Poster Session Part II

Atmospheric Aerosols - Chemical Properties Bioaerosols
Atmospheric Aerosols - Cloud Properties Combustion Aerosols
Atmospheric Aerosols - Desert Dust Fine Particles
Atmospheric Aerosols - Hygroscopicity Fundamental Aerosol Physics - Nucleation, Condensation and Evaporation
Atmospheric Aerosols - Optical Properties High Temperatur Aerosols
Atmospheric Aerosols - Physical Properties Industrial Aerosols
Atmospheric Aerosols - Sources Radiactive Aerosols
Atmospheric Aerosols - Transport Remote Sensing of Aerosols
Aerosol Filtration Special Session: COST 633 - Particulate Matter and Health Effects
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Thursday 13 September 2007 13:45 - 15:45
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Poster Session Part II

Atmospheric Aerosols - Chemical Properties
Aerosol climatology of tropospheric aerosol profiles over Athens, Greece using an elastic-RAMAN lidar system (2000-2006)
R. E. Mamouri, G. Tsaknakis, and A. Papayannis
Analysis of size-resolved atmospheric aerosol particle samples by Raman Microscopy
N.P. Ivleva, U. McKeon, U. Pöschl, and R. Niessner
Single Particle Characterisation of Marine Aerosols at Mace, Ireland: Winter and Summer Data from the MAP Campaigns 2006
C. Grüning, P. Cavalli, N.R. Jensen, D. Mira Salama, and F. Raes
Size resolved mass and elemental composition of ground collected aerosols over south-east Italy
I. Carofalo and M.R. Perrone
Laminar Co-Flow Tube: A novel tool to study sulfuric acid – water nucleation
P. Krejcí, T. Nemec, J. Hrubý, and V. Ždímal
Characterization of ice residuals from the CLACE 5 experiment
A. Worringen, N. Benker, M. Ebert, F. Zimmermann, S. Mertes, E. Weingartner, and S. Weinbruch
Aerosol elemental mass size distributions at Baia Terra Nova (Antarctica): Individual representations and intersample variability
P. Mittner, D. Ceccato, V. Trovò, and F. Chiminello
Analysis of aerosol water-soluble organic compounds and humic-like substances by anion-exchange chromatography coupled to Total Organic Carbon determination
E. Finessi, S. Decesari, V. Mancinelli, M. Rinaldi, C. Carbone, M. Mircea, M. C. Facchini, and S. Fuzzi
Long-term observations of aerosol mass and composition and trace gas concentrations in Pacific background airmasses at coastal atmospheric monitoring sites in Taiwan
C. Junker and C.T. Lee
Characterization of aqueous solutions of atmospheric humic-like substances
R. Ocskay and I. Salma
The atmospheric partitioning of PAHs and n-alkanes in urban (Milan) and remote (Alpe San Colombano, 2260 m) sites in Italy
G. Sangiorgi, L. Ferrero, Z. Lazzati, C. Lo Porto, M. G. Perrone, S. Petraccone, and E. Bolzacchini
Season time modulation of Nitro-PAH in the air of Montelibretti RM, Italy
A. Cecinato, C. Balducci, G. Nervegna, G. Tagliacozzo, and A. Brachetti
Detection and evaluation of cocaine in ambient air particulates
A. Cecinato and C. Balducci
Size distributions of PAHs collected beside a heavily-trafficked road
C.C. Lin, S.J. Chen, K.L. Huang, and W.Y. Lin
Spring monitoring of the aerosol precursor isoprene and other biogenic volatile organic compounds (VOC) in a suburban area of A Coruña (NW Spain)
D. Pérez-Rial, P.López-Mahía, S. Muniategui-Lorenzo, D. Prada-Rodríguez, and E. Fernández-Fernández
Atmospheric aerosol characterization in Tuscany (PATOS project): n-alkanes, PAHs and Total Carbon
T. Martelini, A. Cincinelli, M. Giannoni, F. Barzagli, D. Vannucchi, L. Lepri, R. Udisti, and F. Lucarelli
Single particle characterization in the coarse mode from local, regional and long range transport episodes in Madrid by CCSEM and FE-SEM
E. Coz, F.J. Gómez-Moreno, M. Pujadas, T. Lersch, G. Casuccio, and B. Artíñano
The elemental analysis of size-fractionated particulate matter using TXRF - a tentative field study in Göteborg, Sweden -
A. Wagner and J. Boman
Geochemical characterization of mineral aerosol reaching the East Antarctic Plateau
F. Marino, S. Becagli, E. Castellano, O. Cerri, F. Rugi, R. Traversi, S. Caporali, S. Nava, M. Chiari, F. Lucarelli, V. Maggi, and R. Udisti
Single-particle characterization of aerosol samples collected over the Yellow Sea
Y. Park, H. Hwang, M.S.I. Khan, S. Kang, H. Kim, and C.-U. Ro
Atmospheric aerosol characterization in Tuscany (PATOS project): ionic composition and “soluble” fraction of selected metals
S. Becagli, E. Castellano, O. Cerri, L. Lepri, F. Lucarelli, F. Marino, A. Morganti, F. Rugi, M. Severi, R. Traversi, and R. Udisti
Sampling strategies and first results on chemical composition of size-segregated aerosol fractions at Dome C (Central East-Antarctica) during the 2006 winter-over campaign
O. Cerri, S. Becagli, E. Castellano, M. Chiari, F. Lucarelli, F. Marino, A. Morganti, S. Nava, F. Rugi, M. Severi, R. Traversi, and R. Udisti
Annual semicontinuous monitoring of SPAH in the urban airshed
A. Latella and A. Benassi
Alkali metal content of individual particles in Mexico City during the MILAGRO campaign in 2006
T.L. Gustafsson, J. Noda, and J.B.C. Pettersson
Characterization of compositions and size distributions of dicarboxylic acids in background and suburban aerosols
Y.I. Tsai, T.-H. Weng, S.-C. Kuo, and L.-Y. Hsieh
Long term measurements of inorganic, organic and radionuclides at the puy de Dôme, 1465 m a.s.l.
