International Aerosol Fellow Award (IAFA)
Call for nominations

The International Aerosol Fellow Award is granted to recognize outstanding contributions to Aerosol Science and Technology through research, technical development, education and service. Nominations of candidates for the award are invited. The nominator must be a member of an IARA member society, but the nominee can be any individual, both inside and outside IARA member societies. At least three supporting letters must be included in the nomination. The nomination material has to be submitted to the Committee chair by 30 April 2020 in the form of a hard copy and an electronic version. I encourage all aerosol scientists to nominate persons for this outstanding award.

The next award will be given 2020. The deadline for nominations is April 30, 2020.

Questions concerning the award can be addressed to the chair of the IAF Award Committee:
Professor Murray Johnston
University of Delaware
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Newark, Delaware 19716, USA
Fax: + 1-302-831-8014
Tel.: + 1-302-831-6335
E-mail: mvj(at)

Past Recipients:

1990 Heinz Fissan (co-winner)
1990 Kanji Takahashi (co-winner)
1992 Wolfgang Schikarski
1994 David Shaw (co-winner)
1994 Werner Stöber (co-winner)
1996 James W. Gentry (co-winner)
1996 Klaus Willeke (co-winner)
1998 David Y.H. Pui (co-winner)
1998 Roger O. McClellan (co-winner)
1999 Taisto Raunemaa
2002 Helmuth Horvath (co-winner)
2002 Denis Boulaud (co-winner)
2004 Markku Kumala
2006 Chuen-Jinn Tsai (co-winner)
2006 Philip K. Hopke (co-winner)
2008 Gerhard Kasper (co-winner)
2008 Charles Clement (co-winner)
2010 E. James Davis
2012 William C. Hinds
2014 Pratim Biswas
2016 Junji Cao (co-winner)
2016 Kaarle Hämeri (co-winner)

2018 Susan Hering (co-winner)
2018 Ian Colbeck (co-winner)