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October 10, 2018

Student travel supports for the EAC 2019 in Gothenburg, Sweden

GAeF Students who would like to obtain a support to participate at the conference should send an application together with the acceptance letter of their abstract to Dr. Birgit Wehner
not later than April 30, 2019.

To obtain a support, a student must be member of GAeF.
An ID or a confirmation of the official advisor is needed.
A copy of the acceptance letter received from IAC 2019.

T here is a limited number of grants (maximum 500€) available only. The final selection will be based on the extended abstract reviewed by the EAC 2019 program committee and by the GAeF board.

Contact information for support:
Dr. Birgit Wehner
Secretary General of GAeF




October 10, 2018

 GAeF support of workshops

Workshop should cover a topic within aerosol research.

The application should contain the scientific goals, the target group (or a list of invited persons) as well as a statement what the money is needed for.

Public announcement of the workshop at least 2 months before the workshop
(at least on the GAeF homepage).

At least a 1-p summary of the workshop results has to be made available for posting on the GAeF homepage.

The maximum support per workshop is limited to 5.000 €.

An itemized statement on the costs is required after the workshop.

The deadline for applications is 01 August for the following year.

Application for support should be addressed to the Secretary General.

Contact information for support:
Dr. Birgit Wehner
Secretary General GAeF