L. Bourcier, K. Sellegri, O. Masson, J.-M. Pichon, P. Chausse, P. Paulat, and P. Laj
Chemical and size characteristics of particles in the Lower Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada
K. Anlauf and S.-M. Li
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Atmospheric Aerosols - Cloud Properties
Cubic and hexagonal ice and high humidity in low-temperature cirrus
A. Bogdan
Nature of high relative humidity with respect to ice on cold cirrus
A. Bogdan
Surface tensions of multi-component mixed inorganic/organic aqueous systems of atmospheric significance: Measurements, model predictions and importance for cloud activation
D.O. Topping, G.B. McFiggans, G. Kiss, Z. Varga, M.C. Facchini, S. Decesari, and M. Mircea
The first aerosol-cloud experiement in the Puijo semi-urban measurement station
A. Leskinen, T. Raatikainen, A.-P. Hyvärinen, A. Kortelainen, P. Miettinen, N. Pietikäinen, H. Portin, J. Rautiainen, R. Sorjamaa, P. Tiitta, P. Vaattovaara, A. Laaksonen, K.E.J. Lehtinen, H. Lihavainen, and Y. Viisanen
Observations of the role of organic aerosol in the initiation of ice and liquid clouds
K. Bower, E. Weingartner, T.W. Choularton, M.R. Alfarra, M.W. Gallagher, H. Coe, J. Crosier, J. Allan, A.T argino. I. Crawford, P. Connolly, B. Verheggen, M. Gysel, S. Sjogren, U. Baltensperger, and J. Cozic
European Integrated Project on Aerosol Cloud Climate Air Quality Interactions - EUCAARI
M. Kulmala, A. Asmi, and H. Lappalainen
Cloud condensation nucleus activity of secondary organic aerosol particles mixed with sulfate
S.M. King, T. Rosenoern, J.E. Shilling, Q. Chen and S.T. Martin
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Atmospheric Aerosols - Desert Dust
Chemical and mineralogical composition of Saharan dust over south-east Morocco
K. Kandler, C. Deutscher, M. Ebert, H. Hofmann, S. Jäckel, A. Petzold, L. Schütz, S. Weinbruch, B. Weinzierl, and S. Zorn
Reporting aerosol data about the most strong desert dust outbreak registered over the Iberina Peninsula mixed with a forest fire episode. Columnar properties with remote sensing techniques.
V.E. Cachorro, N. Prats, M. Sorribas, C. Toledano, S. Mogo, A. Berjón, A.M. de Frutos, and B.A. de la Morena
Measurements of optical properties of dust particles during the Saharan Mineral Dust Experiment SAMUM 2006
A.Schladitz, T.Müller, N.Kaaden, A.Maßling, and A.Wiedensohler
Size distribution vertical profiles of Saharan dust over the Eastern Atlantic during the 2005-2006 summer outbreaks from aircraft "in-situ" measurements
J. Andrey, M. Gil, O. Serrano, and E. Cuevas
Saharan Mineral Dust Experiment SAMUM 2006: Aerosol optical properties of dust from various source regions
A. Petzold, K. Rasp, T. Hamburger, B. Weinzierl, M. Fiebig, and A. Virkkula
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Atmospheric Aerosols - Hygroscopicity
LACIS-Measurements of hygroscopic growth and activation of sea-salt
D. Niedermeier, H. Wex, and F. Stratmann
Comparison of the hygroscopic growth and activation of urban aerosol and HULIS
M. Ziese, E. Nilsson, H. Wex, T. Hennig, I. Salma, and F. Stratmann
The effects of aerosol composition on the hygroscopicity of atmospheric aerosols collected at three sites in Taiwan
C.-T. Lee and M.-J. Chen
Closure between chemical composition and hygroscopic growth of aerosol particles
M. Gysel, J. Crosier, D.O. Topping, J.D. Whithead, K.N. Bower, M.J. Cubison, P.I. Williams, M.J. Flynn, G.B. McFiggans, and H. Coe
Aerosol hygroscopicity as the function of the size and the chemical composition
K. Imre, A. Molnár, and D. Benko
Hygroscopic properties of sub-micrometer atmospheric aerosol particles measured with H-TDMA instruments in various environments - A review
E. Swietlicki, H.-C. Hansson, A. Massling, T. Petäjä, P. Tunved, K. Hämeri, E. Weingartner, U. Baltensperger, P.H. McMurry, G. McFiggans, B. Svenningsson, A. Wiedensohler, and M. Kulmala
Mixing states and hygroscopicity of aerosol particles in West Africa: Based on AMMA aircraft campaign in summer 2006
A. Matsuki, A. Schwarzenboeck, H. Venzac, P. Laj, O. Laurent, G. Momboisse, S. Crumeyrolle, L. Gomes, and T. Bourrianne
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Atmospheric Aerosols - Optical Properties
Studies of the impact of Arctic aerosols on climate modifications
T. Zielinski, J. Piskozub, T. Petelski, A. Rozwadowska, S. Malinowski, T. Stacewicz, K. Markowicz, R. Neuber, A. Jagodnicka, M. Posyniak, M. Gausa, and S. Blindheim
Impact of different aerosol sources on particle optical properties - Experiment SOAP
T. Zielinski, J. Remiszewska, G. Chourdakis, and N. Mihalopoulos
Model-predicted and satellite-/sun photometer-derived aerosol optical properties in East Asia
C.H. Song, Y. Lee, J.Y. Kim, Y.J. Kim, and K.H. Lee
Seasonal variability of vertical profiles of the single scattering albedo of submicron aerosol
V.S. Kozlov and M.V. Panchenko
Aerosol optical properties measurements from two Chinese megacities, Beijing and Guangzhou
R.M. Garland, H. Yang, O. Schmid, D. Rose, S.S. Gunthe, M. Hu, M. Shao, L. Zeng, Y. Zhang, T. Zhu, M.O. Andreae, and U. Pöschl
Preliminary estimations of Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) over Spain obtained from the INM CIMEL sun-photometers measurements
M.D. Gil, B. Navascúes, M. López, and A. Cansado
The angle-dependent light scattering by soot-water drops agglomerates
S.S. Vlasenko, E.F. Mikhailov, and M.Y. Igonin
The estimation of light scattering coefficient of atmospheric aerosols using source area analysis for particle size distribution
