Special sessions:

During the EAC 2007 the following special sessions will be organised. If you wish to give a contribution to one of these special sessions, please follow the same instructions as for the other abstracts (see the button "Abstracts"). In the abstract classification form tick the box "special session" (last line on first page) and enter the name of the session selected.

The abstract should be submitted in both WORD and PDF format plus the abstract classification form in WORD using an E-mail attachment to:


The deadline for abstracts is 15 February 2007.





Special session #1

UT/LS AEROSOLS AND CLOUDS - Measurements and Modeling

For more information
please contact:
Martina Krämer
Darrel Baumgardner



The effect of aerosols and clouds in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere (UT/LS) on the chemical balance and radiative properties of the atmosphere remains highly uncertain despite the relevance to the global climate system.

In this session we intend to review the current understanding of aerosols and ice clouds in the UT/LS and their role on climate. We invite presentations related to UT/LS aerosols and clouds. Participants are also encouraged to present results from recent field campaigns, e.g., CR-AVE and Cirrus III





Special session #2

Fluctuations and Atmospheric Aerosols

For more information
please contact:
Charles F. Clement



As is evident in many clouds, atmospheric aerosols exhibit large fluctuations in space and time in which their concentrations in number and mass vary greatly. Fluctuations affect properties such as rainout and nucleation of new aerosol important to weather and climate.

This session will address the current understanding of the origin and consequences of fluctuations, and will include an invited paper on how turbulence can enhance rainout. Presentations are invited on observations of fluctuations and calculations related to fluctuations in aerosols in general.





Special session #3

COST 633 - Particulate Matter and Health Effects

For more information
please contact:
Regina Hitzenberger



The effects of ambient aerosols on human health are an important field of current research. The COST Action 633 addresses the topic “Particulate Matter – properties related to health effects” in a multidisciplinary approach. Topics include measurement of PM 10, PM2.5, PM1 and ultrafine particles, measuring techniques and artifacts, emission inventories, source apportionment and integrated assessment models, as well as issues of exposure, epidemiology and toxicology.

In this session we tend to give an overview over the current state of research in the area as well as cross disciplinary approaches of air quality issues. Participants are encouraged to present results from recent studies in the field.