Atlantic and Southern Ocean
M. Vana, A. Virkkula, A. Hirsikko, P. Aalto, M. Kulmala, and R. Hillamo
Investigating ion-induced nucleation with an Ion-DMPS
S. Gagné, T. Petäjä, L. Laakso, V.-M. Kerminen, P.P. Aalto, and M. Kulmala
Overview of nucleation events based on air ion measurements at Tahkuse observatory
K. Komsaare, D. Siingh, A. Mirme, and U. Hõrrak
Atmospheric particle formation rates below 3 nm
I. Riipinen, H.E. Manninen, T. Nieminen, M. Sipilä, T. Petäjä and, M. Kulmala
The effect of clouds on ion cluster concentrations and new particle formation at 1465 m. a.s.l.
H.Venzac, K. Sellegri, and P. Laj
One-year observations of new particle formation at two stations in Central Siberia
M. Dal Maso, L. Sogacheva, A. Vlasov, A. Staroverova, A. Lushnikov, M. Anisimov, V.A. Zagainov T.V. Khodzer, V.A. Obolkin, Yu.S. Lyubovtseva, I. Riipinen, and M. Kulmala
Aerosol composition after a clean air nucleation event in Hyytiälä, Finland
T. Raatikainen, P. Vaattovaara, J. Rautiainen, P. Tiitta, A. Laaksonen, and D. Worsnop
Newly-formed nucleation mode particles composition change at boral forest atmosphere
P. Vaattovaara, T. Petäjä, D.R. Worsnop, and A. Laaksonen
Fine and ultrafine aerosol in southwestern Australia, influence of land surface, land use and vegetation on size and number distribution
W. Junkermann, J. Hacker, T. Lyons, and U. Nair
Atmospheric fronts, cloudiness and aerosol particle formation in Hyytiälä, Southern Finland
L. Sogacheva , L. Saukkonen, G. de Leeuw, and M. Kulmala
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Atmospheric Aerosols - Urban Aerosols
A gas/aerosol pollutant study in urban and rural atmosphere of Rome during the ITALIA campaigns. Monitoring and characterization
P. Di Filippo, C. Riccardi, D. Pomata, F. Incoronato, S. Spicaglia, A. Cecinato, and C. Balducci
An inter-year climatology of urban aerosol and minor gas impurities in the east European region of Russia
O.G. Khutorova and G.M. Teptin
Urban particle number size distributions of ambient-state and non-volatile aerosols in Augsburg, Germany
K. Heinke, W. Birmili, M. Pitz, J. Cyrys, and A. Peters
Microscale variations of atmospheric particle number size distributions in a densely built-up city area: Implications for exposure to traffic particles
M. Merkel, W. Birmili, A. Wiedensohler, D. Hinneburg, O. Knoth, T. Tuch, and U. Franck
Chemical characterization and source attribution of size-segregated aerosol collected at an urban site in Mediterranean basin
M. Rinaldi, L. Emblico, V. Mancinelli, S. Decesari, M. C. Facchini, S. Fuzzi, and V. Librando
Determination of particulate carbonaceous species in an urban background aerosol in Nairobi, Kenya
M. J. Gatari, M. D. Hays, R. J. Lavrich, and S. M. Gaita
A wintertime study of atmospheric aerosols collected in São Paulo, Brazil
P.C. Vasconcellos, L. Ogura , W. Lopes, P.A. Pereira, J. Andrade, and O. Sanchez-Ccoyllo
UFIPOLNET: Concentration of particle number distributions at 4 stations in Europe
H. Gerwig, G. Löschau, L. Hillemann, B. Wehner,A. Wiedensohler, A. Zschoppe, C. Peters, A. Rudolph, C. Johansson J. Cyrys, M. Pitz, R. Rückerl, J. Novak, H.G. Horn, R. Caldow, and G.J. Sem
Time evolution of fine and ultrafine ambient particles in a Madrid suburban site
M. Pujadas, F.J. Gómez-Moreno, J. Plaza, J. Rodriguez-Maroto, M. Sánchez, E.Coz, and B.Artíñano
Mixing state of non volatile particle fractions in two Chinese mega city areas
B. Wehner, M. Berghof, P. Achtert, A. Nowak, A. Wiedensohler, Y.F. Cheng, M. Hu, Y.H. Zhang, and T. Zhu