P. Kolmonen, V. Aaltonen, J. Hatakka, A. Hyvärinen, T. Kaurila, K.E.J. Lehtinen and H. Lihavainen
Comparison of surface and satellite derived aerosol optical depth measurements in Finland
T. Mielonen, A. Arola, P. Kolmonen, H. Lihavainen, T. Kaurila, E. Parmes, and K.E.J. Lehtinen
Aerosol optical properties in Granada from simultaneous measurements by LIDAR, Nephelometer, CIMEL, Avantes and FieldSpec radiometers
F. Esposito, M.R. Calvello, L. Leone, G. Pavese, R.Restieri, H. Lyamani, J.L. Guerrero-Rascado, F.J. Olmo, and L. Alados-Arboledas
Aerosol scattering and mass concentration for different aerosol types
S.N. Pereira, F. Wagner, A.M. Silva, and N. Belo
Seasonal variability in the physical and optical properties of atmospheric aerosols over a coastal zone
A. Saha, J.Piazzola, and S. Despiau
Study of inter-annual variability of atmospheric aerosol as assessed from the data of spectral measurements of aerosol extinction on near-ground path
E.V. Makienko, Y.A. Pkhalagov, R.F. Rakhimov, and V.N. Uzhegov
MieCalc program for calculation of light scattering and absorption characteristics of particles continental and coastal aerosol
G.A.Kaloshin, L. B. Kochneva, and S. V. Beresnev
Estimation of aerosol impact on extreme weather and climate
A.V.Andronova, D.P Gubanova, and V.M. Minashkin
CAPEX – AEROPOR Overview : objectives and first results
A.M. Silva, M.J. Costa, F. Wagner , D. Bortoli, S. Pereira, N. Belo, L. Bugalho, L. Alados-Arboledas, H. Lyamani, J.L. Guerrero-Rascado, D. Kindred, and M. Smith
CAPEX-AEROPOR: Aerosol Measurements derived from airborne and ground-based measurements
F. Wagner, S. Pereira, D. Bortoli, M.J. Costa, N. Belo, A.M. Silva, J.L. Guerrero-Rascado, H. Lyamani, L. Alados-Arboledas
Seasonal and diurnal variations of scattering and absorption properties of aerosols in an urban area, Granada, Spain
H. Lyamani and L. Alados-Arboledas
Characterization of the atmospheric aerosol properties during ESTIO2005 field campaign: an interdisciplinary approach
L. Alados-Arboledas, H. Horvath, X. Querol, F.J. Olmo, J.L. Guerrero-Rascado, H. Lyamani, M. Gangl, S. Castillo, and A. Alastuey
Arctic smoke – aerosol characteristics during a record air pollution event in the European Arctic and its radiative impact
R. Treffeisen, P. Turnved, J. Ström, A. Herber, J. Barreis, A. Helbig, R. S. Stone, W. Hoyningen-Huene, R. Krejci, A. Stohl, and R. Neuber
Comparisons between the AERONET products and those derived from aerosols optic and chemistry in Beijing
J.C. Roger, O. Dubovik, B. Guinot, M. Mallet, L. Lin, E. Vermote, H. Cachier, H. Chen, Y. Tong, and B. Holben
Results of spring aerosol campaigns in Hornsund, Spitsbergen, 2004 and 2007
A. Rozwadowska, T. Petelski, K. Migala, T. Zielinski
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Atmospheric Aerosols - Physical Properties
Influence of clouds on aerosol particle number concentrations in the upper troposphere – results from the CARIBIC project
A. Weigelt, M. Hermann, P.F.J. van Velthoven, C.A.M. Brenninkmeijer, J. Heintzenberg, and A. Wiedensohler
Thirty months of systematic measurements of tropospheric aerosol and ozone vertical profiles using a combined RAMAN-DIAL and a DOAS system over Athens, Greece (2005-2007)
G. Tsaknakis, A. Papayannis, P.D. Kalabokas, I. Ziomas, G. Chourdakis, G. Georgousis, and P. Zanis
The size segregated mass concentrations of aerosols in the North Atlantic free troposphere: 5 observations at the Izaña Global Atmospheric Watch Observatory
S. Rodríguez, E. Cuevas, P.M. Romero, X. Querol, A. Alastuey, N. Perez, and S. Castillo
Differences between marine aerosol backscatter and size-distribution in upwind and downwind conditions with respect to the ship
M. Del Guasta, F. Castagnoli, and V. Venturi
Meteorological processes affecting the atmospheric particle number size distribution at the high Alpine observatory "Schneefernerhaus"
K. König, W. Birmili, A. Sonntag, L. Ries, R. Sohmer, and A. Stohl
Physico-chemical characterization of Venice lagoon aerosol
F. Prodi, L. Di Matteo, F. Belosi, G. Santachiara, S. Nava, R. Udisti, D. Contini, and A. Donateo
Atmospheric aerosol dynamics obtained by experiment using diffusion battery
A.M. Baklanov, G.I. Gorchakov, and T.E. Ovchinnikova
Similarity between aerosol physico-chemical properties at a coastal station and the open ocean over the North Atlantic
M. Rinaldi, C. Carbone, E. Finessi, S. Decesari, M. Mircea, M.C. Facchini, S. Fuzzi, D. Ceburnis, and C.D. O’Dowd
Mass distribution by gravimetric measurements in a rural site in South Italy
M. Calvello, F. Esposito, L. Leone, and R. Restieri
Variability and long-term trends of aerosol parameters at the Jungfraujoch
M. Collaud Coen, E. Weingartner, S. Nyeki, J. Cozic, B. Verheggen, and U. Baltensperger
Size distributions of atmospheric ions in the Baltic Sea region
M. Komppula, M. Vana, V.-M. Kerminen, H. Lihavainen, Y. Viisanen, U. Hõrrak, K. Komsaare, E. Tamm, A. Hirsikko, L. Laakso, and M. Kulmala
Comparison of columnar aerosol properties in Moscow and Moscow region
M.A. Sviridenkov, N.Y. Chubarova, and P.P. Anikin
Real-time observation of deliquescence and efflorescence behaviour of individual aerosol particles
S.M. Kim, J.H. Kuk, K.H. Ahn, S. Kang, H. Hwang, and C.U. Ro
Database driven web-application for atmospheric data visualization
H. Junninen, M. Kulmala
Seasonal variation of particle size distributions of PAHs at Seoul, Korea
J.Y. Lee, C.-H. Kang, and Y.P. Kim
The coating of soot with levoglucosan
T. F. Mentel, A. Kiendler-Scharr, R. Tillmann, A. Kiselev, H. Wex, F. Stratmann, T. Hennig, J. Schneider, and S. Walter
The vaiability of the atmospheric aerosol in the planetary boundary layer for a subtropical, polluted environment in Southern China
A. Nowak, A. Wiedensohler, W. Birmili, P. Achtert, M. Hu, and Y. Zhang
Comparison of the seasonal variation of the aerosol size distribution at high altitude research stations in France and Nepal
H.Venzac, K. Sellegri , P.Villani, D. Picard, P. Bonasoni, and P. Laj
Latitudinal variation in aerosol size distribution in the Eastern Atlantic
P.I. Williams, M.W. Gallagher, and G. McFiggans
Air quality, particle size distribution and trace metal composition of aerosols from an urban area near an iron smelting facility
M.A. Barrero and L. Cantón
Integrating LIDAR profiles and surface particulate matter mass concentration for atmospheric aerosol characterization
R. Caggiano, A. Boselli, M. Macchiato, L. Mona, G. Pappalardo, S.Sabia, and S.Trippetta
Weekly cycles of atmospheric variables and a possible link to the aerosol load
D. Bäumer and B. Vogel
First results of a simple method for directional coarse particulate matter monitoring
J.A.G. Orza, M. Cabello, and J. Mateo
Comparison of particle number concentrations and size distributions at Dome Concordia in the high Antarctic plateau and at Aboa in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica
A. Virkkula, R. Hillamo, M. Busetto, V. Vitale, P. Aalto, and M. Kulmala
Mass balance of Total Suspended Particles over the coal burning power production area of western Macedonia, Greece
E. Terzi, Ch. Anatolaki, R. Tsitouridou, and C. Samara
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Atmospheric Aerosols - Sources
The role of road transport and industrial emission sources in daily distribution of BTX concentrations in Wroclaw air
J. Zwozdziak, A. Zwozdziak, I. Sowka, A. Gzella, and A. Schady
Source apportionment on time resolved particles number distributions
F. Mazzei, F. Lucarelli, S. Nava, P. Prati, G. Valli, and R. Vecchi
An analysis of vehicular particle number emissions based on long-term roadside and urban background measurements
S. Klose, W. Birmili, T. Tuch, B. Wehner, A. Wiedensohler, U. Franck, M. Ketzel
Wood burning aerosol during winter in an Alpine valley: Aethalometer and the Aerosol Mass Spectrometer measurements
J. Sandradewi, M.R. Alfarra, A.S.H. Prévôt, E. Weingartner, M. Gysel, R. Schmidhauser, S. Szidat, and U. Baltensperger
Chemical composition of primary marine aerosol: Results from the bubble bursting laboratory experiment during MAP
C. Carbone, E. Finessi, M. Rinaldi, S. Decesari, M. Mircea, M.C. Facchini, S. Fuzzi, D. Nilsson, D. Ceburnis, and C. O’Dowd
Size distributions of aerosol particles in a food waste composting center
J.H. Byeon, C.W. Park, K.Y. Yoon, J.H. Park, and J. Hwang
Road-side ultrafine particle and ion size distributions
P. Tiitta, P. Miettinen, P. Vaattovaara, A. Laaksonen, J. Joutsensaari, and A. Hirsikko
Contribution of natural emissions to ambient aerosol concentration levels in the eastern Mediterranean
A. Spyridaki, V. Aleksandropoulou, M. Latos, F. Flatoy, and M. Lazaridis
Particulate organic compounds in the atmosphere surrounding a waste water treatment plant (Agliana - Pistoia, Italy)
T. Martellini, A. Cincinelli, M. Del Bubba, L. Misuri, A. Valentino, and L. Lepri
Monitoring station for ground based tropospheric aerosol properties in Southwest Spain
M. Sorribas, S. Mogo, V.E. Cachorro, J. De la Rosa, N. Prats, J.F. López, A.M. Sánchez de la Campa, Y. González, A.M. De Frutos, B.A. De la Morena
The effect of remote fire smokes on spectral behavior of the scale height of the aerosol atmosphere
V.N. Uzhegov, Y.A. Pkhalagov, D.M. Kabanov, and S.M. Sakerin
Determination of particle emission factors of individual vehicles under real-life conditions
C. Hak, E. Ljungström, M. Hallquist, M. Svane, and J. Pettersson
Chemical composition of fine particles in two major biomass burning episodes observed in Helsinki, 2006
S. Saarikoski, K. Saarnio, M. Sillanpää, H. Timonen, K. Teinilä, M. Sofiev, J. Kukkonen, and R. Hillamo
Traffic and meteorological influence on size segregated trace elements at a kerbside in Dresden, Germany
H. Gerwig, E. Brüggemann, T. Gnauk, K. Müller, and H. Herrmann
Monitoring of atmospheric aerosols over Baikal Lake
V.A. Zagaynov, T.V. Khodzher, Yu.G. Biryukov, V.A. Obolkin, J.S. Lyubovtseva, A.A. Lushnikov
Biomass burning traces in Antarctic ice
R. Zangrando, A. Gambaro, C. Barbante, P. Gabrielli, W. Cairns, C. Turetta, and P. Cescon
Aerosol sources apportionment at Lampedusa island (Central Mediterranean Sea)
S. Becagli, E. Castellano, M. Severi, R.Traversi, D.M. Sferlazzo, C. Bommarito, A. di Sarra, F. Lucarelli, F. Marino, S. Nava, F. Rugi, and R. Udisti
Annual variability of aerosol load and chemical composition in two sites at different anthropic impact in Sesto area (Florence-Italy) - PASF Project
R. Traversi, S. Becagli, E. Castellano, O. Cerri, M. Chiari, F. Lucarelli, F. Marino, A. Morganti, F. Rugi, M. Severi, and R. Udisti
Primary Marine Aerosol emissions on the North Atlantic MAP-cruise 2006: combining eddy covariance flux measurements with in situ laboratory tank experiments
E. D. Nilsson, K. Hultin, E. M. Mårtensson, R. Krejci, D. Broman, Å. Hagström, K. Rosman, L. Bäcklin, M. C. Facchini, C. O’Dowd, G. de Leeuw
The boreal forest canopy and aerosol eddy covariance fluxes
L. Ahlm, S. Launiainen, D. Nilsson, T. Grönholm, J. Rinne, M. Mårtensson, P. Aalto, S. van Ekeren, M. Kulmula, and T. Vesala
Sea spray emission function calculated from vertical aerosol concentration gradients over Arctic seas
T. Petelski and A Rozwadowska