Chloride ion in urban atmospheric aerosols
A.F. Ferreira, P. Portela, C. Oliveira, L. Quintão, and M.F. Camões
Seasonal variation of submicron aerosol number size distributions at urban and suburban sites of Prague in 2004/2005
J. Hovorka, V. Ždímal, J. Schwarz, Z. Wagner, P. Dohányosová, M. Braniš, and J. Smolík
Human basophils are target cells for urban aerosol-associated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)
W. Schober, S. Lubitz, B. Belloni, G. Gebaue, B. Eberlein, J. Lintelmann, H. Behrendt, and J. Buters
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Electrical Effects
Laboratory simulation of body charging by the flow with electrical charged water drops
A. Vatazhin, D. Golentsov, and V. Likhter
A fixed site monitoring station to measure corona produced from a high voltage powerline
J.C. Matthews, P.A. Keitch, J.P. Ward, and D.L. Henshaw
Novel wet space-charge electrostatic precipitator for fine particles
A.M. Bologa, H.-R. Paur, H. Seifert, and K. Woletz
Dynamics of highly charged fine aerosols in between electrodes
I.G. Loscertales, E.A: Rodríguez, D. Galán, M. Marquez, and A. Barrero
Numerical simulation of nanoparticle patterning via electrodynamic focusing
S. You and M. Choi
Investigation of the associations between parameters characterizing the electrical environment near a strong corona ion emitting source
F.O. J-Fatokun, E.R. Jayaratne, L. Morawska, R. Rachman, and D. Birtwhistle
Application of aerosol electrometer for ambient particle charge measurements
F.O. J-Fatokun, E.R. Jayaratne, M. Jamriska, and L. Morawska
Lunar variation of precipitation supports links between solar activity and atmospheric ionization
L. Hejkrlík
Corona ions from HV powerlines: measurements, theory and health implications
A.J. Buckley, M.D. Wright, P.A. Keitch, J.C. Matthews, and D.L. Henshaw
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Indoor Aerosols
Influence of source of heating and air movement on the particles and air parameters
E. Jankowska and E. Walicka
Commuter exposure to particulate matter in transport microenvironments
I. Colbeck and Z. Ahmad Nasir
Fine and coarse aerosol particles in a student’s club before and after a smoking ban
J. Hovorka, M. Braniš, P. Gadas, and T. Valchárová
Effect on indoor air ion enhancement and bacterial activity inhibition by evaporating selected essential oils
C.H. Luo, Y. Shih, and S.B. Lian
Aerosol dynamics in a test chamber: experiment and modelling
J. Smolík, A. Hruška, P. Dohányosová, T. Hussein, and J. Hemerka
Single-particle characterization of seasonal aerosol samples collected at a subway station platform in Seoul, Korea
S. Kang, H. Hwang, M.S.I. Khan, Y. Park, E. Choi, H. Kim, and C.-U. Ro
Measurements of domestic UFP sources in a real life test chamber
N. Bleux, P. Berghmans, F. Deutsch, S. Janssen, J. Vankerkom, M. Van Poppel, and R. Torfs
Monitoring of aerosolized black carbon in a pulmonary hospital setting
M. Vardjan, G.Mocnik, and A. Zrimec
Physical and chemical properties of fine particles emitted from candles
J. Pagels, A. Wierzbicka, A. Dahl, E. Swietlicki, and M. Bohgard
Gravimetric and optical aerosol measurements in an industrial workplace and the impact of the measurement uncertainty on the calculated inhaled dose
S. Vratolis, C. Mitsakou, K. Eleftheriadis, A. Karanasiou, C. Housiadas, and M. Lazaridis
The origin of indoor PM2.5 at a residence in Melbourne, Australia
J.C. Powell and G.P. Ayers