Use of inventories of natural and artificial radionuclides in soils to estimate total aerosols deposition and origin in French mountains
G. Le Roux, L. Pourcelot, O. Masson, C. Duffa, F. Vray, and P. Renaud
Characterisation of woodsmoke from distant forest fires
T.H. Gan, P.J. Hanhela, W. Mazurek, and R. Gillett
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Atmospheric Aerosols - Transport
Influence of averaged vertical wind on transport of stratospheric aerosols
V.I. Gryazin and S.A. Beresnev
Meteorological criteria for the accumulation, their transport and the range of a boundary layer of aerosols on the mesoscale
K. Weinhold, W. Birmili, C. Engler, A. Sonntag, and A. Wiedensohler
Back trajectories classification with columnar aerosol properties in south-west Spain
C. Toledano, V. Cachorro, B. Torres, N. Prats, R. Rodrigo, M. Sorribas, A. Berjón, and A. De Frutos
Vertical movement of strong absorbing particles for stratospheric pressures due to gravitophotophoretic force and their morphology
O. Jovanovic and H. Horvath
Origin of the aerosol nanoparticles in the marine boundary layer over the south-eastern Baltic Sea
V. Ulevicius, K. Plauškaite, N. Prokopciuk, N. Špirkauskaite, T. Petelski, and T. Zielinski
Large-scale inhomogeneity of aerosol concentration at various humidity levels
A.A. Jouralev and G.M. Teptin
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Aerosol Filtration
An experimental study on respirator penetration testing by sodium flame and aerosol photometer methods
Z.Z. Zhang, F. Jiang, Z.Y. Zhang, and S.S. Ye
A discussion on filtration mechanism of moisture separator for nuclear reactor
Z.Z. Zhang, F. Jiang, J.Y. Wie, and S.S. Ye
Image force effect on aerosol penetration through wire screen in the transition regime
M. Alonso, F.J. Alguacil, N. Jidenko, and J.P. Borra
Filtration of fine particles by melt-blown nonwovens
E. Jankowska and J. Kaluzka
Experimental determination of inhomogeneity factors of fibrous filters
A. Jackiewicz, A. Zareba, A. Podgórski, and A. Balazy
Filtration of liquid aerosol particles in multilayer fibrous filters - Theoretical and experimental results
T. Jankowski
Improvement of the most penetrating particles removal in fibrous filters with the use of bipolarly charged electrets or nanofibrous media
A. Podgórski, A. Balazy, and L. Gradon
New experimental findings of nanoparticle filtration in fibrous filters
A. Podgórski and A. Balazy
Filtration characteristics of polyacrylonitrile membrane filters
S. Yang, H.-L. Huang, and Y.-C. Huang
The study on filtration characteristics of miniature electrostatic precipitator using alternating current
C.W. Kuo, W.Y. Lin, and H.H. Hsu
Application of Brownian dynamics approach to evaluate a fibrous filter efficiency
A. Balazy and A. Podgórski
Extension of the single fiber theory to inhomogeneous fibrous filters
A. Balazy and A. Podgórski
Influence of a fibrous filter geometry on the spatial distribution of deposited particles - CFD modelling
A. Balazy, A. Moskal, and A. Podgórski
Trimodal model for mulit-component aerosol dynamics
S.B. Kim, S.K. Jeong, S.S. Kim, and P. Biswas
Most penetrating particle size in multiple fluid collectors
C.H. Jung, H.S. Park, and K.W. Lee
Aerosol filtration with electrospun fiber filters
H.-S. Park
Measurement of the collection efficiency of single dust-loaded fibers
S. Schollmeier, J. Meyer, and G. Kasper
Generation of ultrafine aerosols from saturated oil-mist filters
B.J. Mullins and G. Kasper
Automated fibre diameter and packing density measurements from SEM images of fibrous filters
R.A. Cropp and B.J. Mullins
Fine particle removal by a vehicle air cleaner
M.-H. Lee, G.S. Kim, S.B. Kim, Y.J. Kim, and B.H. Park
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Top of Poster Session Part II


Personal sampler for monitoring of viable viruses; Part I: Modelling of outdoor sampling conditions
A.I. Borodulin, B.M. Desyatkov, N.A. Lapteva, A.N. Sergeev, and I. Agranovski
Personal sampler for monitoring of viable viruses; Part II: Modelling of indoor sampling conditions
V.A. Shlychkov, A.I. Borodulin, B.M. Desyatkov, and I. Agranovski
Survey of bioaerosol emissions from Australian poultry buildings
V. Agranovski, T. Reponen, and Z.D. Ristovski
Portable bio-aerosolspectrometer for quick detection of biological aerosols
F. Schneider and H. Grimm
Fungal contribution to the ambient organic carbon
J.Y.W. Cheng, A.P.S. Lau, and M. Fang
Measurement of size distributions and viability of nanobioaerosols
A. Maißer, C. Laschober, G. Allmaier, and W.W. Szymanski
Correlation between the concentrations of biogenic components of atmospheric aerosol measured simultaneously in spaced points
G.A. Buryak, A.S. Safatov, K.P. Koutsenogii, V.I. Makarov, V.V. Marchenko, S.E. Olkin, S.A. Popova, I.K. Peznikova, M.P. Shinkorenko, and B.S. Smolyakov
Avian influenza (subtype H5N1) transmission mechanisms
A.S. Safatov, I.E. Agranovski, V.N. Mikheev, S.A. Kiselev, O.V. Pyankov, M.O. Skarnovich, V.A. Petrishchenko, G.A. Buryak, L.N. Shishkina, A.N. Sergeev, and I.G. Drozdov
Molecular genetics and diversity of fungi and plants in urban air
J. Nowoisky, V. Després, J. Cimbal, M. Klose, R. Conrad, M.O. Andreae, and U. Pöschl
Laboratory and field characterization of (1-3)-ß-D-glucan in aerosolized fungal fragments
T. Reponen, S.-C. Seo, F. Grimsley, T. Lee, C. Crawford, and S.A. Grinshpun
Antimicrobial characteristics of ACF filter containing silver nano particles
C.W. Park, K.Y. Yoon, J.H. Byeon, J.H. Park, R.H. Lee, and J. Hwang
Bioaerosols in the environment – should we apply reference values?