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Model for the depostion of fine and ultrafine aerosol particles in rat lungs
G.A. Ferron, J. Gentry, E. Karg, O. Schmid, and S. Takena
A mechanical lung model to measure particle deposition
P.A. Keitch, M.D. Wright, A.J. Buckley, and D.L. Henshaw
Regional deposition pattern of aerosol particles in the replica of upper airways
T.R. Sosnowski, L. Gradon, and A. Moskal
Development of a decision support tool for estimation of human exposure to particles (STEDOM)– A presentation of the stand alone exposure and dosimetry modules
V. Aleksandropoulou and M. Lazaridis
Number size distribution of atmospheric aerosol particles at urban and rural sites in Hungary with health implications
R. Ocskay, I. Salma, P. Aalto, M. Kulmala, A. Gelencsér, G. Kiss, and I. Balásházy
Respiratory tract deposition measurements of aerosol particles with on-line techniques; review of sources of error and estimation of their impact
J. Löndahl, E. Swietlicki, J. Pagels, and M. Bohgard
Modelling deposition of hygroscopic particles in the human respiratory tract
R. Winkler-Heil, G.A. Ferron, and W. Hofmann
Deposition of polydisperse fibers in the human respiratory tract: Comparison between theoretical predictions and experimental data
R. Sturm and W. Hofmann
A stochastic model for the deposition of nonspherical particles in the human respiratory tract
R. Sturm and W. Hofmann
Lung deposition of particle aggregates: Theory and experimental data
O. Schmid, W. Möller, E. Karg, K. Felten, G.A. Ferron, H. Fissan, W. Hofmann, H. Schulz, and W.G. Kreyling
A theoretical approach to the bronchial clearance of micrometer-sized nonspherical particles
R. Sturm and W. Hofmann
The lung's structural asymmetry and its effect on ventilation and particle deposition
D.M. Broday and Y. Agnon
Health effects of inhaled radon progenies in homes and mines
I. Szoke, Á. Farkas, I. Balásházy, and W. Hofmann
Pulmonary deposition and chemical composition of biosoluble vitreous fibers
R. Szoke, I. Sziklai-László, I. Balásházy, G. Kudela, and W. Hofmann
Effect of therapeutic salt aerosols on ambient particle concentrations and size distributions and related lung deposition
F. Kwasny, P. Madl, and W. Hofmann
Analyses of size distribution and related lung deposition in the SELSONICS ultrasonic nebulization chamber
P. Madl and W. Hofmann
Simulation of nano-particle deposition in human central airways
M.C. Piglione and M. Vanni
Health risk from vehicle emissions and soot in urban area
A. Schady, A. Gzella, J. Zwozdziak, A. Szczurek, I. Sowka, and A. Zwozdziak
Cardiovascular emergency calls associated to urban submicron aerosol fractions
U. Franck, S. Odeh, T. Tuch, O. Herbarth, W.-H. Storch, A. Wiedensohler, and B. Wehner
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Medical Aerosols
Reentrainment and deaggregation of powder particles as a result of flow disarrangement
T.R. Sosnowski, J. Gac, and L. Gradon
The effect of particle hygroscopicity on mouth and throat deposition
C. Mitsakou, D. Mitrakos, and C. Housiadas
Numerical study of the transient behavior of cascade impactors
M. Chiruta, D.L. Roberts, and F.J. Romay
Aerodynamic characterisation of new pharmaceutical inhalers
H. Wachtel, Ö. Ertunc, C. Köksoy, and F. Durst
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Aerosol reaction engineering in flames: From oxides to salt and metal nanoparticles
R.N. Grass, E.K. Athanassiou, and W.J. Stark
Formation process and chemical structure analysis of ionic-liquid nanoparticle
M. Shigeyasu and H. Tanaka
Air stable, carbon coated metal nanoparticles of sensor applications
E.K. Athanassiou, R.N. Grass, and W.J. Stark
Size and concentration control of nanoparticles in plasma using pulsed hydrogen gas
K.-S. Kim, B.-H. Kim, and T. Kim
Urban and rural measurements of atmospheric small-ions and ultrafine particles
M. D. Wright, A. J. Buckley, P. A. Keitch, and D. L. Henshaw
Deposition of composite aerosol particles and their subsequent evolution through surface diffusion
M.J. Burchill, D.K. Gramotnev, T. Bostrom, D.R. Mason, and G. Gramotnev
Relations of discharge electrode form and ozone generation in ESP
D. Yagishita, Y. Takagi, Y. Ehara, T. Takahashi, A. Zukeran, and K. Yasumoto
Collection of nanoparticles by improvement of charging section in ESP
T. Okabe, Y. Takagi, Y. Ehara, A. Zukeran, and K. Yasumoto
Preparation of Co and Ni nanoparticles
J. Forsman, A. Auvinen, J. Jokiniemi, and U. Tapper
Morphology and reactivity of carbon nanoparticles and and nanotubes formed during co-pyrolysis of Fe(CO)5 and propane
N.A. Ivanova, A.A. Onischuk, S.V. Vosel, P.A. Purtov, A.M. Baklanov, L.V. Kulik, L.L. Rapatskiy, N.T. Vasenin, and V.F. Anufrienko
Flame synthesis of TiO2 nanoparticles and their use as a photocatalyst
G.W. Lee, S.M. Choi, and J. Park
A stable nano-generator based on the sublimation of tungsten oxide
G. Steiner and G.P. Reischl
Production of novel Ag nanoparticle with C60 nanoparticle
N. Hashimoto, S. Taguchi, and H. Tanaka
Effect of Nanoparticles on the respiratory epithelium in vitro: Role of chemical composition and particle size
S. Boland, S. Hussain, M.A. Billon-Galland, J. Fleury-Feith, A. Baeza, L. Martinon, F. Moisan, J.C. Pairon, and F. Marano
Droplet size characterization in spray flames
H. Keskinen, J.M. Mäkelä, M. Aromaa, M.C. Heine, and S.E. Pratsinis
Hydrogen storage behaviour of metallic nanoparticles generated by spark discharge
N. Salman Tabrizi, W.J. Legerstee, S. Eijt, and A. Schmidt-Ott
Deposition of nanometric singly charged particles in cylindrical metallic and flexible conductive silicone tubes
M.B. Attoui
Ni/NiO nanoparticle synthesis by MOCVD
P. Moravec, J. Smolík, H. Keskinen, J.M. Mäkelä, and V.V. Levdansky
Ethylene flame: Effects of pressure on soot properties
M. Maugendre, A. Coppalle, J. Yon, K. P.Geigle, and R. Stirn
Nanoinventory – results of a qualitative survey about nanoparticles in Swiss industries
K. Schmid and M. Riediker
Effects of Ti4+ concentration on crystal phase of TiO2 powders synthesized by low-temperature hydrothermal method
P.-S. Tsai, C.-H. Tsai, Y.-F. Lai, and Y.-M. Yang
Preparation and characteristic of Pt and Pt-Ru nanoparticles for utilized proton exchange membrane regenerative fuel cell
Y.-C. Chiang, C.-C. Lin, and C.-C. Lee
Nanoparticle synthesis by gas-dynamically induced heating and quenching
M. Dannehl, A. Maisels, W. Leibold, H. Olivier, A. Grzona, A. Weiß, A. Gülhan, T. Gawehn, G.H. Schnerr, N. Al-Hasan, A. Abdali, M.Y. Luong, H. Wiggers, C. Schulz, B. Weigand, J. Chun, W. Schröder, M. Meinke, T. Winnemöller, H. Nirschl, V. Goertz, K. Schaber, and T. Rakel
Thermal tweezers for effective manipulation of nano-particles on surfaces
D.R. Mason, D.K. Gramotnev, and G. Gramotnev
Investigation of the charge distribution in a FePt nanoaerosol formed by pulsed laser ablation
M. Rouenhoff, A. Nedic, and E. Kruis
The TSI N95-Companion™ – a convenient alternative in everyday nanoparticle classification?