R.L. Górny, G. Mainelis, J. Dutkiewicz, and E. Anczyk
Single particle mass spectrometry on bioaerosols
W.A. Kleefsman, M.A. Stowers, and J.C.M. Marijnissen
Application of the flame spectrophotometry in the biological aerosol detection in the airborne particle, using statistical multi- and megavariate analysis
D. Descroix and M.B. Attoui
Real time analysis of bacillus species strain specific analysis by MALDI aerosol ToF mass spectrometry
A.L. van Wuijckhuijse, C.E.A.M. Degenhardt, F.P.J. de Groote, B.L.M. van Baar, and Ch.E. Keintz
Polymer containing respirator offers enhanced protection against airborne viruses
St. Bourget, A. Staffa, M.-E.S. Cartier, and P.J. Messier
Effect of sampling time on the overall performance of portable microbial impactors
G. Mainelis and M. Tabayoyong
Bioaerosols in public buildings in Warsaw
E. Miaskiewicz-Peska, M. Lebkowska, P. Grzybowski, and E. Karwows
Bioaerosol generation in ventilation systems
P. Grzybowski
Contribution of fungi to primary biogenic aerosols in the atmosphere
W. Elbert, P.E. Taylor, M.O. Andreae, and U. Pöschl
Occurrence of microorganisms in bioaerosols
L. Mateju, B. Kotlik, M. Brabec, and J. Keder
Patterning of protein via electrodynamic focusing for biological applications
H. Lee, H. Shin, and M. Choi
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Combustion Aerosols
Raman microscopic analysis of changes in structure and reactivity of soot undergoing oxidation and gasification by oxigen
M. Knauer, M. Carrara, R. Niessner, and N.P. Ivleva
Particle concentration and characteristics near a major freeway with heavy-duty diesel traffic
L. Ntziachristos, N. Zhi, M.D. Geller, and C. Sioutas
Quantification of water uptake by combustion (soot) particles
O.B. Popovicheva, N.M. Persiantseva, and N.K. Shonija
Some remarks about the nucleation mode in diesel exhaust
D. Rothe
Mobile sources of atmospheric polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
F. Halek, M. Mirmohammdi, and A. Kavousi
Black carbon concentration trends at urban site in Helsinki during ten years
L. Järvi, H. Junninen, A. Karppinen, A. Virkkula, R. Hillamo, and M. Kulmala
Small angle and wide angle X-ray scattering for characterization of carbonaceous materials, aerosols, and particles
A. Braun
Characterisation of soot particles collected at two different sites dominated by wood smoke and vehicle exhaust
M. Pawlyta, J.-N. Rouzaud, S. Duber, and J. Sandradewi
2D particle transport in a full dilution tunnel of diesel vehicle emissions
L.Isella, B. Giechaskiel, P. Dilara, and Y. Drossinos
Field measurements of fine particle and gas emissions from residential wood combustion appliances
J.M. Tissari, K.H. Hytönen, T. Turrek, J. Lyyränen, and J. Jokiniemi
Fractional efficiency in the submicron range and control of heavy metals emission by means of a hybrid filter
S. Astarloa, E. Peña, Z. Elorriaga, E. García, J.A. Legarreta ,C. Gutiérrez-Cañas, S.-C. Kim, and D.Y. Pui
Influence of the sample preparation on the aircraft engine soot primary particles size distribution determined by Scanning Electron Microscopy
D. Delhaye, D. Ferry, E. Ruiz, B. Demirdjian, J. Suzanne, J. Gouge, and G. Rollin
In-situ analysis of diesel nano PM, THC and SOF using multi DMAs-CPCs and FID in transient engine conditions
B. Han, H. J. Kim, and Y. J. Kim
Elemental content of traffic emitted PM2.5
S. Janhäll, J. Boman, M. Hallquist, and E. Lakelayeh
Gas-particle distribution of PAH emission from masonry heater in wood combustion
K. Hytönen, P. Yli-Pirilä, J. Tissari, and J. Jokiniemi
Fine particulate emissions from combustion of woods common in Austria
C. Schmidl, A. Caseiro, H. Puxbaum, and I.L. Marr
Particle emissions from heating units operating on wood and heavy fuel oil
O. Sippula, J. Hokkinen, P. Yli-Pirilä, H. Puustinen, and J. Jokiniemi
Traffic emissions and micrometeorology near a busy road
G. Gramotnev, M.J. Burchill, and D.K. Gramotnev
Cross-correlations of particle modes at different distances from a busy road
G. Gramotnev and D.K. Gramotnev
Exhausted particle concentration of charge injected two fluid combustion nozzle for non-conducting liquid
J.H. Kim, Y. Choi, M. Park, and S.S. Kim
Real-world particle number emission factors from residential wood burning
G. Olivares, C., Johansson, J., Ström, and L. Gidhagen
Fine particle emissions from solid biofuel combustion studied with single particle mass spectrometry
J. Pagels, D.S. Gross, D.D. Dutcher, M.R. Stolzenburg, and P.H. McMurry
Particle emissions during pulsating combustion of biomass in a pilot reactor
C. Boman, J. Hrdlicka, A. Dahl, S.-I. Möller, and E. Swietlicki
High-speed video observations of the alumina nanoparticle formation during combustion of Al microparticles
E.V. Karaseva, A.A. Onischuk, V.V. Karasev, and C.J. Tsai
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Fine Particles
Copper a marker for non-tailpipe emissions from traffic?
P. Molnár, T. Bellander, G. Sällsten, and J. Boman
Synthesis of yellow emitting silicate phosphor particles for white LED
H.S. Kang and S.B. Park
Synthesis of mesoporous SiO2 using ultrasonic spray method
L.H. Song and S.B. Park
Characteristics of aerosol formation from pulverized coal pyrolysis
W.H. Chen and J.S. Wu
Interaction between meteorological quantities and particle concentrations in the suburban/rural boundary layer during different weather episode
S. Weber
Measurements of particle number concentrations in Athens, Greece
G. Grivas, A. Chaloulakou, and N. Spyrellis
Submicron aerosol particles in a small settlement near highway
J. Hovorka and Z. Stanková
Characteristics of particulate matter deposition from port of Koper
B. Poljšak, G. Jereb, B. Marzi, F. Cepak, and G. Dražic
Characteristics of the multiplexed grooved nozzles for high flow rate electrospray
K. Kim, W. Kim, and S. Kim
Highway exhaust aerosols and their effects on alpine lichen populations
E. Heinzelmann, P. Madl, and W. Hofmann
Electrical and mechanical properties of alumina-MWNT nanocomposite
synthesized by spray pyrolysis and spark plasma sintering
K.B. Lee, C.B. Mo, S.H. Hong, and S.B. Park
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Fundamental Aerosol Physics - Nucleation, Condensation and Evaporation
Thermophoresis of aerosols
S.P. Bakanov
Surface tension of critical nuclei composed of molecules with orientational tendency
I. Napari and A. Laaksonen
Influence of optical radiation on the homogeneous nucleation
V.G. Chernyak and E.S. Evgrafova
Critical behaviour of the particle mass spectra in gelling systems
A.A. Lushnikov
The rate of vapor condensation on clusters in ion-induced water cluster formation
Y. Okada and Y. Hara
Fine particle losses in the sampling lines of Puijo tower measurement station
H.J. Portin
Investigation of the nanoparticles diffusion coefficient temperature dependence
V.Y. Rudyak, S.N. Dubtsov, S.L. Krasnolytskii, and A.M. Baklanov
The effect of surrounding vapour in homogeneous nucleation: a Monte Carlo study
T.R. Bergman, A. Lauri, J. Merikanto, and H. Vehkamäki
Derivation of the first heterogeneous nucleation theorem including the line tension
A. I. Hienola, H. Vehkamäki, A. Lauri, and M. Kulmala
Surface tensions of sodium chloride/succinic acid/water solutions
J. Vanhanen, A.-P. Hyvärinen, H. Lihavainen, Y. Viisanen, and M. Kulmala
The gas-kinetic theory of gravitophotophoresis for stratospheric conditions and its experimental verification
S.A. Beresnev and D.V. Suetin
Influence of size effects on condensation of vapor on small charged aerosol particles
V.V. Levdansky, J. Smolik, V. Zdimal, and P. Moravec
Impact of aerosol microphysics on its optical properties
E. Carstea, S. Stefan, and A. Nemuc
Critical analysis of the Fuchs “Boundary Sphere” method
V.Y. Smorodin
Stochastic degradation-condensation processes in fractal aggregates with multiple bonds
M.B. Flegg and D.K. Gramotnev
Freezing of evaporating oxalic acid solution droplets
E.A. Svensson, S. Badiei, M. Hallquist, and J.B.C Pettersson
Evaporation from a planar surface at a maximum rate of entropy production
I. Ford
Determination of the mean aspect ratio of aerosol paricles from optical data
M. Kocifaj
Exact solution for stochastic evaporation/degradation processes in a chain/ring aggregate with multiple bonds

M. Flegg and D. Gramotnev

About photophoresis of aerosol particles in the stratosphere
L.B. Kochneva and S.A. Beresnev
Restore of aerosol microstructure parameters and component composition by the method of Muller's matrix discrete elements
A.B. Gavrilovich
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High Temperatur Aerosols
Behaviors of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons during vitrification in a coke bed furnace
Y.M. Kuo, C.H. Tsai, and C.T. Wang
Identification of byproduct species for destructing sulfur hexafluoride using a high-temperature plasma torch
C.-H. Tsai, Z.-Z. Kuo, Y.-C. Lin, and K.-C. Fang
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Industrial Aerosols
Characterization of aerosol emitted by impact of millimetric droplets onto a liquid film
C. Motzkus, E. Gehin, and F. Gensdarmes
Effect of wastewater/heavy oil emulsified fuel on the emissions of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from the industrial boiler
C.-C. Chen, W.-J. Lee, and O.J. Hao
Wood dust particle size sampler: WODUSA
F. Belosi, F. Prodi, S. Agostini, M. Casazza, and L. Di Matteo
Emission characteristics of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans in the stack flue gases of electric arc furnaces
S.I. Shih, W.J. Lee, C.C. Chen, M.H. Liu, G.P. Chang-Chien, and L.C. Wang
Characterization of ultrafine aerosol particles from aluminium smelter potrooms by electron microscopy
N. Benker, G. Miehe, M. Ebert, Y. Thomassen, and S. Weinbruch
Characteristics of oil mist control by corona discharge
K.S. Hwang and D.N. Shin
Particle Collection Effeciency of a Vortex Scrubber with Opposing Nozzles
K. S. Lim, S. H. Lee, H. S. Park
Nanoparticles measurement in two workplaces
C.J. Tsai, C.S. Chang, C.H. Wu, Y.H. Cheng, S.C. Chen, T.S. Shih, and S.N. Uang
The influence of process conditions on the efficiency of non-steady filtration of aerosols
T. Jankowski
A multi-scale characterization of PM10 at an urban and industrialised coastal site
J. Rimetz-Planchon, E. Perdrix, S. Sobanska, and C. Brémard
Modeling of in-situ coated particles
B.A. Buesser, M.C. Heine, and S.E. Pratsinis
Effect of SOX gas on NOX removal process by aerosol driven NTPT process
E. Nishino, K. Grzybowsk, H. Takano, and M. Itoh
Experimental analysis of aerosol driven NOX reduction process assisted with ultraviolet irradiation
Y. Emi, H. Takano, and M. Itoh
Filter cleaning performance of a cyclone-baghouse dust collector
H.-S. Park and K.S. Lim
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Radioactive Aerosols
The solubility of the aerosol – 137Cs and 60Co carrier – in the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant region
R. Jasiulionis and A. Rozkov
Variations of atmospheric 7Be and 210Pb depositions at Malaga, Spain
C. Dueñas, M.C. Fernández, S. Cañete, and J. Pérez Barea
7Be, 210Pb and 210Po concentrations in aerosols in coastal areas of Southwest of Spain
T. Terán, E.G. San Miguel, and J.P. Bolívar
On the comparison of 7Be activity, trace metal and aerosol mass size distributions
K. Eleftheriadis, A.A. Karanasiou, P.A. Siskos, and C. Psomiadou
Influence of AMAD of industrial alpha-emitting aerosols on Pu dialysis kinetics
V.V. Khokhryakov and S.V.Sypko
Numerical calculation for radioactive particle sampling in a nuclear stack
S.B. Kim and S.S. Kim
Atmospheric radioactivity in Slovenia
N. Leskovar, M. Bizjak, and M. Križman
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Remote Sensing of Aerosols
Aerosol physical properties as an important factor in remote sensing of coastal areas
T. Zielinski and A. Ponczkowska
CALIPSO and MISR aerosol data available for atmospheric research
N.A. Ritchey, L.A. Hunt, and M.T. Ferebee
Atmospheric aerosol characterization by lidar and sun-photometer measurements
A. Boselli, A. Amodeo, C. Cornacchia, G. D’Amico, F. Madonna, L. Mona, and G. Pappalardo
Analysis of aerosol extinction coefficient using lidar observation in urban area
N. Boyouk, J.-F. Léon, and H. Delbarre
MODIS satellite observations and meteorological surface characterization to evaluate PM2.5 concentrations
W. Di Nicolantonio , A. Cacciari, E. Bolzacchini, L. Ferrero, B. Ferrini, E. Pisoni, and M. Volta
Exact analytical solution of the vector radiative transfer equation for aerosols with arbitrary scattering matrix