M.N.A. Karlsson, Z. Geretovszky and K. Deppert
NANOCAP : Nanotechnology Capacity Building NGOs
I. Colbeck and A. Cox
Catalytic oxidation of carbon aerosols by Pt nanparticles: Influence of the Pt-C interparticle contact configuration on the reaction rate
P. Davoodi, M. Seipenbusch, A.P. Weber, and G.Kasper
The production of nanoparticles with a CO2 laser driven aerosol process
J.W.M. van Erven, Z. Fu, T.M. Trzeciak, and J.C.M. Marijnissen
Strategies for the determination of engineered nanoparticles – Examples from TiO2 production
T.A.J. Kuhlbusch, C. Asbach, H. Kaminski, and H. Fissan
Fabrication and size control of carbon nanotube on nano-scale Ni aerosol particles
K. Benten, H. Takano, and M. Itoh
Study on the collection of nanometric powders by electro-static precipitators from iron and steel industry gases emission
C. Grigoriu, I. Nicolae, C. Viespe, D. Dragulinescu, D. Martin, S. Jinga, R. Macarie, and P. Biswas
Nanoparticles in fine dust - development of modern measuring methods
N. Sabbagh and W.W. Szymanski
Cyclone technology for nanopowder collection
H.M. Chein and Y.-D. Hsu
On the particle size distributions by flame electrospray pyrolysis
H. Oh and S. Kim
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PM10 / PM2.5
Urban dust – chemical composition of PM10 in Prague tunnels
V. Tydlitát, B. Kotlík, J. Karban, and J. Janota
Chemical mass balance of PM10 at Sonnblick
C. Effenberger, A. Kranabetter, G. Schauer, and A. Kasper-Giebl
The use of trajectory cluster analysis to interpret PM levels and composition at central Spain
P. Salvador, B. Artíñano, and X. Querol
New sites for background air quality monitoring in Ireland
S. Leinert and G. Jennings
Mobile air quality monitoring trailer for developing countries
T. Petäjä, L. Laakso, T. Pohja, E. Siivola, H. Laakso, P.P. Aalto, P. Keronen, N.A. Kgabi, and M. Kulmala
Effects of particle hygroscopicity on fine particle mass concentration at Seoul, Korea
E.K. Choi and Y.P. Kim
PM air pollution in urban agglomerations
M. Schwarzova, M. Schmidt, R. Licbinsky, J. Huzlik, V. Adamec, and W. Goessler
Water soluble organic and inorganic compunds in PM10
G.A. Blanco-Heras, M.C. Prieto-Blanco, M.I. Turnes-Carou, M. Piñeiro-Iglesias, P. López-Mahía, S. Muniategui-Lorenzo, and D. Prada-Rodríguez
Profiles of road dust and its contribution to PM10 atmospheric aerosol
N. Jankowski, H. Puxbaum, and I.L. Marr
Some aspects of fine inorganic aerosols (PM1, PM2.5) in the metropolitan area of Mexico City during the winters of 2003, 2005 and 2006 (MIRAGE campaign).
M. Moya
Concentration and the chemical characterization of PM10 and PM2.5 in all the Italian territory
E. Bolzacchini, L. Ferrero, C. Lo Porto, M. G. Perrone, G. de Gennaro, P. Bruno, M. Caselli, P.R. Dambruoso, B.E. Daresta, C.M. Placentino, M. Tutino, M. Amodio, D. Baldacci, M. Stracquadanio, L. Tositti, S. Zappoli, D. Gullotto, V. Librando, Z. Minniti, G. Perrini, G. Trincali, S. Becagli, A. Mannini, R. Udisti, C. Paradisi, A. Tapparo, P. Barbieri, L. Capriglia, F.Cozzi, E. Maran, E. Reisenhofer, V. Sicardi, P. Fermo, and A. Piazzalunga
Summer 2006 events and their effect on PM10 levels in Haifa Bay region, Israel
Yuval and David M. Broday
PM10 in Ireland, 2002 to 2005
S. Leinert, J. Finnan, and B. O'Leary
PM1 and trace element concentrations measured in Tito Scalo (Basilicata region, Southern Italy)
S. Trippetta, R. Caggiano, M. Macchiato, M. Ragosta, S. Sabia, and G. Scardaccione
PM10 and PM2.5 in ambient soil dust: Elemental enrichment factor
K. Trzepla-Nabaglo, R.G. Flocchini, and O.F. Carvacho
Statistical study of the secondary organic aerosol from countryside of Madrid (Spain)
O. Pindado, R.M. Pérez, S. García, and A.I. Barrado
Monitoring of heavy metals Pb, Cdin fine particles PM10 in the Mitrovica urban atmosphere
A.M. Syla, K. Berisha, and A. Veliu
The episode of high particle loads in Europe in January and and February 2006 with emphasis on Germany
S. Wurzler, W. Kappert, K. Mildenberger, M. Memmesheimer, H. Jakobs, G. Spindler, K. Drescher, and P. Bruckmann
High population density and heavy industry: The challenge for air quality management in North Rhine Westphalia: Are the measures effective?
S. Wurzler, W. Kappert, D. Gladtke, P. Bruckmann, and M. Memmesheimer
The ratio of PM2,5/PM10 concentrations of suspended particles at stations selected in the Czech Republic
I. Brožová
Characteristics of atmospheric aerosols in Cheonan, Korea during 2006
S. Oh
Modification of commercially available whole body exposure chambers for rodents for exposure to fine and ultrafine aerosols
T.M. Tuch, U. Franck, M. Schilde, M. Wilde, V. Menzel, P. Portius, and O. Herbarth
Evaluation of the effectiveness of street sweeping on road dust removal
S. Han, H. Jo, J.S. Kim, S.B. Lee, and Y.-W. Jung
Air Quality assessment at a Portuguese rural city using a TEOM instrument
S.N. Pereira, F. Wagner, and A.M. Silva
Characteristics of atmospheric particles collected near a wax apple waste open burning site
W.Y. Lin, S.J. Chen , K.L. Huang, C.C. Lin, and J.H. Tsa
Evaluation of PM10 sources in three costal areas of the north-west of Spain
M. Piñeiro-Iglesias, P.López-Mahía, S. Muniategui-Lorenzo, D. Prada-Rodríguez, and E. Fernández-Fernández
Concentrations of oxygenated PAH and other SVOC in relation to urban PM2.5 derived formation of reactive oxygen species
M. Sklorz, J.J. Briedé, J. Schnelle-Kreis, Y. Liu, J. Orasche, J. Cyrys, T.M. de Kok, and R. Zimmermann
Air pollution and climate change - Who takes the blame ? C(1s) NEXAFS spectroscopy on fine particulates “Feinstaub” could provide answers
A. Braun
PM10, PM2.5, PM1 fractions of particulate matter in Prague during year 2006
L. Štefancová, J. Schwarz, and J. Smolík
Levels and chemical composition of PM10 and PM2.5 in “El Arenosillo” rural monitoring station (SW Spain)
Y. González Castanedo, J.D. de la Rosa, A.M. Sánchez de la Campa, A. Alastuey, X. Querol, J.P. Bolivar, V. Cachorro, and M. Sorribas
PM10 and PM2,5 ambient levels in the Czech Republic
I. Hunová
Spatial and temporal variability in PM10 data from Italian urban networks
A. Di Menno di Bucchianico, S. Bartoletti, A. Gaeta, G. Gandolfo, A.M. Caricchia, and M.C. Cirillo
Chemical composition and source apportionment of particulate matter in Elche, Spain
J. Crespo, J. Nicolás, S. Caballero , E. Yubero, M. Chiari, F. Lucarelli, S. Nava, and I. García Orellana
Urban contribution to trace metals in the PM10 in Salzburg and other Austrian cities
M. Handler, H. Zbiral, H. Puxbaum, and A. Limbeck
Size-selective mass and elemental composition of fine particles in the vicinity of a major freeway
D. Martuzevicius, S.A. Grinshpun, A.L. Kelley, H. St.Clair, L. Kliucininkas, and T.A. Cahil
Study of spatial variability of the particulate matter (PM) concentrations
S. Stefan and C. Raicu
Atmospheric aerosol characterisation in Tuscany (PATOS project): identification of natural and anthropogenic episodes by PIXE analysis
F. Lucarelli, G. Calzolai, M. Chiari, L. Lepri, S. Nava, L. Paperetti, and R. Udisti
On the methodology to identify the origin of air masses arriving in a receptor site and determine their contribution to PM levels. A 7-year study in SE Spain.