A.B. Gavrilovich
Mixing layer height determination by Lidar and radiosounding data
F. Navas-Guzmán, J.L. Guerrero-Rascado, A.B. Fernández-Medina, J.A. Adame and L. Alados-Arboledas
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Special Session: COST 633 - Particulate Matter and Health Effects
Analysis of contribution of different sources to PM10 concentrations at three different locations in Slovenia
T. Bolte, J. Turšic, A. Šegula, and B. Gomišcek
Generation and quantification of organic peroxides in aerosols to study cellular responses on oxidative stress
A.A.-M. Gaschen, A. Praplan, M. Savi, D. Lang, M. Geiser, and M. Kalberer
Seasonal variability of air pollution and mortality in the urban area of Katowice, Poland
M. Kowalska, J.E. Zejda, L. Osródka , K. Kleinowski, and E. Krajny
PM2.5 site/seasonal variability in Ireland: toxicological effects
D. Healy, V. Silvari, E. Pere-Trepat, J. Lopez, A. Whittaker, I. O`Connor, J. Sodeauand, and J. Heffron
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Late Posters
Screening of PAH(s) in PM10 samples collected on untreated glass fibre filters
A. Latella, L. Sperni, L. Cobelli, A. Benassi, and G. Paolucci
Aerosol optical depth in the UV range: Comparision between sun photometer and spectroradiometer data series
J.E. Gil, F.J. Olmo, and L. Alados-Arboledas
Characterising the optical properties of non-absorbing aerosol particles
R.E.H. Miles, S. Rudic, T.A. Brena, A.J. Orr-Ewing, and J.P. Reid
Single event electrospraying
U. Stachewicz and J.C.M. Marijnissen
Modelling and measurement of aerosol deposition in condensing heat exchanger
A.J. Gröhn, V.V. Suonmaa, K.E.J. Lehtinen, and J.K. Jokiniemi
Formulation and validation of mono- and bi-variate population balance models and their application on soot formation in turbulent flames
F. Furcas, A. Zucca, D. Marchisio, M. Vanni, and A. Barresi
Highly sensitive optical detection of humidity on polymer/metal nanoparticle hybrid films
N.A. Luechinger, E.K. Athanassiou, R.N. Gradd, and W.J. Stark
Aerosol dynamics of nanoparticles in workplace exposure
A. Binder, M. Seipenbusch, G. Kasper, J. Spielvogel, H.J. Grimm, and Q. Wu
Aerosol particle penetration efficiency through a carbon honeycomb denuder
L. Džumbová, V. Ždímal, J. Schwarz, J. Smolík, and J.P. Putaud
The Gotthard Route closure in June 2006 as seen in NOAA AVHRR aerosol maps
M. Riffler, A. Hauser, C. Popp, and S. Wunderle
Emission of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans from motorcycles
L.C. Wang, S.C. Chuang, S.J. Chen, and G.P. Chang-Chien
Microgravity experiments on thermophoresis at very low Knudsen numbers
A.A. Vedernikov, S.A. Beresnev, and A.V. Markovich
Optimal doping for enhanced SnO2 sensitivity and thermal stability
A. Tricoli, M. Graf, and S.E. Pratsinis
Modelling the cloud condensation nucleus activity of organic acids on the basis of surface tension and osmolality measurements
Z. Varga, G. Kiss, and H.-C. Hansson
Distinguishing between aggregates and agglomerates of flame-made TiO2 by high pressure dispersion
A. Teleki, R. Wengeler, H. Nirschl, and S.E. Pratsinis
Identification of oligomeric substances in secondary organic aerosol using on-line APCI-IT/MSn, off-line HPLC-ESI-IT/MSn and HPLC-FT-ICR/MS
L. Müller, Ch. Reinnig, J. Warnke, H. Hayen, and Th. Hoffmann
An improved low-flow thermodenuder design
M. Fierz, M.G.C. Vernooij, and Burtscher
Fluctuation-driven chemical and nucleation processes
C.M. Losert-Valiente Kroon and I.J.Ford
Evidence of organic hydroperoxides derived from the ozonolysis of a- and b-pinene measured by on-line atmospheric pressure chemical ionization mass-spectrometry
M.-Ch. Reinnig, J. Warnke, and T. Hoffmann
Environmental Linkage of In-Port Ship Emissions with Chemical Analysis in the Ambient Air of Cork Harbour, Ireland
I.P. O'Connor, A. Allanic, S. Hellebust, E. Pere-Trepat, D. Healy, and J.R. Sodeau
Atmospheric aerosols during three different pollution episodes in the background EMEP station of Víznar (Granada), Spain
A. I. Calvo, F. J. Olmo, L. Alados-Arboledas, J. L.Guerrero-Rascado, H. Lyamani, R. Fraile, and A. Castro
Relationship between aerosol concentrations at ground level and AOD values from MODIS images on the city of Milan
B. Ferrini, L. Ferrero, M. G. Perrone, G. Sangiorgi, Z. Lazzati, C. Lo Porto, E Bolzacchini, A. Riccio, W. Di Nicolantonio, and A. Cacciari
Porous Ceramic Films for Membrane Separation
T.D. Elmøe, A. Tricoli, T. Johannesen, H. Livbjerg, and S.E. Pratsinis
How well can the EMEP model reproduce size segregated PM chemical composition data collected in the EMEP intensive measurement period in June 2006?
S. Tsyro, W. Aas, K.E. Yttri, C. Perrino, and G. Spindler
Source apportionment of Prague aerosol from combined particle number size distribution and gaseous compositon data by bilinear Postive Matrix Factorization
D. Thimmaiah, J. Hovorka, and P.K. Hopke
Analysis of particulate nitrate, nitric acid, nitrous acid, nitrogen dioxide and ozone in air
P. Mikuška, Z. Vecera, K. Motyka and, M. Vojtešek
Design of electric focusing preconcentration device for in-time monitoring of element composition of atmospheric aerosols by atomic emission spectroscopy
B. Docekal, Z. Vecera, P. Mikuška, T. Šikola, and J. Zlámal
Synthesis of V2O5/TiO2 core-shell structure using electro-hydrodynamic spray
K.H. Ahn, H. Chung, J.H. Kuk, J.S. Kim, J.E. Lee, G.N. Bae, and J. Jurng
Nano-size effect on the hygroscopic properties of NaCl particles
G. Biskos and S.T. Martin
Surface cleaning of fingerprint using an excimer laser
M.-H. Lee, S.B. Kim, J.D. Song, J.Y. Baek, and G.S. Kim
Measurements of Fine and Ultrafine Aerosol Particles in the Atmosphere of Athens, Greece
G. Biskos, G. Grivas, E. Diapouli, S. Vratolis, A. Chaloulakou, and K. Eleftheriadis
Personal exposure to PM1 in the Prague underground
M. Branis and L. Skrabalova
Nanoparticles Layers by Flame Spray Deposition and Annealing
M. Righettoni, A. Tricoli, and S.E. Pratsinis
Impact of the airport related traffic on the urban particulate pollution
V. Groma, B. Alföldy, J. Osán, S. Kugler, and M. Kalocsai
Development of thermophoretic dynamic balancing (TP-trap) for microgravity dust cloud experiments
A.A. Vedernikov, A.V. Markovich, and J.Blum
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