M. Cabello, V. Galiano, and J.A.G. Orza
Vegetative input to the Austrian PM10
P. Kotianová, A. Caseiro, I.L. Maar, H. Bauer, and H. Puxbaum
Speciation of semivolatile organics in the Veneto’s bonfires aerosol
A. Latella, L. Sperni, E. Rampado, and A. Benassi
Exceptional urban air pollution episode from biomass burning
A. Latella, A. De Bortoli, G. Marson, E. Baraldo, P. Tieppo, and A. Benassi
Characterisation and size distribution of airborne particles in urban traffic and background sites at Stuttgart Neckartor
K.B. Ang, G. Baumbach, M.A. Bari, G. Scheffknecht, W. Dreher, and P. Pesch
PMx mass and ionic composition of PM in the NW suburb of Prague in relation to meteorological conditions
J. Schwarz, J. Smolík, and J. Hovorka
Effectiveness of street cleaning for reducing ambient PM10 concentrations
A.C. John, A. Hugo, H. Kaminski, A. Brandt, W. Kappert, E. Falkenberg, and T.A.J. Kuhlbusch
Magnetic measurements of PM10 and their potential for monitoring environmental stress
E. Petrovský, B. Kotlík, R. Zboril, J. Novák, A. Kapicka, and H. Fialová
HULIS over Vienna investigations into water and alkaline extractable Humic Like Substances in airborne particulate matter
B. Klatzer, H. Bauer, I.L. Marr, and H. Puxbaum
Chemical characterization of fine particulate matter in Bari and Taranto (South Italy)
M. Amodio, P. Bruno, M. Caselli, P.R. Dambruoso, B.E. Daresta, G. de Gennaro, P. Ielpo, V. Paolillo, C.M. Placentino, L. Trizio, and M. Tutino
Rainfall influence on the relation between particulate matter and traffic flow
M. Filice and P. De Luca
Chemical characterization of atmospheric PM sampled near an incinerator of urban solid waste located in Granarolo dell’Emilia, Bologna, Italy, and in the neighbours urban and rural areas of Bologna
V. Poluzzi, C. Maccone, I. Ricciardelli, L . Passoni, M. Busetto, D. Lucchini, E. Errani, M. Ridolfi, S. Ruiba, S. Tamburini, P. Franceschi, I. Scaroni, and G. Castellari
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Special Sesion: UT/LS Aerosols and Clouds - Measurements and Modeling
Ice-nucleating ability of the most abundant mineral dust phases in the atmosphere
F. Zimmermann, M. Ebert, St. Weinbruch, and L. Schütz
Nitric acid uptake and supersaturations in different types of cirrus clouds: model case and sensitivity studies
I. Gensch, H. Bunz, D. Baumgardner, L.E. Christensen, J. Curtius, R.L. Herman, T. Peter, P. Popp, C. Schiller, H. Schlager, C. Voigt, C.R. Webster, J.C. Wilson, and M. Kraemer
Model calculations and experiments investigating freezing of UT/LS-aerosols
H. Bunz, S. Benz, and O. Möhler
Aerosol impact on supersaturations in cirrus: Laboratory and field observations
M. Krämer, S. Schlicht, C. Schiller, A. Mangold, O. Möhler, H. Saathoff, V. Ebert, and N. Sitnikov
Formation of large (100 microns) ice crystals near the tropopause
E.J. Jensen, L. Pfister, T.V. Bui, P. Lawson, B. Baker, Q. Mo, D. Baumgardner, E.M. Weinstock, J.B. Smith, E.J. Moyer, T F. Hanisco, D.S. Sayres, J.M. St.Clair, R.L. Herman, R.F. Troy, M.J. Alexander, O.B. Toon, and J.A. Smith
Particle chemical composition measured at a high alpine field station in Switzerland: Impact on the phase of cold clouds
A.C. Targino, K. Bower, T.W. Choularton, H. Coe, J. Crosier, I. Crawford, M.W. Gallagher, M. Flynn, J. Cozic, B. Verheggen, E. Weingartner, and U. Baltensperger
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Aerosol Filtration#2
Comparison of the loading characteristics onto filters of the particles entering the ceramic candle filter vessel through the normal or tangential inlet
S.J. Park, K.S. Lim, and J.H. Lim
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